Best Kirby Copy Abilities

Choose your favorite Kirby copy abilities from any game. Even if it is present in only one game or is limited (such as U.F.O), you can still put it as a regular ability. Have fun!

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1 Smash

(based on kirby and the amazing mirror) a great combination of sword, stone, hammer, and fighter abilities, making it a well-rounded copy ability for nearly all situations besides fighting dark mind.

One of the most overpowered abilities in the games. It helped me beat the true arena. Very useful

Lots of varied attacks, amazing power, great ability. The only thing this could use is a more powerful ranged attack!

Lots of different attacks that are strong and awesome

2 Sword

Sword is actually really fun to use. In newer games, kirby even has an uppercut attack. Sword is also very helpful against normal foes and bosses. This thing helped me beat Magolor and Marx! - Mewbosses

The most classic, and fun ability to use.

Always loved this one. It's so helpful just in normal levels with lots of enemies

It good but in planet robot and triple deluxe they weakened it down - Rayman56

3 U.F.O.

This should be#1 its overpowered more than anything else in Kirby games even sword and whatever smash is from whait is it the smash ability from super smash Bros melle to ultimate

In Kirby's Adventure, you can break the game with this. Get it under the waterfall in stage one, when you lose it or can't go on with it (LADDERS) but you just go back to stage one and get it again. It's fun, but do it after you beat the game normally. But those ladders man...they just ruin the fun...stupid pile of wood...

If Smash is the ultimate overall power, UFO is the king of ranged attacks. 4 levels of attack that are charged simply by holding down the button: a rotating spark-whip like Beam's attack, a laser shot that rebounds off of inclines, a standard projectile that moves quickly, and a devastating power blast that passes through walls and hits multiple enemies in a row. The ability to levitate freely is just icing on the cake.

It returns in Kirby: Planet Robobot alongside Smash, but it requires the Kirby amiibo in order to use it on the fly.

Yeah but not able to be accessed most of the time

4 Fighter

The proof is in the name. Fighter is a master of the battlefield, with lightning-fast combos and power strikes that can devastate any number of enemies in the span of a few seconds. Rising Break, Smash Punch, and Mega Force Blast rank among the most deadly attacks in the game, and mastering all of them puts Fighter in a class of its own.

It isn't perfect, however. As the name indicates, Fighter is for fighting, and its abilities are near-useless when dealing with puzzles. Wood stumps, metal blocks, elemental obstacles, the various obstacles throughout Kirby games are a thorn in Fighter's side. Truly, it has exchanged all situational uses in exchange for raw power.

It's an ability with some of the best and most satisfying attacks. it's power is almost unrivaled, yet never cheap or overpowered. it can obliterate enemies, yet require skill. it can be your best friend, yet be the complex to cooperate with. it's fighter, and it truly is what it says it is. a fighter needs skill in order to be super effective. and this stands true even for a ability in a game where your character is over powered as can possibly be.

Be far the most versatile move, has high damage, a ranged attack, and lots moves w/ invincibility. Also, chaining uppercuts (up + attack) will melt through even the hardest of bosses.

Maybe it's not a do-it-all ability, but across every game one can argue that it is DEFINITELY the most fun ability, hands down.

5 Tornado

The MOST BROKEN ABILITY EVER! and my favorite, since it deals huge damage judging from its offensive side, and near invincible defense, judging from its defensive side. Can destroy bosses without any effort of dodging, just slam right into them and whirl their innards out...

This is the BEST and OP ability in Kirby games, you will be invincible to any attack in tornado form, it deals great damage, and it makes the arena and true arena a cakewalk. I used it to beat ALL bosses in squeak squad and Return to Dreamland like they were nothing! This should have been included in the earlier games...

It's like wheel, except than you can use it in the air, it haves a way better invincibility frame and it's the most OP power in the arena. Its good in battle and during level, so its clearly the best power-ups ( except if you don't when its too easy). And it looks very cool!

You spin violently in a tornado and can't be damaged by ANY move.

6 Hammer

Now, THIS is my main ability. The King doesn't choose this one for nothing. It's dash attack and drill attack cause complete invincibility, and the hammer flip is insanely tough. Hammer has helped me through all the True Arenas. - Garythesnail

Rapid attacking, OP, and a ground moving move that makes you invincible and moves a good distance AND that you can control the distance of makes this the most deadly of kirby's arsenal once you know what you are doing.

