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21 SOG

Have used SOG knives on my many trips to the 'sand box'. Have to say that these knives handled everything I needed them to and did not have to be re-sharpened the entire trip. Have many knives to choose from, my SOG is firmly attached to my '3-day bag' for a reason.

I have owned many knives here on this website and I will always choose SOG over any other knife. They have never let me down, but many other brands have. Rugged, reliable, stay sharp, tactical, and good for almost everything out there. SOG for the win. Kjwalden211

I have the Trident Elite and it is so great it is: super strong, super sharp, super cool, and AMAZINGLY tactical. (BEST KNIFE EVER


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22 Dogwood Custom Knives

I've had a chance to meet and talk to Dan, and I can tell you first hand he is my favorite knife maker to date. Dogwood knives are top shelf. Dan understands the physics, geometry and history of knives. Dogwood knives are made of the highest quality products by a true master knife maker. Dan understands how physics and blade geometry lends itself to a knife's designated tasks. Dogwood knives are classic designs proves through out history and improved with modern materials and Dan's phenominal skill and eye for detail. All at a great price. Just try to take my Dogwood away from me.

I have owned more knives than I care to admit and My Echo5 from Dogwood is my "go to" knife. I am getting more of his as soon as possible. Not to mention Dan is a great guy and really cares if his customers are happy. I can assure you, you will not be unhappy with his product.

Skylar - Able2Survive

I met Dan last year (2014) at Blade show. Very nice man, very knowledgeable and friendly. Blades are incredibly durable, and comfortable to the hand.

Love the Echo 5

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23 Brous Blades

Expensive knives but awesome. I own five Benchmades and I do love their knives but the Brous Blades Division is by far the best quality knife I have. There really is no comparison between my Division and my Benchmades. For the price I think Benchmade is tough to beat but Brous knives are the best knives I've come across.

24 Columbia River Knife & Tool

They have some great designers, but more importantly they produce quality products that are available from their retailers at very reasonable prices.

Innovative, functional, and stylish there is nothing lacking in their offering.

I have a lot of their knives and think that the quality maches Cold Steel.

My favorite knife of all time

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25 Mcusta Knives

I own a knife from every company listed here (except for Brous but that is only because they aren't worth the money). I carry a Mcusta. Sure, my Benchmade is great as is my Spyderco and Emerson but my favorite is still the Mcusta. But if you get one, get the Damascus and don't waste your money with anything above that. Easy to clean, easy to sharpen, easy to carry.

26 Adventure Sworn Bushcraft Co.

Beautiful, bomb proof, handcrafted knifes made by a small team of talented, ambitious people. The Adventure Sworn crew puts their knives to the test in real world field use to ensure that form follows function in each of their designs. Great selection of styles, materials and fantastic sheaths.

Flawless craftsmanship with both the knives and sheaths as well as unbelievable customer service! The truly understand their target audience and welcome feedback from their customers. Top notch all the way!

Absolutely stunning examples of hand crafted bushcraft tools. Several different classic styles, brought to market with perfect form and finish. Even the sheaths are at the top of the market.

Clean lines, great attention to detail, light saber scandi's, riding in fine leather.

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27 Kingdom Knives

Kingdom Knives are made in the USA in Vermont. They are manufactured from D2 Tool Steel that is heat treated to 61 rockwell and cyrogenically treated to -320 degrees. They are guaranteed for life against breakage or other damage. Guides and hunters who clean many animals each year say they have never seen a knife that holds an edge like a Kingdom Knife.

28 Hanwei

This is a samurai sword company how the hell is it at 27? These swords are worth thousands and are professionally hand forged from the finest materials. Shame I give this site a bad rating not this company. :(

Hanwei forge do not produce swords worth 1000's. Never have and never will

29 Leatherman

Who can't love Leatherman? These tools are as essential as food and shelter.

I have the juice 2 and it is the ticket for edc. Light weight and versitile. Never leaves my side and I use it multiple times on a daily basis. Don't leave ho,e without it. I also have the charge and the wave. Awesome tools. Great price.

30 Fox Knives

Awesome knifes the hunter is smooth and solid great build great for around camp love mine

Panabas is one of the best survival type knives ever... Great knife..

31 Case XX

The greatest knives around, sure Grandpa had one and his dad, but that is a testament to their quality!

They still make a great knife easy to sharpen

Who in there right mind would say case knives are number 12

Great steel

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32 Turley
33 Gray Wolf Knives

Aaron's work is top notch and affordable!

Aaron makes a great knife at an affordable price

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35 TAC Force

These knives are really great, they at least deserve a spot in the top ten area, and all of their knives have really cool designs.

Amazing knives and really cheap, $12 on amazon

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36 Pro-Tech

# 1 full auto used by Law Enforcement period. Sets the standard for performance.
Plus they have the balls to let their artsy side show and create a high-end art knife segment with some of the best quality in the business.

37 Hibben Knives

Have you even seen the "Hibben Assault"? I've got one lasts for ever. Go check it out you won't regret it trust me guys. It is awesome.

These knives are absolutley amazing, They are used in movies, they're versatile and I can assure you from personal experience that if your looking for a throwing knife, or throwing axe; they sell the best on the market

38 Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve popularized the framelock. His company has set the bar by winning something like 11 or 15 overall manufacturing excellence awards at the blade show. And when he wins, Chris thanks everyone for the award and challenges others to beat him out for the award. When LionSteel won this last year he was the first one to congratulate them for winning what could be considered to be the CHRIS REEVE MANUFACTURING AWARD. Hell of a maker, even more of a good guy.

Best brand. Perfect combination of overall quality, value, and the pride of owning products bearing "CR" logo is unmatched.

The Sebenza defines what a folding knife should be, in my opinion. Fit and finish, and a timeless design. Really top notch. I really like his Insingo blade design as well, whether on the Sebenza or on the Nyala.

They are the best in the business

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39 Boker

Boker produces some incredible knives, and some lemons. Their Haddock liner lock is impeccable, with stone washed finish and titanium liner... High edge retention, razor sharp and durable. The Boker Illumination Turbine by contrast, is a piece of junk. The coating wears easily, blade develops play... Their lower end trademarks suffer issues of inconsistent quality.

Can't believe boker isn't higher up! I'm law enforcement, avid camper, and skydiver, boker is amazing!

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40 Emerson

Come on guys...? If you know anything about knives you have to know that Emerson is at least top 3. Way above Cold Steel. Cold Steel is not all show but they are not even close to the best. My opinion, #1 Benchmade, #2 Emerson, #3 Fox, #4 Spyderco... Cold Steel thinks they are better than they are, that's why they charge way too much, just because a company charges $500 for a knife does not mean that knife is worth $500, on top of that they do not have as many practical knives as many others.

If you like it or give it a chance the wave feature beats all competitors, plus they r 100% US made, and they do not just make new designs for shot show or blade show they make new designs because they work. If like knife art they r not for you but if you want a hard use tool/tactical/EDC knife emerson knives r for U.

Got one of Ernie's CQC-6's in my pocket. His collaboration with Benchmade helped to popularize the tactical pocket knife almost 20 years ago. His knives have been used by everyone from Navy SEALs to NASA, and only Randall Knives can say the same thing. They are a small company with a family first attitude driven by a hell of a guy.

Really, you put cold steel way above Emerson? Is this a joke?

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