Coffee Prince


I think Coffee Prince is an amazing Gateway Drama but also something that you can enjoy at any time. It's got every aspect of a beautiful story. It's unpredictably amazing and I love EACH AND EVERY character in the show. Even the supporting characters were just as good as the main couple. Everyone had a story and that's something that you don't find in every drama. It's got to be the best one I've ever seen.

Coffee Prince was the first K-Drama I watched and I was hooked in the first ten minutes. I binged watched the whole series in a few days because I couldn't wait to see how it ends. My husband and I have watched it three times and will probably watch it a forth since. I'm so impressed with the story line and acting - Yoon Eun Hye was amazing in as Eun Chan. This was my gateway show that has led me to watching nothing but Korean Dramas and it's the one that has left me the most satisfied. Great acting and storyline and not the cheesiness that most of the other shows I've watched have.

How can you explain Coffee Prince without saying that it's the best thing ever? You can't. It's funny, sad, lovable, heartbreaking and breathtaking. Honestly I wished my life were like that (sadly, I would never pass as a boy). The love is so pure and the friends to lovers plot it's beautifully crafted. Just watch it. Please

Absolutely loved this drama. The characters were amazing and I never laughed and cried at the same time as much as I did watching these episodes over and over again. It is a shame Netflix has decided to remove Coffee Prince from its offerings. It is hard to imagine they are denying viewers to see a gem like Coffee Prince.

This is the best thing I have ever watched on T.V.! the scripting was superb, the actors fit perfectly in their roles, the story line is amazing, keeps you glued to your seat, Han Kyul and Go Eun Chan totally nailed it, their chemistry was very real and their romance was very mature. It felt very natural and convincing

the subplots worked.

the music was perfect.

Yoon Eun-hye was the most convincing girl dressed as a boy I have ever seen in all the Kdramas I have watched

I have watched this many times and it never gets boring.

The only thing I did not like was the ending I feel like they should have given us one more episode to wrap up this amazing drama.

That aside this remains at the top of my list the The best Kdramas!

That is the cuteness in acting and a new way of a love story which attracts the audience towards it... I have never seen such a cute couple ever in T.V. screen, although I haven't watch much of the Korean dramas but its has something that attracts me and induce me towards Korean dramas

Coffee prince is like the best series ever I mean the acting of gong yoo was amazing and I laughed in every episode so you have to watch the drama and you won't regret it

Honestly one of the best dramas I've yet to see. Eun Chan is an inspiration. I only wish I could be as powerful as her. The way she lights up the room is truly envy worthy. I also loved that Han Kyul was so open to any circumstance that his love for her meant. The whole drama just filled me with butterflies. Also loved the real life conflicts that we saw with Yoo Joo and the coffee princes. It gave the drama more depth!

Honestly this series is the one that makes the most sense. There is no villain and the story is so gripping that the lack of cliche makes it better than other series out there. And the actors.. They're good at what they do. 10/10

Never got bored to watch this is my number one all the time

This is one of my favorite dramas although it is a bit old, but once you start watching you can't get enough. The two leads had amazing chemistry. This drama has comedy, romance and friendship. I recommend

Coffee prince hurt my heart. I love it so much I've watched it twice and each time I cry for days. I will always love this show. No second lead syndrome Either. I didn't have to worry about who got the girl

Best Korean drama ever. Gong too acting was amazing. The story the development of their relation ship. Everything was amazing I cried every time I watch it

I loved this drama! One of my all time favorites. It was a great story, funny and really dramatic at the same time. When I started watching I just couldn't stop. Watch it if you haven't!

Every episode feels freshly brewed. The aroma, the flavor and the taste of the story and the characters will surely linger in our thoughts forever.

I love gender bending dramas. YEH is the best at this and she is so believable in it. Gong Yoo finds out the biggest secret and in the end falls for her. I love their acting and this romance, a show that is full of tears and giggles that will make you yearn for a Coffee Prince 2. Alas that can't happen since Korean dramas tend to not have series. Still Gong Yoo is a hearthrob and will make u love him and his acting. YEH is also adorable and blur but captures hearts too! Best show - StarOrion

Hands down my favorite k-drama. The acting is superb here, really incredible performances. Their chemistry is through the roof. But more than anything, the writing is what makes this the best drama I've ever watched. Its funny, its tortured, its continually surprising! The kissing scenes alone will make you a fan. haha

I love Coffee prince, its some what unique in each character, every thing their in this drama Love, romantic, funny and sad moments. This drama make as to feel the same

Great cast, awesome story. The female lead doesn't become weak at the end (as happens in most dramas) but stronger. And the kisses, oh the kisses!

This is the Third Korean Drama I watched in Korean I am really Very Happy because If I didn't watched this one definitely I would have missed something in my Life...

Best Korean Drama I've ever watched. Different plot, amazing actors, it will always be my number 1 recommendation

I love the lead stars, they act so naturally that even lead actress got attached to her character. The chemistry is undeniably awesome, I even fell in love for it.

My all time favorite drama. The main couple have the best chemistry. I love Gong Yoo!

I've watched this drama 3 times already and plan on watching it again, yes it's THAT GOOD! I absolutely love it, funny, romantic, and definitely worth watching

I love gender bending k-dramas. The story is simple yet interesting, secrets are everywhere and identities are hidden. The love is strong and u can't get through this drama without crying. Gong Yoo is a heart stealer and Eun Hye is 100% the most badass gender bender that it is so believable that she could be a guy. Her face is cute and blur but that is what attracts the charming boss of hers too. This is by far my best drama, followed by Rooftop Prince.