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1 Jung Yong Hwa - Because I Miss You (Heartstrings)

This song is so heart breaking~ This song make me remember lee shin father :(

I really really love YongHwa's Songs

I really like this song just as I like the singer

This song is full of emotion. It connects with people even though I don't understand the lyrics.

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2 Super Junior Yesung - It Has To Be You (Cinderella's Sister OST)

Best Korean drama OST has to be who? Yeap it has to be you, yesung. The title of this song is the answer. Your charming voice makes this song feel more charming. Keep it up yesung oppa! Hwaiting! You are the king of OST!

His angel voice like sounds from the bottom of his broken heart
Make me feel that feeling

His voice make me melting...
And that way he sing this song touch my heart

The emotion in yesung's voice makes this ost so beautiful and special

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3 Hyun Bin - That Man (Secret Garden OST)

Hyun Bin is so talented and his voice so sexy! This song really gets to your heart - makes me fall in love again... This version is raw & much better than Baek Ji Young's. Hope to see him soon in a new move/drama!

The composer had effectively evoke the feeling of a thunderstorm whenever one listen to the song

As soon as I heard it I fell in love with this song, and once I looked up the translations it became one of my favorite drama osts

Lets put it this way; every drama that can make me cry is a good drama. months have passed since I finished watching this one and I still listen to this song now. its perfect.

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4 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - One More Time (Playful Kiss)

His voice has something soothing... This is very sweet song...

I just can't stop listening this song... I love his voice so much... Even the ambiance (rain kiss~seung jo & oh ha ni) was too romantic...

I love this song! The lyrics are so beautiful! Hyun Joongs voice is so amazing, there is something about his voice that makes it so... Perfect. The best! He makes the best osts, this one, because I'm stupid, and if you're like me are absolutely the best

Heart touching drama and feel good song and I lost myself in his voice

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5 Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain (Love Rain OST) Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain (Love Rain OST) Jang Keun-suk is a South Korean actor and singer, He is best known for starring in the television dramas Beethoven Virus, You're Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Pretty Man and Jackpot.

I really love this song! I really touched to this song when In Ha and his friends sang this to the competition, while Yoon Hee watching them. So romantic! )

I love their voice when the 3 of them sang together during the stage performance (competition? ) in ep4 or 5? Wow that's wonderful...

And Jang Keun Suk is so well developed in all performance aspects...

This is the sweetest song, it's so heartfelt, you can feel the story behind the song. And I appreciate that it was in the drama itself, written by the characters, and it felt like the viewer was a part of the song-writing process, lived the song and lived the memories with them. This song will forever move me. Also, his voice is beautiful.

Love love love!

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6 SHINee - Stand By Me (Boys Over Flowers OST)

One of the best song by shinee. Love it very much, touches my heart.

Its shinee.. They're awesome

This song is the best & evergreen song of all time sung by SHINee.

Love this song and their sweet voices

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7 Yesung - Gray Paper (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST Part.1)

His beautiful deep husky voice can express the emotion of the song well. I always cry when I listen this song

YESUNG SONG IS THE BEST! No wonder he is the arts of vocal where in he showed to us what is the meaning of the song...

Yesung oppa voice is refreshing! I love it..i can feel the lyrics of this song

So good! The sad melody encaptures me in the beginning and leaves me pressing the repeat button over and over again.

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8 Wax - Tears Are Falling (I Miss You OST)

Perfect drama and ost... ı love it

I really like this Song. I almost cry whenever I listen to this song. Tis reminds me of the tragic love story in Missing You

This song...every episode of the drama relates to this song. It's really perfect for I Miss You/ Missing You/ Bogosipda. This drama is really addictive, sad, romantic, slightly violent, funny, and happy. This song is really heartbreaking, and it evaluates the feelings of every main character at different times (especially HJW)

I always cry when this song goes out.

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9 SNSD Taeyeon - Missing You Like Crazy (The King 2 Hearts OST)

Beside it's meaningful lyric, taeyeon's voice bring you sadness of longing someone at the same time. Taeyeon fighting! You're the queen of OST drama

You can really feel the emotions coming from her.. It also shows that she is capable of controlling her voice and pitch well

Taeyeon's voice are both perfect and unique. She could hit high notes easily, and she is one of the best singer in Korea. Although Ailee is known as the queen of high notes, Taeyeon's high notes too, can compete with Ailee's. She has something that a true singer have to have. She has the emotion to touch anyone's heart that is hearing to her songs. Even Ailee, many people said that Ailee's voice might be powerful as she could hit high notes, but her voice doesn't have any emotion that a true singer was suppose to have. Many seniors praise her for her perfect voice. She sings beautifully, emotionally and perfectly. Taeyeon and her voice are both a perfection.

