I Hear Your Voice


As it is a legal drama (of sorts), there are some very unrealistic moments in it... However this doesn't take away from the incredible quality. The writing is impeccable; the female lead challenges the stereotypical image of the media's Asian woman; there's an interesting dynamic between the main protagonists that you will not find in any other drama. Full of twists and turns, tragedies, comedy, heart-wrenching romance... I'll tell you it ends in a happy ending, but if you can't handle anything too realistic/hard-hitting and you hate crying, this drama might not be for you. Otherwise, DEFINITELY give it a go. Even though it has weird pacing, at most by 30 minutes in, you will be hooked.

This was a very well written drama. There were lots of pros in this drama. The main actors had very good chemistry. The storyline in this drama was very consistent, which kept me hooked. The only downside, in my opinion, was the way the drama ended. It was an okay ending for an amazingly set up plot. The ending was a little of a let down because I was under the impression that the ending was going to be epic. Other than that, the development of this drama was amazing. The storyline has a lot of feels in it. This drama was certainly different than most dramas that I've seen. Definitely check this drama out if you like non-cliche dramas!

Every one is into rom-com these days, if you want something that offers more than just hot actors or actresses, but instead gives you a very interesting story line and excellent direction, then "I Hear Your Voice" is the drama you should watch. If you want the best of the best, go watch "Healer".

Really love this Drama... Specially the storyline is one of the best ever... Very realistic and also so much heartiest...But the thing I like in this drama is it shows that love doesn't have boundaries and whenever you love someone truly you will do anything for her...

Park so Ha's smile. One word: damn. The chemistry between the two characters is just amazing and it gives you such feels. The plot is really well written and incredibly entertaining. It's very deep and sends you to tears but can be hilarious with many light hearted scenes. In short, the best drama ever.

Excellent character development and one of the masterpieces. it keeps you hooked at the crucial moments and excited at the happy moments! It teaches some good life lessons as well.. very inspiring too.. I could write a whole page on this but to keep it short it is "AMAZING"!

By far the best acting in Korean drama. The characters are unbelievably talented. There's so many lessons you learn. The main characters are amazing. And there is no dull moments in this drama. I will watch it over and over again for sure! Watch this and you won't regret it.

I think this is a good plot and drama. It is very well thought out and not predictable. Plus it has Lee Jong Sun in it. I like the action and mystery that keeps you on the edge of your chair. It classic like BIG or if you like City Hunter, you should definitely watch this.

I love this Drama, simply because Romance isn't the central plot. There's a lot going on and I think that's so important. I do love the couple of Jong Suk and Bo Young in the Drama though. I understand why they ultimately ended up together. I think it's amazing.

I liked the story a lot. The Villain was exceptional. truly menacing. It is amazing how much these bad guys can get away with before justice prevails. It keeps you on the edge waiting to see him get caught.

I seriously LOVE this drama! Great cast. Great storyline and great soundtrack. It's just simply amazing. When someone ask me for a drama recommendation, I will definitely say I HEAR YOUR VOICE!

Love, love, love this story. it is incredibly addicting and everything is well thought out and the acting is suburb! You will want to see this story all the way through and wont want to stop till the end!

I hear your Voice is one of my favorite drama that Lee Bo Young had portrayed because sometimes I feel that pairing someone who is a lot younger than yours with be awkward but in their case it's not. plus the fact that the transition of her character in My daughter Seo Young to this one is very different. She's really flexible ya know! I really like her! Fan girl over here!

This Korean drama was amazing, filled with so much romance, tragedy, and emotion. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS K DRAMA IF YOU LIKED PINOCHIO. PLEASE WATCHED THIS DRAMA! I BEG YOU

Amazing storyline with incredible suspension throughout the whole series. It's funny, sad and heartwarming. The acting is also amazing especially Lee Jong Suk.

The characters are all interesting, their are some plot twists. A really "intelligent" drama which never fails to interest.

I will rate this drama as the best drama that I have ever watched! This drama has romance, comedy the best sound tracks! It will also let you look things at many different perspectives :)) I will encourage everyone to watch this drama especially if you are a fan or lee jong suk or lee bo young ENJOYYY!

People may bash the couple on age difference, but they go so well together. The actors are perfect and the story is intriguing throughout the way.

Character portrayal are among the best. I swear to God, do do do give it a try! You won't stop after the first episode, trust me!

Best drama ever! It makes me cry and laugh!

There was never a dull moment in this drama. It was exciting, mysterious, and had the cutest romance mixed in.

This is literally my favorite drama of all time, no other drama had me hooked as much as this one, already 3rd time watching, still laughing and crying. Superb acting, the hint of supernatural gave a special edge to the plot, and relationship of this lovely couple.

Great drama ever. just starting of a anew journey of a new super star LEE JONG SUK... OPPA LOVE you FROM India.

Its great drama you must watching. I think the is the most touching dram ever

This show should be among the top 3 in the list. The plot is really really good. Definitely a must watch.