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1 Fade to Black

It's beautiful and it's a long solo. Totally great. My second favorite is "One".

Easily his most emotional solo, but why isn't Jump in the Fire in here?

Fade to black is a song that blows of your mind in the last 2 minutes, one of the greatest solos of metal history

One of the best metal solos ever written...this defines what Kirk is capable of...a true master

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2 One

This solo is the greatest example of what the job a lead guitarist is...Kirk leads the band through to the end

It's the most perfect solo in the history of guitar solos

Fade to black solo blows everyonr away but this ONE... It is a sin to compare it... It is the ultimate solo of Metallica

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3 Master of Puppets

This is probably the most unexpected solo you'll ever hear from a band. Not to mention a thrash metal band. Seriously - it goes from fret masturbation to nice and slow.

4 Ride the Lightning V 1 Comment
5 Wherever I May Roam
6 The Judas Kiss

This should be number 1. Solo is absolutely brilliant.

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7 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
8 Dyers Eve
9 Creeping Death
10 The Unforgiven

His most emotional solo

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11 Blackened
12 Damage, Inc.

This is pure shred!

13 The Four Horsemen
14 The Day That Never Comes

Yeahh! This is just brilliant.
Fade to black solo is awesome too.
I also love the solos in all the unforgivens, unforgiven 3 being the best.

15 Bleeding Me

How has this masterpiece been missed?

16 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
17 Seek And Destroy
18 Orion
19 Enter Sandman
20 Sad But True
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1. One
2. Master of Puppets
3. Fade to Black
1. Fade to Black
2. Ride the Lightning
3. One



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