#16? Are you kidding me? Healer should be number 1. There's no other k-drama that can compare to it. Everything about it is perfect: the leads' acting are excellent & so are the supporting cast, besides both are eye candies. This has everything you want: comedy, action & romance. The pace is fast & the main characters handle any "relationship issues" in a mature way. The OST is catchy. The plot & dialogue are unforgettable. Once you watch it, you don't get over it even after so many months, as if you're under its spell. You can't help but tell each friend or family about it. Healer will indelibly be etched in your mind & heart.

Love, love this drama! Action with a compelling storyline. Little threads are slowly being pulled apart and you'll eventually get that everyone was tied together in some way. Love the couple. No misunderstandings but working on trust and communication. Heart was pounding and excitement whenever the main couple interact.

Healer is my favourite all time drama! It's amazing..Everything about it is. The OST's, the characters (honestly, you won't want to leave them and their amazing world behind), the unorthodox complex storyline.. The drama is funny and just all in all absolutely brilliant! 100/10 is not yet an adequate way to describe it! MUST WATCH

I absolutely adore this show! It's the third Korean drama I've ever watched and it's just amazing. The plot is very interesting and will keep you hooked on at all times. Another great thing about this show is the cast, especially the two main leads, who have amazing chemistry. WATCH THIS SHOW! You won't regret it!

Beautiful drama! Gave me crazy feels and definitely is my #1 fave drama. The only reason its not as high as other dramas is because the first episode is terrible so it turns all viewers away, but it takes a 360 degree turn after the first episode and I cannot express in words just how much I love this drama wow

Hands down the best Korean drama I've seen, and I've seen all of them on this list. Healer has it all: hot romance, humour, great action-packed and twisty plot, intriguing backstory, fully fleshed and likable characters, including all the secondaries, a deeply satisfying ending. It took me at least two episodes to get into this story - it seemed more like a same old American serial at first - but then it takes off. So stick with it!

Healer was one of the first Korean dramas I've ever seen. Let us just say, I never regretted watching this wonderful and beautiful show. The chemistry between the two leads are beautiful and this show is a perfect combination of romance and action! I'm not sure any other show can top this one!

Best drama ever! Interesting storyline, enchanting couple, nice balance between action and romance. Music 's really nice too! Loved every minutes of it, watched the whole 20 episodes in 3 days! Made me laugh, made me cry, made me so happy. A must watch.

It was PERFECT. PERFECT LEADS + PERFECT SUPPORTING ACTORS = PERFECT DRAMA. After "secret garden", "my love from another star" & "You are beautiful", I never thought I would get to watch something this good. It was better than all of them combined.

The best drama I've ever seen -- an amazing cast of characters, intriguing plot, and honestly the best romantic arc I have ever seen in my life. I CANNOT recommend this drama more highly.

Best drama I've watch so far. The story is nicely written and it didn't need to have a powerhouse of popular stars to get you glued and addicted. Super loved it.

Best Korean drama ever. It has everything that you will like. The actors are the best and look great together. You will want to watch every moment of this and won't get tired of it.

This is one of my favorite drama! It has an interesting and exiting story and there is a lot of action. And what I like best is that the girl in this drama is though which is not the case in the most dramas!

Healer should be number 1! In my opinion, it's past like 2 months now and I can't even get over it, I really REALLY recommend this to anyone trying to find interesting and fun Korean dramas to watch! Love it!

One of my favorite drama, its one of the best so if you want some action, romantic, comedy series, you should watch this drama. I really recommend this Korean drama, and you wont regret watching it.

First ever k drama I watched and I had to watch it straight after finishing it because I just did not know what to do without it. The acting is really good and I had to rewind so many scenes again and again. The romance is cute without being thrown in your face and parts of the storyline are just so sad they made me cry.

Not only is the story unlike any other drama, the cast is absolute perfection! This drama avoids the cliches that plague so many dramas, and instead delivers a completely refreshing story.

Healer is the best Korean drama I've ever watched... I don't understand why it's the sixteenth...! although the story is somehow the same with many other dramas, it's been created so much well. You can see both love and excitement together in this drama. If someone hasn't watched any of the Korean dramas yet, I suggest him to start with Healer.

It has a different story line and the couple is so cute! I mean this drama should at least be on the top 10! all in all it was a very lively and exciting drama and the chemistry was too perfect!

This drama is an epic one! Personally I love guys who fight well and protect the and stuff, He does all of them. And the story is not aleays about them but also the people around them which will make you cry time to time. The chemistry between these two is just perfect, I totally love this drama and recommend it!

This is the amazing action drama I have ever watched. It has all kinds of emotions in it. I love it. I am watching it again and again.

I gave this drama a 10. Perfection to the max. Perfect balance of action and romance. The chemistry was undeniable. It was a great roller coaster.

This drama is so amazing and the chemistry is crazy! I love this drama and damn you politics!

This is one of my best drama ever I love it so much people who has not watched it should its really good its an action drama I love it!

Love the movie...kim na na did awesome it's just like city hunter if you think about it...watch it's Kim na na latest drama it premiers on December 9...can't wait