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1 Waterloo Sunset

They don't get much more classic than this every young person should hear this. Ray Davies performed it at the Olympics In London.

I remember listening to this song while watching looking at the river themes on a summer evening... Incredible.

"You Really Got Me" and "Lola" are both great songs. But this is just an entirely different level. One of the greatest songs ever written. - PetSounds

I consider this not the greatest kinks song but the greatest song right behind movement 1 of Beethoven's 5th

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2 You Really Got Me

Why the BS about Jimmy Page playing guitar on this song? As far as I can tell there is only one source in the world for this myth - Jon Lord. On the other hand, every member of the Kinks, their producer, their engineer, and Jimmy Page, himself, says he did not play on You Really Got Me. The real story is so much more interesting. A 17 year old self-taught guitar player, Dave Davies, changed the way all rock guitar was played thereafter. Who wouldn't dream of doing that? It is completely BS that this myth has robbed him of this fame.

Jimmy Page plays the guitar on that song, so like he did for many other British bands before he created Led Zeppelin. Eddie Van Halen kills this song as well.

The first hard rock


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3 Lola

I like The Kinks a lot. I truly do. Ray Davies rocks! However, I don't get why so many people like this song. It's one of their most boring. I'm sorry if I upset you though, no offense. Thanks for making this list.

The best kinks song by far

I named my dog after this!

Very good song

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4 All Day and All of the Night

Came on this list expecting it to be number 1, but number 7!?!? That's just messed up - wolphert

Hello, I Love You haha... I think The Kinks is such an underrated band

All day and all if the nigh I could listen to the riff and the lyrics

To me it's better than You Really Got Me
Better riff, better solo, better lyrics - somekindofaguy

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5 Sunny Afternoon

Great song... Makes you feel that you are just floating away..

Where the heck is "sitting in the midday sun"? And celluloid heroes # 10. This polls got it wrong.

6 A Well Respected Man
7 Shangri-La

Starts off depressing, ends up becoming a masterpiece...

to get the real effect you still have to listen to the entire album, like Village Green...

Great epic of rage against suburban conformity

8 Days

Started listening this song in memory of certain someone, even today this song is still stuck in my head

9 Celluloid Heroes

The live version on "One for the Road." enough said - musicman4

It's really good song. It's one of the my favorite songs. Awesome!

10 Victoria

Oh my god. Not only one of the Kinks' best songs but surely an all time great. Croquet lawns village greens Victoria was my queen;suck on that Take That!

I love this song. It really should be higher on the list.

Needs more votes, what a song!

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11 Destroyer

Really this should be in top 5 it's so addicting. Come on people this is a great kinks song man some people don't know the definitely of music

Answering their own earlier songs...genius.

12 The Last of the Steam Powered Trains
13 Better Things

One of their most beautiful and melodic songs

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14 Do You Remember Walter?

Not sure who it is for, but is by far one of my favorite songs. In my opinion, the whole album is the best.

15 Strangers

Just listen to it!

Most underrated kinks song!

Revelation! Out of left field!

Amamzing and underrated track by dave

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16 Dead End Street

The message behind this song, I can't describe it, it just makes me feel humbled. Between that, and a really catchy beat, I love this song. One of my favorites.

17 Wicked Annabella

Brilliant drum work, a catchy guitar riff and psychedelic lyrics.

18 Rock and Roll Fantasy

I can't believe it is #51 on the list! This is my favorite Kinks song of all time! Great ballad leading up to triumphant ending.

Best kinks song by far! Should be number one!

19 I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Hugely underrated

In my top 5

20 Autumn Almanac
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1. Waterloo Sunset
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