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41 Taper Jean Girl

I think the best song from their best album... Although the teasers from Mechanical Bull are amazing so maybe...

This is probably the biggest hit when Kings of Leon was more of a southern band. - Bman23

Disappointed that this isn't at least number 10

42 17

The bass in the verse makes the whole song amazing and the lyrics are very cool too.

This is one of the sexiest songs of KOL.. especially the way he says, "...oh she is only seventeen"!

1 word - Amazing
If you haven't already, you should listen to it!

Favorite kol song K.

43 The Immortals

Come on guys, this song must be at least in the first 10, just listen to it, you will fall in love with this song.

Love this song. Usually on repeat

This is the best chorus they have written... Vote this higher people!

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44 Beach Side

This is the most bogus list I have ever seen. First of all, the top 10 sucks. The two biggest radio hits are at the top... What a surprise. Kings of Leon is a great band. They have had a lot of commercial success in the United States just in their last two albums. Their earlier stuff is a lot different but better. Although, all things considered, Beach Side is the greatest KOL song around.

KOL has two different sounds; before only by the night and after only by the night. Both sounds are excellent in my opinion. It depends on what you are in the mood for. Of all the songs on all the albums, beach side is the best.

45 McFearless
46 Trani

Trani at Bonnaroo 2004, was KOL's best ever performance, and this song truly is unbelievable, way way way better than sex on fire and use somebody. If you want Kings of Leon this is the song and Where Nobody Knows

She don't get off unless somebody is standing near hear... Oscillating on the ground throwing white noise sound.

Won't get any better than this

This is easily KOLs best song. It should be number one.

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47 Comeback Story

And this should be about #8 on my list

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48 Razz
49 Talihina Sky

Youth and Young Manhood is an album that really shows their roots. I personally would put it in top four with closer, notion, and be somebody. It personifies who Kings of Leon were before they moved to Memphis and some may say that the move helped their careers. But as a fan from the moment their first album came out. I would've been fine with this band putting up these songs all of these years.

My favourite Kings Of Leon song by far! Many new fans haven't heard it because it's almost hidden on "Youth & Young Manhood" after "Holy Roller Novocaine".
For me, it sums up everything I feel about my hometown, the love/hate relationship where you still have some loyalty for the place you grew up but it hasn't given you anything. - AisPower

This song is real! From before they we're famous rockstars. You can hear the desperation to get out of a certain place, this song is a must have on your drunk-playlist on Itunes, just sip a whiskey and get carried away by this song..

It screams wanting to get away, but not sure if one ever would.

50 No Money

I really can't believe why is this song no.46, I mean come on guys its really amazing though its just 3 minutes I really wish if it could never end.

51 Waste a Moment - Kings of Leon

So good to hear something new from them, they never disappoint!

This song sHould be much higher on this list.

Great song, top 20 for me

52 Temple

This song is perfect! Caleb's unexpected falsetto note in the chorus gives me goosebumps, I love it!

Very underrated song I think easily top 15.

Very underrated tune! Always nice to listen to

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53 Don't Matter

I love the power and noise. It's my favorite, they do a lot of low energy songs. They went for a song in the style of the Stooges.

Not their sound but who cares it's a kick-ass song!

This song doesn't really fit with KOL's vibe, but it is just awesome. It has an amazing solo and is really worth a listen. Its not my favorite (Pyro for the win), but its still worth a vote.

Kings of leon trying to do a QOTSA but turns out to be one of their best songs and shows them off as the cool rock band they are

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54 Woo Hoo

This song is definitely one of the best, but its not really known, it has great lyrics and the sound is amazing. its really catchy and contagious. - Villafranca

Absolutely! Top 10 in my book

Awesome song that would sound great live-- most kol fans have never heard this song. Check it out!

55 My Party

My Party is underrated. The drums on this track really stand out among the other songs, and the riff is just as good. It got me into Kings of Leon when I randomly picked out Because of the Times after I had heard about the band.

48th? Really?! Love the way the singer screams, the riff, So my party So my party...

56 Where Nobody Knows

Most underrated song ever!

57 Pistol of Fire
58 Mi Amigo
59 Family Tree

Top 20 type of song it is really good and fun to play drums too!

Cool song! Catchy rocky...I love this song! Must be the only "newbie" kol fan out there. Admit don't know much about their "rawer" start' but whatever they have evolved in too is one of my favorite bands!

60 Tonight

This song is incredible. No way it can be so low. No way. Sends me to another place. God bless kings of leon.

Best Bridge of theirs. Great song overall.

ARE YOU MAAD?! Kings of Leon are in my top hands of choice and this by far is one of their best songs produced. This live would be insane, and is a chill out song to listen to as well as a song you'd sing out your lungs to.

Amazing song. No way it is not in the top ten. It�'s likely the most underrated Kings of Leon song

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