Hammer flip is insanely powerful and hammer spin allows you ti spin through boss' attacks and not take damage

Hammer is perhaps my most favorite Kirby Copy Ability! Come on, a lot of the Hammer move set deals a ton of damage to enemies and are practically OP. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Wheel

Why not love it? Fun, crazy, actually is fast compared to kirby sprinting, good for slaying enemies, it's downfall is driving and jumping being it's only moves and can sometimes not be good when you don't know what's ahead, but still very crazy and fun!

Awesome you can actually ride on the helper deserves second first is sword

Wheel is the ability to go fast! Jet? Not so much.

Wheel is basically Sonic as Kirby, amazing.

8 Mirror

This is simply the best in my opinion. It has so many unique and fluid attacks. I love the continuous automatic round of mirrors he emits (great for keeping several enemies back or even deflecting projectiles); it's short range but very effective. Next is the special dash that mirror Kirby performs; it'a just super fast, powerful, and easy to do one you get the hang of it. Lastly, the force field renders Kirby nearly invincible to enemies and projectiles. I have beaten some bosses by doing nothing more than just going in this force field and doing nothing more, it defects projectiles right back at the boss and never loses charge.

Reflects Enemy attacks back at your opponents, Constant stream of mirrors, The split attack that hits in front and behind you, and a SHIELD that takes NO chip damage * I don't know of any other shield in kirby that does this* and you have the most powerful Copy ability in Super star

Mirror allows you to deflect objects back at your opponent. The mirrors he emits hold back larger enemies and do a good amount of damage. The dash move is amazing, because you can use it to avoid enemies as well as attacking them

My second best is Yo-yo, then Hammer, but I choose Mirror because:
- Reflects enemy's projectiles
- Automatic wide-range attacks
- Cool dash attack, which attacks side-by-side

9 Parasol

Give a cute pink butt kicking derp a cute umbrella with a star on its tip, and you will kick WAY more butt. I like to use this in Kirby Fighters because it can be used in horizontal or vertical situations.

The more I use this ability the more I like it. Can destroy bosses if you can sit under them. - tyre74

Are you kidding me! This copy ability is really bad on bosses, and slows down your float to!

In Triple Deluxe, it has a cool dash attack. Also helps me beat some bosses.

10 YoYo

While Hammer has the best damage output and Wheel can glitch into an invulnerable brake in SuperStar, YoYo can do insane damage with its upward spin attack, cover a lot of ground with its side spin attack, and reach switches and enemies that are usually out of reach in more directions than Beam. It takes skill but it's the most fun and rewarding ability. Rock is a close second, but it takes a patient playstyle, especially against bosses. Invincible but inactive versus fast and loose? I'll take YoYo any day.

Yo-Yo is a very strong ability. It has very good mobility in its dash attack, and can hit enemies THROUGH WALLS.

I'll admit that yo-yo isn't overall useful in the games, but it is super fun to play with.

Yo-Yo was my favorite, because it made me feel like a kid again

The Contenders

11 Archer

I beat the arena in 15 minutes with this. Well timed crouching and shooting are (as I think) amazing together. In Kirby Planet Robobot, the only time I failed in the true arena was when I was fighting the last boss, which didn't use your copy ability. Everything else in the true arena was taken care of in about 17 minutes. No offense to anybody, but I think this should be higher on the list.

Extremely broken, You can crouch AND attack; crouching makes you invulnerable to just about ANYTHING!

My favorite. Helps me beat many bosses like Kracko in True arena in Triple Deluxe.

It's rare But in Robobot when crouching a Hal logo would show up instead - TrisTris

12 Bomb

This is my favorite power I mean come on kirby can do bowling I never new kirby was into sports

Not my favorite, but It's easy to beat bosses with bomb. For me, that is.

I don't like it

This one can easily best anything

13 Water

Easily one of the more versatile copy abilities to date, water has plenty of moves to keep beginners entertained and seasoned pros challenged to perform. All the while water manages to be one of the coolest looking, most effective, and just all around fun to use copy abilities in Kirby's arsenal.

Extremely versatile and one of the best abilities. A floating overhead attack, a very powerful dashing surf that gives Wheel a run for its money, a geyser that annihilates overhead enemies, and enhanced underwater abilities makes this power as varied and effective as Fire or Ice, perhaps even more than them.

