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21 (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

24th? Really? This is the best Kinks' song!

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22 I'm Not Like Everybody Else V 2 Comments
23 Tired of Waiting for You

Such a brilliant song that has inspired many equally excellent covers. This should be higher!

Their 2nd No1 single a very different sound to the first a bit more laid back with lyrics of sadness about waiting for someone you love.

24 Good Day
25 Alcohol
26 20th Century Man

Got me through my period of alienation

27 See My Friends

In my opinion, this song belongs on the first page, if not the top ten. Has a very unique sound which drew the attention of the likes of Pete Townshend. I love the themes of loneliness and grief expressed in this song. Was one of the few songs at the time that Ray was proud of. Please vote for this song!

28 Sweet Lady Genevieve
29 Animal Farm
30 How Did I Get Close
31 Starstruck

It's stuck forever in 0,8% and I have been given it my votes for months now. Fix this problem, please, it's not cool!

The chorus is absolutely unmatched.

32 Living On a Thin Line

Great song for dave

33 Come Dancing


Good song

34 Arthur
35 Picture Book
36 Sittin in the Midday Sun
37 Death of a Clown

The intro is sublime and it just gets better from there


38 Set Me Free
39 The Village Green Preservation Society

Definitely their finest song, just makes me feel good and warm all the time.
Full of positive energy and harmony about life in a Village Green!

I am a really totally The Kinks freak since I am a child.
I know 90% of their songs for sure. But this sing is absolutely superior to any other.

40 Big Sky
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