Emtional voice that could make listeners easily get deep mood

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10 JYJ Kim Jae Joong - I'll Protect You (Protect The Boss OST)

This is a very funny and cute drama. It has some weak points, however it will make you laugh like crazy. Kim Jaejoong who stars as Cha Moo Won is my favorite member of the korean boy band JYJ, former member of dbsk, also known as tohoshinki in Japan, and tvxq! In China.

This song is great, his voice is pure perfection.

I love jaejoong voice... So touching and full of emotional

It's a beautiful is the best ost I've ever heard. Kim jaejoong's voice is so...sweet and it is magical.This song is emotional and heart touching. I love this song ♡♡

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11 Sunny, Luna - It's Me (To The Beautiful You OST)

The moon n sun are the perfect combination

I love this ost super!

I really love this ost very much


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12 JYJ Junsu - Love is Like a Snowflake (Nice Guy OST)

I really like this song because of the drama, it's so meaningful!

The best voice of all... He's the best for OST

Junsu's voice was AWESOME and UNPREDICTABLE.! I really love his voice. He has the voice power! I really love this song.

Ê·¸ëƒ¥...the most heartbreaking soundtrack for me, this hurts so good
during the promo period of the drama, I didn't expect much from this song...someone else sang a different version for the trailer, kinda average, but when I heard Junsu's voice singing this around episode 5..I WAS CRYING, so I guess the song and the singer are perfect for each other...and of course, the drama is also the best for me

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13 Kim Hyun Joong - Because I'm Stupid (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Oppa... I love your songs a lot... Please do come to India... I am sure I would meet you once... Fighting

Kim Joong all the way, best singer and performer, great actor as well. my #1

Great friendship story

My favourite koeoren song 😘😠- . I miss boys over flowers 😢😢please comeback ðŸ˜"ðŸ˜"

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14 Baek Ji Young-- After a Long Time (Rooftop Prince OST)

Baek Ji Young, the queen of ost! She sure has a unique voice that's different from the rest, truly commendable

I really like this song... This song is daebak! It's meaningful

Rooftop Prince was the first kdrama that made me cry because of this song. Especially that scene in the rooftop wedding! I have memorized this song by heart and still get so emotional whenever I listen to it.

Really touching song

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15 IU - Someday (Dream High OST)

It's really best film and I hope that in 2013 it will get the 3rd part and we can see our lovely film's continue)

I like iu's voice, and dream high too :D

The songs is so good all of them I loved maybe, dream high, winter child and of course someday. Hope this can make it to top ten please

nice song

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16 SNSD Taeyeon - And One (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)

Taeyeon sings this song perfectly by her heart and emotions. The song flows like a wind and it is so good in the blue film like That winter the wind blows. I'm so into the song.

After so long, we're all so glad that the OST Queen had finally chose to appear again. She's BACK

Yeah, I added this list in :) Because I always use this song to finish up my homeworks and concentrate on my studies. And miraculously, this beautiful piece of music always work for me. Regards, Jessy Sone. Byuntae, fighting!

Fave one!

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17 SNSD Taeyeon - Closer

The best soundtrack ever in To The Beautiful You :D I really, really love Taeyeon! Her voice is so perfect & she's so cute ;D love her.

This song made me want to hear more songs of taeyeon and made me wanna learn kpop songs... I loved this song and I started learning it...I practiced singing this song and now I'm able to sing it pretty well...every time I listen to this song it makes me want to learn it more and more... What better can a song offer favorite ost! Awesome song and beautiful singer...

Unique melodies combined with Taeyeon sweet voice.
It's awesome and perfect ost. -

I love this song

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18 Kim Bum Soo - I Miss You (Stairway To Heaven OST)

This song is a MASTERPIECE.. It's a heart tearing inducing song.. It portraits true love caught in longing and sadness... It's actually been years since the song was released but my heart still stops beating for a moment whenever I hear Kim bum so's voice.. It's as if it flies me away up to the bed of clouds in the sky... Love it so much!