This one is awesome; It's sad it hasn't returned (yet). Here's a challenge: Try completing the stage using the water geyser only to move.

Use that rainbow and bye bye bad guys it keeps you safe and dishes great damage. And this goes for every attack.

14 Super Fireball

That's fire's super ability,and it's called monster flame, - Villainnumberone

Oh,sorry,it's burning burning mix from kirby 64. - Villainnumberone

15 Spark

Most op Kirby Power, period.

Mattstatt, it was highly buffed in newer games... it was merged with plasma, before then it was just a crummy Ice ripoff with only the shield

Spark is awesome because you can protect and attack at the same time! You cann also protect while powering up for a giant spark blast!

Spark was SEVERELY nerfed in the newer games. - mattstat716

16 Double-Bladed Laser Sword

The only power-up where Kirby becomes a Jedi! - Anuban

Kirby... May the force be with you!

Do 64's abilities count? - mattstat716

17 Fire

its okay

18 Spear

You can stab any direction and fly like a chopper! How is that not awesome?

It can be a throwing spear, a stabbing spear, a pass through walls spear, and a helicopter! Wait. what?!

You can be a heli! What's not to like about that?!

This is my favorite copy ability! it's so useful!

19 Leaf

Leaf is probably one of the most versatile abilities out there. You can throw sharp leaves at the ground, summon a powerful leaf tornado to fly through enemies, cause a pillar of leaves to appear and deal a hecktric ton of damage, and even hide in an almost completely onvincible shield. While not as quick as Archer and not as strong as Yo-yo, Leaf is still super useful in multitudes of occasions and has helped me too on a ton of boss fights.

Leaf can be just as invincible as stone, and leaf uppercut does a decent amount of damage.

You shoot in every direction and looks awesome - rexprice4

Great in battle and looks awesome - rexprice4

20 Fire Sword
21 Beetle

Insanely good mobility and melee would be the best if it had a projectile

Beetle is a disgustingly strong ability in the same vein as Hammer and Tornado. It possesses a highly varied and efficient arsenal that includes a multislash combo, a dashing slice attack, upward and downward horn drill maneuvers, and the throw attacks of the Suplex ability from Super Star. What makes Beetle so effective is the extreme quickness of its attacks combined with the invincibility frames that many of them create; you can demolish enemies in seconds without ever being open to take damage.

Here's an empirical example of how strong Beetle is in comparison to other melee powers: when it was introduced in Kirby Fighters, its attacks were given startup lag and lower invincibility frames. It had to be severely nerfed in order to avoid becoming THE most dominant power in that game, in an environment that contains such powerhouses as Fighter, Hammer and Bell.

Beetle is hands down, my favorite Copy Ability. It is Incredible in Melee attacks and solves quite a few puzzles. It also has a very cool Hat, probably my 2nd favorite hat in the game (Next to Mike) And overall a powerhouse in every way - ChiefMudkip

Holy crap dis ability is so OP and is returning in Battle Royal.

22 Whip

Whip is amazing because of rapidly whipping and far range attacking. can also be used to grab stuff and can also be used as a short ranged attack. Try kirby's 20th aniversary and on the 2nd land one of the forms is whip. Also try out smash, leaf, fighter, wing, sword, and tornado for rapid attacks and great and powerful powers of kirby. Probably in my opinion #10 or #9 in best kirby forms of all time. This should be at least in my opinion #10 on THIS list so please vote for that awesome whip kirby. - rexprice4

THE BEST copy ability is this, not only do you get to change into a cowboy but you get an AMAZING amount of power. And that whip tornado, well, you know what happens

Whip's not THAT fun, to be honest...

I mean... it's fine, but... really? - mattstat716

23 Cupid

Range makes it bad by how weak the arrows are and how fast they fall. Archer is better

Arrows are awful, though. - mattstat716

One of the cutest. - Villainnumberone

Cute.. - Super64Mario

24 Ninja

It has so many attacks and mastering it takes patience. But it's totally worth it. It has one of the best projectiles and powerful defensive and offensive attacks.

Me and my sister abused this power in Return to Dreamland. Just hearing it gives me nostalgia.

In Squeak Squad it's great! Oh. I'm Jesus too? Nice!

