Best Kiss Songs of the 90s

The Top Ten

1 Psycho Circus

Madness it sounds chaotic

Madness it's awesome creative

2 Domino

Gene made another great tune

Gene wrote a masterpiece

3 Unholy

A good but dark song

4 Take It Off

Great song thanks ladies

5 Into the Void

Ace frehley 2nd best song he ever wrote
Only behind shock me

Aces 2nd best song he wrote behind shock

6 You Wanted the Best

All 4 on vocals. Nice song too

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7 Every Time I Look at You

This song makes me cry every time

8 I Just Wanna

I just wanna listen to this song all day

I just wanna sing this song all day

9 Spit
10 Heart of Chrome

The Contenders

11 Within

Within is another great tune

12 Hate
13 I Finally Found My Way

Peters voice makes it great

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14 Rain
15 Paralyzed

This song kicks butt.

16 Dreamin
17 I Walk Alone

Bruce on vocals

18 God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II
19 Crazy Crazy Nights
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