Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Random video game review

Now Kingdom Hearts is easily one of my all-time favorite video game series! Its story and gameplay are two lf its main strenghts! And arguably Birth by Sleep is the best in the series (only beaten by a "certain" other game).

Storywise the game is a prequel to the original Kingdom Hearts game! You get to play as the three original keyblade wielders, Aqua, Terra and Ventus! Out of the three only Aqua becomes a real keyblade wielder, while both Ventus and Terra can't! All three have slightly different campaigns, with different storylines! Especially at the ending it became a lot different!
I won't go any further, because of two reasons. First, I would spoil the story and second, it would get far too complicated to explain what's happening in the game!

Gameplaywise this might be the best game in the whole series! As always it's extremly flashy and enjoyable! Instead of a full menu, you can simply scroll through magic and items at once! After each use you need to wait a bit to use magic or a item again!All three characters play differently! Ventus relies on speed, while Terra uses strength and Aqua her magic!

Of course as expected the worlds in Kingdom Hearts take place in the wotlds of Disney Movies or Shows! Each one in the game is pretty good and is just well-made! There's a lot to do in them, which means you can surely put a lot of time in them!
The boss battles are of course great too, as expected from the series! The final battles in each story alone are absolutely fantastic! But the superbosses in the game, well! Let's say they're pretty extremly difficult!

Now the soundtrack is awesome! The game had amazing tracks, that are both fitting to the game and purely amazing!
The graphics are some of the best on the PSP! They're pretty realistic and good-lookinh for their time!

Now Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is in my opinion not the best in the series, however a amazing game as a whole and my favorite PSP Game of all time! Overall it deserves a:
9,5/10, adjective "amazing"
It's as a whole a great game! The story and gameplay are both awesome and made this game this awesome! Both as a prequel to the sequel and as a stand-alone game it was great! Therefore it is one of the best games on the console and in the series!


Ah great, an awesome game for a console/handheld I don't own. Why must the world be like that?
Answer me Chuck Norris! - Skullkid755

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