25 Throw

Throw is kinda lame. And so is his ability! Throh: Hehehehehe!

This ability is not that bad.
It can actually shatter bosses if you nail a jump + grab into them. You're literally INVULNERABLE, you DECIMATE them, and then you have Pinpoint Kick. Just... pinpoint kick.
BACKDROP, however... - mattstat716

26 Magic

Magic is one of the most overlooked abilities in the series, and it absolutely begs for a return. The dove attack has a fantastic range, the throwing cards are among the best projectiles in the game next to the Ninja's weaponry, and the jack-in-the-box is NIGHTMARISHLY strong, comparable to the attacks of the Hammer power. Perhaps its overwhelming power is the reason that it has only appeared in a single game, because in terms of effectiveness it is only beneath monsters like UFO and Smash.

In Squeak Squad, Magic gains a wide variety of attacks, moves, and abilities. It can cut ropes, pound stakes, fire doves, and much, much, much more!

Ghost and magic the best abilities from kirby:squeak squad

Magic had... well... very few attacks and not great. Shame it didn't return. - mattstat716

27 Ghost
28 Refrigerator

Really. Ice + spark, I think? - mattstat716

29 Rocket Launcher

It's actually a 64 ability. - mattstat716

That is not an ability, take it off the list

Take that off the list it is not an ability

It's a mix of bomb and bomb.

30 Beam

Beam is always my main in Return to Dreamland, has so many useful attacks, and can function as a ranged weapon, a shield, and a melee weapon (multiple moves for each use except shield). I don't understand why Beam isn't even close to on the list when it is so perfectly well rounded.

In RtD, it was pretty funny to be in midair and spam attack, trust me. - Qryzx

Versatile ability, but very underrated. - ZachMandoGames

I also like it it was also my first copy ability

31 Stone

Crushing enemies is already awesome, and you can be so many statue things, but the best part about it is that once you turn into a stone, you are INVINCIBLE! That's awesome. Which is why I always use it. Well, ALMOST always. But anyway, it's awesome.

Prove me stone ability is used for beginners because pressing the attack button will turn you into stone. All enemies will not attack you

This power was boring until Kirby 64 gave you GOLEM KIRBY. And in Return to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe you can ROCK UPPERCUT.

I love it cause my first Kirby game was superstar ultra, and I fell in love with the helper rocky

32 Mike

Usually the stuff I vote for is at least in the top 10, and I actually expected this to be #1, it is very classic... and definitely one of the best, maybe not the best, because you can only use it three times then its gone, but still I believe it to be the best... I mean #1 is smash... Whats smash? Some of you new Kirby players probably think I'm insane but serouisly... What is smash? I really only play old-school Kirby games (Like Kirby and the amazing mirror and Kirby's nightmare in dreamland) But still this is only #25?! At least make it in the top ten! NOW I'm RIGHTING IN CAPS LOCK SO YOU PEOPLE WHO don't EVEN READ COMMENTS USALLY (like me) WILL READ IT! IF YOU JUST READ IT WITHOUT NOTICING THE CAPS LOCK GOOD FOR YOU... That was a long message

... Sir, you play amazing mirror, yet have never used Smash? Sure, you 100% played that game. - mattstat716

I love Mike! He's so cute and loves singing! Just like me! Except he's cuter! He is so powerful too! He can blast sound waves and make a building collapse!

I love Mike's voice! He is so cute and powerful! To me, Mike should be #1! Come on people out there! Don't you think Mike is a cutie? Vote for him!

Whats better than an attack breaking the sound barrier?!?! YAH YAH YAAHHH! This mode hits almost all enemies (or all enemies) but the bad part you only get 3 attacks (if I'm right) so use the 3 attacks wisely. A cute singer and powerful mode! He deserves to be at least #5. - rexprice4

33 Fireworks

It's the Fourth of July soon!

Is this an ability? It'd be cute to see him have fireworks on his head. - mattstat716

34 Suplex

I like suplex because there are so many ways to throw enemies! It also cause's GREAT damage when one enemy lands onto another after throwing it!

I love it when kirby grabs an enemy and starts kicking it

Also this works with any boss or enemy

Invincibility frames, high damage, and EPIC animations. What more can you ask for?