This song is so sad. I fell in love when I first heard it sung my mblaq's G. O on hello baby. I'm so glad I found it!

This song is the FIRST OST song from the FIRST Korean drama I have been watched, that's a long time ago... And I still LOVE it 'till now

The best drama coupled with a very endearing song

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19 J-Min - Stand Up (To The Beautiful You)

Always cheer me up...

I really like this song. Oppa very good.

It has a catchy melody and rhythm that I like

My favourite...Just my cup of coffee

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20 SNSD Taeyeon - I Love You (Anthena OST)

Her voice is so adorable and emotional! Taeyeon, FIGHTING! Jessy Sone will always support you, too

Taeyeon's voice is so emotional, make me fall in love with her... This song is the best

I love You! TaeYeon... Your voice is the best!

It looks like she expresses her feelings through the song. it sounds good! 💙

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21 Gummy - Snowflake (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST Part 3)

Always moves me to tears..

It relax my mind and it helps me to forgot my problem even though I wont understand the meaning, but I like the sound!

So touching... Super like...

22 LYN - Back In Time (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

This song is truly amazing and touching! Every time I listen to it I tear up because it reminds me of scenes in the drama.. Not to mention the drama itself is just as perfect as this song! The lyrics of this song are really meaningful too.

"This song, always make me creeps. Because the lyrics its so sadden."

Great song, I even learn Korean just to sing this song

love it

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23 SNSD Tiffany - Because It's You (Love Rain OST)

You know, I really feel all relaxing and peaceful when listening to this song and when Tiffany's emotional voice adds in, I really have no words to describe the feel.

No words can describe this, you know. Yeah, because it's you, Tiffany. Tiffany Daebak!

Close your eyes and listen to this song and you'll feel the deep emotion in Tiffany's soft and adorable voice. This is the best OST in the history ever and Tiffany has the best voice in the history ever.

Yes yes yes yes tiffany saranghae

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24 Onew - In Your Eyes (To The Beautiful You OST)

Onew.. Lee Jinki! The leader of SHINee.. :D His amazing voice is undoubtably getting a loud applause from the audience his voice melts my heart every time when I am listening to his songs.. His voice really can leave a deep impression to the audience.. It is a big loss if you never get to know him.. :D

From : only_joanne (big fans of SHINee) :$

The voice so unique! The leader had it!

I can't forget even one word of the song. Another best ost

I always listen to this song when I was sad and alone it give me a nice comfort...onew I just love your voice and u super...thank u for giving us this song even though I do not know Korean it's just you

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25 Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly (City Hunter)

Remember the part when Yun seung was hovering over sleeping Nana?.. Yup that's it!

Superb song. It's really amazing. I really loved her feel while singing. Hope there are no words to express my love towards this song

I like this song... So beautifull

One of my favourite!

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26 F(X) Luna & Krystal - Calling Out (Cinderella's Sister OST)

Ah I love this song.

Krystal is really cute^~^ Better than her sister Jessica I think and her English and voice is better. But I love both of them!

27 Jessica, Krystal - Butterfly (To The Beautiful You OST)

I loved this song since I discovered it which was maybe in 2013 and now is 2015

Really love this JOLLY song! Please help to gain votes for this song...

Goal: top 10

It reminds me of unforgettable memories while watching the korean drama "To the Beautiful You".

Starring: Choi Min-woo (Shinee)
Choi Sulli (f (x))
Lee Hyun Woo (InsideMyHeart)

28 Lee Chang Min - Moment (The Heirs OST)

A really beautiful song. And an amazing voice.

This song made me remembee with kim tan and cha eun sang

29 You've Fallen for Me (Heartstrings)

My all time favourite Korean song! I can never get bored of this!

It's so upbeat, I just can't stop singing along!

Such a beautiful song with good lyrics.

Lovely song

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30 Lee Taemin - U (To The Beautiful You OST)

Nice one, on top of that Taemin's voice

Unexpectedly good to listen

31 T-MAX - Paradise (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Damn! I love this song!

I just love this song

... Totally good one

I love that song

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32 Kim Hyun Joong - When Today Passes (Inspiring Generation OST)

Love this song!

Yeah.this is the best song I ever heard.I love this song very much.Love you oppa.

