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41 Yesung - Waiting for You (Paradise Ranch OST) V 1 Comment
42 SNSD Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me (Beethoven Virus OST)

This is a really, really nice song. In fact, I think this song should be the champion. Taeyeon made it sounded touching and her voice is full of emotion. She did it the best during live performance! Fighting Taeyeon!

I love this song :)
Taeyeon one of my favorite singer, Love!

V 3 Comments
43 Taemin - U (To The Beautiful You OST)

The song is really nice

44 Perhaps Love/Sarangingayo Lyrics (Goong/Princess Hours OST)

I love this song... The music of this song is very sweet

LOVE love love this song. Love both of them

Both singers sang well...sweet song

This has to be in the top 10!

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45 Park Ji Young - Can't Forget (Dream High OST)

Beautiful series I, I he brought

Can feel the emotion from this song, like it

46 Lee Seung Gi - Losing My Mind (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

I totally love this song! My favourite lee seung gi song! And my second favourite Korean song of all time! I just need to listen to this song to lighten my mood!

Lee seung gi is the best singer for me, and I love the way he sing

I really really love this song, I love the singer, and I love the drama. I love you shin min ah and lee seung gi! Hoi hoi!

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47 What Do I Do? - Jisun (Boys Over Flowers)

Oh! This song, it always takes me back to the heartbreak of Jun pyo :(. I just can't hate it, pulls my heartstrings.

That scene where Jan Di jumps into the pool because she's so heart broken Jun Pyo can't remember her gets me every time. You will never not cry when this song plays. It's that heart breaking. One of the best songs ever.

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48 Lee Seung Gi - Will You Marry Me (Brillian Legacy OST)
49 Lee Seung Gi - The Person I Will Love (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST)

Good song and I watched my girlfriend is a gumiho a long time ago so I don't familiar with title but heard the song multiple times

Lee Seung Gi is the best singer I have ever heard, he is so talented and amazing.. Love all his songs, listen to them every day,

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50 Jung Jae Wook - Back To The First Time (I'm Sorry, I Love You OST) V 1 Comment
51 Super Junior KRY - Sky (To The Beautiful You OST) V 1 Comment
52 Lee Hyun - My Heartstore (Gentleman's Dignity OST)

It is just great

V 1 Comment
53 Shin Seung Hoon - I Believe (My Sassy Girl OST) V 1 Comment
54 T-max - Fight The Bad Feeling (Boys Over Flowers)

I love this song, so touching especially with the dramatic scene

Love the the the t max love you...awesome song sing more songs like that...

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55 Yoon Shi Yoon - I Want to Date You (Flower Boys Next Door OST)

Such a cute and sweet song, sung by the lead male in the drama which makes it that much cuter.

56 Leave - Park BoYoung (Oh My Ghostess OST)

I heard this at the end of ep. 8 and fell it love with it right there and then. BoYoung's sweet voice and the beautiful guitar chords make such a nice song~~

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57 All of a Sudden by Krystal (My Lovely Girl Ost)

I can relate with the lyrics that's why I really like this!

58 Yoseob - Cherish That Person (My Princess)
59 Jonghyun-sogoodbye (City Hunter)

The drama and the OST matched really well. Jonghyun had lots of emotion while singing this. Also Jonghyun's voice is really good definitely one of the best vocalists in the kpop industry. Go Jonghyuns and Ciy Hunter... Best drama ever'

I just like the drama and the song. It's catchy. First when I watched, I listen to the song and I said "wow" jonghyun a really good voice. And for the drama; I just love it. My best drama ever.

I like the production, I hope that there will be a Continuation! I hope so..

Love the drama... song is just perfect.. A must watch fr all the Lee Min Ho fans out there..

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60 Kim Hyun Joong - Thing Called Happiness (Boys Over Flowers OST)

I love this drama. Its awesome

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