Kinda mediocre, basically an aim-able star spit, but you can't move

35 Master

Kirby literally gets the legendary sword Galaxia from Meta Knight

'Sure its only in one game, but why on Earth is this lower than Sword? It's near identical to sword but has more moves such as an upward stab and a sword wave, as well as being able to break Hard Blocks, light fuses, pound Pegs, AND cut ropes. This is definitely VERY close to Smash in being the best ability.

The ultimate ability. Maybe that's why Meta Knight is such a badass. - Mewbosses

Even if it is restricted to only one game, it is by far the most fun ability.

36 ESP

This is such an amazing ability, psychic balls of doom, absolutely impeccable range and power. What's not to love?! Not to mention ' teleportation to add to your arsenal.

It's got a giant ball of death, teleportation, and a Ness hat, what more do you want, yeah flying powers too.

Teleporting, relatively safe damage (floating while basic attack), what more do you want!

This is actually an awful ability against bosses. All you can do is vanish and shield. - mattstat716

37 Missile
38 Ice

OP in Return to Dreamland, and just really fun to use.

Makes your enemies freeze into ice cubes

This should defy the laws of physics

Ice ice baby

39 Animal

Very usable in a verity of situations, including digging. Tell me anoughther that can do that! Even if it was only in squeak squad, I still love it. Besides, Kirby turns in to a wolf, HOW AWESOME IS THAT FOR YOU?

40 Artist

Good for the oc's and boss battles

So powerful! Don’t forget fun!

41 Hi-Jump

Really OP and fun to use, especially against airborne enemies such as Kracko

I've only seen hi-jump in Kirby's nightmare in dreamland... I like when I get it because I believe it to be pretty rare... sure it isn't that good but whatever, Its not like I voted for it, (I voted for Mike) Oh yeah and I also saw it in Kirby Amazing Mirror when you fight Krackos

I hate Hi-jump I think it's boring. -_-

I've seen him hi-jump in Kirby's Adventure

42 Hypernova

Hypernova Kirby I feel deserved to be this low as it is used way more times in Triple Deluxe than it deserves to to the point where... it's nothing special in my eyes bus just a gimmick.

This rainbow colored Kirby inhales nearly everything.

Hypernova Kirby is like yoshi but he eats more - KomaDan


43 Burning

It makes me feel powerful!

44 Bell

An underrated ability in my opinion. It has a Counter Guard, along with options for all ranges. I was a bit skeptical when I saw this in the K3DX Trailer, but as I played through the game, it quickly became one of my favorite abilities.

It's unique. No other ability lets you wield a musical instrument. Plus it's attack names are really cool. Ding finale, Twin Tinker, Sting Ding, just plain awesome.

This copy ability is cool! Its defense is powerful.

Launch the Bells to defeat bosses.

45 Cutter

*sob* why isn't this top 10? *sob*

It's okay I guess. - Qryzx

Cutter is fun an it actually has range suck ice you suck but I love staff ability

46 Robobot Armor

Very good against hordes of enemies especially with the right power up on it

Seriously. This thing is OP it contains ALL the abilities you want. - Super64Mario

47 Needle

Needle and spark are both really good defensive attacks and they can be used offensively as well.


This ability was a bit meh... Until Kirby's RtD! Now you can throw spikes in all directons! Awesome with bosses and really fun to use. It was really sad that it wasn't in Kirby Planet Robobot... Do you prefer "Circus" over the best ability EVER?!

48 Poison

How is it so low? Poison is hands down my favourite. Beat out the arena in 18 minutes with it. It's ranged, it has very good vertical abilities, enemies pause often in planet robobot which makes toxic swamp an easy must. You can easily leave patches of poison all ove the floor and let the enemies hurt themselves while you stay floating safely if they start charging or trampling. You can even bombard them with sticky ball while doing so. Hands down this is my go to ability, and I just hope I'll see it more in later games

It got me through the arena on my first try and is what I used for the true arena in other words it's the best at killing bosses.

The very best ability for bosses who move around a lot because you can leave poison all over the floor of the stage as well as poison gas clouds in the air!
11 out of 10

Poison is amazing. It has a lot of varied attacks, a strong melee combo, and can create poison patches on the ground along with clouds of poison. It's water 2.0.

49 Star Rod
50 Ultra Sword

Even though its not available very often and lasts for a limited time its super strong, amazing to watch, and destroys everything it hits.

He gets an awesome sword way bigger than he is


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