33 Ali - Carry On (Faith OST)

I. Love. This. Song! Even thought I didn't understand it the first time I heard it, the emotion from it captivated me untilli looked up the lyrics and downloaded it. In My opinion it should rate better than 18! Amazing song (infact the who soundtrack was awesome! )

How to download this song freely

This is an amazing song that will melt your heart as you watch the drama! :') It fits perfectly and is just wonderful! ♥

I was obsessed with this song for a whole year

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34 Taeyeon - If (Hong Gil Dong OST)

Once again, Taeyeon's emotional voice echoes around this song... My favorite singer and OST

Her voice is so beautiful and she portrays so much emotion all the time. It feels like she has a deep understanding of the lyrics and she can relate to them. She always does better than expected. My favorite OST singer!

This song moves me even before I know where this song is from and who sings it

Like the soul of the song

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35 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - If You're Like Me (The Wedding Scheme)

I'm like that song.

You will fall in love with KHJ once you hear his voice when he sings... I love him after listening his songs.. :-)

36 Kyuhyn (Super Junior) - The Way to Break Up (Poseidon OST)

Kyuhyun's deep voice matches the song very well. Just close your eyes and listen to the music; let it get into your heart. When the song ends, you'll realize that your emotion has already flooded out.

I love his voice, the lyrics, melody, and everything about this song. Totally heartbreaking song

This song really brakes my heart.

37 Ryeowook - Maybe Tomorrow (The Queen's Classrom OST Part 4)

Ryeowook daebak..
I love you oppa


38 A.N.JELL - Still As Ever (You are Beautiful OST)

Love this song! It compliments the story in the drama. Personally, You're Beautiful has one of the best ost ever! Jang Geun Suk is love!

I like this song very much I like you're beautiful too.

This is the best korean series ost for me

Love this song always!

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39 Baek Ji Young - Don't Forget (Iris OST)

Great song & great lyric... I love this song and all works of Beak Ji Young...

This drama is full action and political issue
but this song make it more romantic and sometimes become a tragic love story

40 Block B - Burn Out (Phantom OST)

Another amazing track. One of my top Block B songs. The kind of song you can relate to even if you can't understand.

Block b's songs are great~

41 Yesung - Waiting for You (Paradise Ranch OST)

All Yesung's ost are the best.

42 Perhaps Love/Sarangingayo Lyrics (Goong/Princess Hours OST)

I love this song... The music of this song is very sweet

I really really love this song! I so love YEH

LOVE love love this song. Love both of them

This has to be in the top 10!

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43 SNSD Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me (Beethoven Virus OST)

This is a really, really nice song. In fact, I think this song should be the champion. Taeyeon made it sounded touching and her voice is full of emotion. She did it the best during live performance! Fighting Taeyeon!

I love this song :)
Taeyeon one of my favorite singer, Love!


This song makes me cry...

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44 Taemin - U (To The Beautiful You OST)

The song is really nice

45 Lee Seung Gi - Losing My Mind (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

I totally love this song! My favourite lee seung gi song! And my second favourite Korean song of all time! I just need to listen to this song to lighten my mood!

Lee seung gi is the best singer for me, and I love the way he sing

Amazing song...Lee Seung Gi's voice is marvelous...

I really ealy love this song <3 lee seung gi is the best ^_^

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46 Park Ji Young - Can't Forget (Dream High OST)

Beautiful series I, I he brought

Can feel the emotion from this song, like it

This song is so deep, sometimes I cri a lot because this song.

47 What Do I Do? - Jisun (Boys Over Flowers)

Oh! This song, it always takes me back to the heartbreak of Jun pyo :(. I just can't hate it, pulls my heartstrings.

I love the lyrics.. I love it.

That scene where Jan Di jumps into the pool because she's so heart broken Jun Pyo can't remember her gets me every time. You will never not cry when this song plays. It's that heart breaking. One of the best songs ever.

It was perfect pelease help me to donlowd

48 Jung Jae Wook - Back To The First Time (I'm Sorry, I Love You OST)

Cha Mo Hok~ So Ji Sub

49 Lee Seung Gi - Will You Marry Me (Brillian Legacy OST)
50 Lee Seung Gi - The Person I Will Love (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST)

Good song and I watched my girlfriend is a gumiho a long time ago so I don't familiar with title but heard the song multiple times

Lee Seung Gi is the best singer I have ever heard, he is so talented and amazing.. Love all his songs, listen to them every day,

This is my heart break song

Lee seung gi best

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