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61 Jang Geun Suk - Hello Hello Special Version (Mary Stayed Out All Night)

The best OST I've ever heard! So sweet and it's so cute! This song is so awesome! I really really love this song! Jang Geun Suk! FIGHTING! D

I like all songs sung by jang geun seuk! His voice... It's moving and soothing. He's great!

Actually hang geun suk's songs are best and voice also
Love the song...

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62 Super Junior Kyuhyun - Hope Is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep

Kyuhyun has a great voice and his singing potential is just amazing! Saranghaeyo kyuhyun oppa!

He has a good voice, and his song is so nice, love you,

Love this song and Love Kyuhyun...

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63 From Now On I Love You - Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Great song like Lee Seunggi'The Person I Will Love which is from the same movie

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64 G.NA - Will You Kiss Me (Playful Kiss OST)

You'll fly if you hear this song :') *suddenly remember oh hani and baek seung jo*

This is my first memorized Korean song and it so refreshing.

It's a very beautiful song. If you hear it you can't forget this song

It reminds a lot of playful kiss scenes

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65 Hyorin (Sistar) - Crazy of You (Master's Sun OST)

Love this song. Hyorin's heart warming husky voice sets a romantic mood in this song for the drama

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66 Park Shin Hye - Without Words (You're Beautiful)

Nice and smooth sad romantic song.

I was about to cry when I heard this.

Such a beautiful voice! I love this song in her version

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67 My Memory - Ryu (Winter Sonata OST)

This is the second best sountrack after Tiffany's OST for Love Rain (Because It's You).

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68 Howl & J - Perhaps Love /Sarang Een Gah Yo (Goong)

As Always, J's and HOWL's voice are so soft. WHEN I SEE ITS IS ON 61ST PLACE, I REALLY don't BELIEVE IT. Like seriously this is the best ost ever.

It really fits Shin & ChaeKyung's love story!
It's also filled with emotion.

It has always been my favorite.. I fell inlove with this song as well..

It was revived in our language and it really fits well the Korean version..

I love this song and the series

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69 The One - Winter Love (That Winter the Wind Blows OST) V 2 Comments
70 Seo In Guk & Eunji - All for You (Reply 1997 OST)

I hope they do a project together again. I just love their chemistry and they really sing so well, you just feel the emotions in their singing. One of my most loved OST of all time.

I love their voices together and it's such a good song! I wish they would do another duet together...

I'm still emotionally attached to their tandem after reply 1997 and I was really happy that they sang the OST together.

Very good duet. I listen to this song and I get good vibes

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71 Izi - Eung Geub Shil (Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST)

Best song ever you could feel the sadness in his raspy voice wish they have more songs if anyone knows?

Great musicality, great voice, note that this is sung by not so famous artist, not like the rating by popularity, but the best OST.
In addition to very popular drama makes it my number one list.

72 Yoon Mi Rae - Touch Love (Master's Sun OST)

One of the best Korean songs, ost or not

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73 Again and Again - Yozoh (Love Rain OST)

I'm crying without knows the meaning. This song just too beautiful.

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74 JYJ - Found You (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Love them! The first song they performed in a Korean stage! This song is really memorable to me!

Park Min Young & Yoochun are such outstanding, from-the-soul actors! Love them a lot, and this song always lifted my sprits when it played in the drama. Really good!

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75 Suzy Miss A - Don't Forget Me (Gu Family Book OST)

Great song with passionate voice. Attract the love scenes and lead the emotion to the top.

76 G-Dragon, T.O.P & Taeyang - Hallelujah (IRIS)

I love this song...T.O. P did great job in his part. I like when they perform this song on MAMA Awards. I wish GD, T.O. P, and Taeyang will continue their project well. In the future, I want to see that boys perorm this song again.

77 Jane Jang ft. NaShow - Auditory Hallucinations (Kill me, Heal me)

A truly fantastic OST. The meaning of the lyrics and its symbolizing words, mixed with the emotional music contributes very smoothly to the emotions that are to be conveyed in the moments which the OST is played in the Korean Drama.

Wonderful. It fitted so well with the story and is so unique

78 Lee Ji Young - Love Is Blowing (Gu Family Book)

Just love the song and lyrics as well

79 Song Joong Ki - Really (Nice Guy OST) V 6 Comments
80 Baekhyun - Beautiful (EXO Next Door OST)

This is the best. Try to listen it

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