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21 Fire Sword
22 Throw V 1 Comment
23 Cupid

So adorable and fun! You dress up in an angel costume...
"Hello there, super evil guy! I am harmless little angel guy who is adorable so don't mind me! "
"Okie dokie! "

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24 Suplex

I like suplex because there are so many ways to throw enemies! It also cause's GREAT damage when one enemy lands onto another after throwing it!

Kinda mediocre, basically an aim-able star spit, but you can't move

Whaat are you kidding this should be first he is unstoppable fyi swallow buggsy to get it

25 Ghost
26 Stone

Crushing enemies is already awesome, and you can be so many statue things, but the best part about it is that once you turn into a stone, you are INVINCIBLE! That's awesome. Which is why I always use it. Well, ALMOST always. But anyway, it's awesome.

Prove me stone ability is used for beginners because pressing the attack button will turn you into stone. All enemies will not attack you

This power was boring until Kirby 64 gave you GOLEM KIRBY. And in Return to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe you can ROCK UPPERCUT.

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27 Mike

Usually the stuff I vote for is at least in the top 10, and I actually expected this to be #1, it is very classic... and definitely one of the best, maybe not the best, because you can only use it three times then its gone, but still I believe it to be the best... I mean #1 is smash... Whats smash? Some of you new Kirby players probably think I'm insane but serouisly... What is smash? I really only play old-school Kirby games (Like Kirby and the amazing mirror and Kirby's nightmare in dreamland) But still this is only #25?! At least make it in the top ten! NOW I'm RIGHTING IN CAPS LOCK SO YOU PEOPLE WHO don't EVEN READ COMMENTS USALLY (like me) WILL READ IT! IF YOU JUST READ IT WITHOUT NOTICING THE CAPS LOCK GOOD FOR YOU... That was a long message

I love Mike! He's so cute and loves singing! Just like me! Except he's cuter! He is so powerful too! He can blast sound waves and make a building collapse!

I love Mike's voice! He is so cute and powerful! To me, Mike should be #1! Come on people out there! Don't you think Mike is a cutie? Vote for him!

Kirby's the man on the mike!

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28 Rocket Launcher

That is not an ability, take it off the list

Take that off the list it is not an ability

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29 Fire
30 Ultra Sword

Even though its not available very often and lasts for a limited time its super strong, amazing to watch, and destroys everything it hits.

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31 Beetle

Beetle is a disgustingly strong ability in the same vein as Hammer and Tornado. It possesses a highly varied and efficient arsenal that includes a multislash combo, a dashing slice attack, upward and downward horn drill maneuvers, and the throw attacks of the Suplex ability from Super Star. What makes Beetle so effective is the extreme quickness of its attacks combined with the invincibility frames that many of them create; you can demolish enemies in seconds without ever being open to take damage.

Here's an empirical example of how strong Beetle is in comparison to other melee powers: when it was introduced in Kirby Fighters, its attacks were given startup lag and lower invincibility frames. It had to be severely nerfed in order to avoid becoming THE most dominant power in that game, in an environment that contains such powerhouses as Fighter, Hammer and Bell.

Beetle lacks a projectile so I think it doesn't deserve top ten, but it should be up there(at least above ARCHER and mike) because of its dominance in melee. It can catch enemies, it has upwards and downwards attacks, the throw attacks from the Suplex ability and can hover indefinetly like Wing.

32 Refrigerator
33 Spear V 1 Comment
34 Whip

Whip is amazing because of rapidly whipping and far range attacking. can also be used to grab stuff and can also be used as a short ranged attack. Try kirby's 20th aniversary and on the 2nd land one of the forms is whip. Also try out smash, leaf, fighter, wing, sword, and tornado for rapid attacks and great and powerful powers of kirby. Probably in my opinion #10 or #9 in best kirby forms of all time. This should be at least in my opinion #10 on THIS list so please vote for that awesome whip kirby. - rexprice4

THE BEST copy ability is this, not only do you get to change into a cowboy but you get an AMAZING amount of power. And that whip tornado, well, you know what happens

35 Star Rod
36 Needle

Needle and spark are both really good defensive attacks and they can be used offensively as well.

This ability was a bit meh... Until Kirby's RtD! Now you can throw spikes in all directons! Awesome with bosses and really fun to use. It was really sad that it wasn't in Kirby Planet Robobot... Do you prefer "Circus" over the best ability EVER?!

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37 Missile
38 Ninja

In Squeak Squad it's great! Oh. I'm Jesus too? Nice!

39 ESP

This is such an amazing ability, psychic balls of doom, absolutely impeccable range and power. What's not to love?! Not to mention ' teleportation to add to your arsenal.

It's got a giant ball of death, teleportation, and a Ness hat, what more do you want, yeah flying powers too.

Teleporting, relatively safe damage (floating while basic attack), what more do you want!

Vanish renders you completely invincible. Let's get this up there!

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40 Animal

Very usable in a verity of situations, including digging. Tell me anoughther that can do that! Even if it was only in squeak squad, I still love it. Besides, Kirby turns in to a wolf, HOW AWESOME IS THAT FOR YOU?

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