The Heirs


I seriously enjoyed watching the heirs because of its intriguing plot and the talented actors who were starred in it, such as Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and many others. I loved the chemistry between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang because it was just so romantic and cheesy it might give you goosebumps! The story keeps getting more and more interesting throughout the drama and it has a lot of twists and turns in it. The Heirs is perfect and it is definitely one of the best Korean drama I've ever watched.

The Heirs is ONE of the best Korean drama you can ever watch. It has everything in one with drama, love, and awesome awe moments. This is a perfect drama to watch over and over, it get's you on your feet and makes you stop breathing and it's just the perfect show you may ever watch! Also Lee Min Ho is in it, who doesn't love him!

It's such a popular show and all but it gets really boring after you get to know all the characters. The only thing that kept me watching till the end was the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye that was absurd! They made me stick till the end rooting for their relationship. But, if it wasn't for them, no way I would've watched it. Don't get your hopes up.

Stop hating. This drama was really good. Tell your opinion, that is wrong, to someone who actually care

This was a very addictive show, that has very different characters each with their own back story, and a really sad plot, and the two main characters have a really romantic on and off chemistry. It's sad as well. There are some tear up moments and some funny moments. Also, the supporting characters are really funny as well, with some of them being able to have their own romance story.

The heirs is a Korean drama that very I like. Because the heirs I like Korean drama until now, the story is so tragic. I always remember when kim tan said "One who wear the crown, bear the crown" that is the best quote from Korean drama

It's like seriously the best drama. I cried really hard at some parts :( BUT there were definitely funny and romantic parts that made me LOVE this drama. The actors and actress were really great. and I mean REALLY. They portrayed the characters very well.

I watched it a month ago and I still can't move on! I love the chemistry of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. There are some points when I was wish something else would have happened but overall, I liked the story. Made me want to fall in love. Kudos to Kim Woo Bin! Had my eye on him since the start of the show.

Love it when the bully falls for the good girl/victim? Try this drama.

The female lead has two admirers. Both are infamous for their bullying of fellow students in their youth. Both are rich. One has repented and become kind hearted while the other is the devil in the prestigious school.

This was the only kpop film I could really really relate to because of it's the story which was revolving on the different lives of an 18 year old but has only one goal in life: happiness. This kpop drama really moved me a lot because it talks more than love, of what real love is and how love can conquer all things.

LEE MIN HO IS MY FAVORITE ACTOR! This drama thanks to him is very good even if I reAlly don't like is character. I was also very happy to had the chance to see KIM WOO BIN (who I didn't know before)! He is playing very well and I think he is handsome with her hair down!

It's my all time favourite. I can't get enough of it and am in search of similar ones, but of course there is no match. Though the drama line of rich boy and poor girl might seem common, it has a completely realistic approach and is one of those dramas where you could get completely immersed in..Credits to the cast!.. Loved every character and its player

Generally I like the series so much and I enjoy watching it! So touching! But I was disappointed in the last episode I didn't like it. it doesn't match the balance of the plot line, and it doesn't cover what happened to all the actor and actress at the end!

I got hooked instantly while watching this drama. For me, it's the best Korean drama ever! Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye's tandem is so perfect! Made me laugh, cry, fall in love and watch it for the nth time! Great casts, great plot!

I can't choose between BOF and this one, but eventually I picked this because it's OH-SO-Aaaaw-SHUM. I like the chemistry between Min Ho and Shin Hye but I have to admit I was disappointed by their kiss on the last episode. That kiss should be a little more passionate but nevertheless, I'm still glad I watched this! Even my mom who wasn't obsessed with Korean dramas loved this, so I don't have to say more, do I? For those who have not watched this awesome series yet, you definitely should! Lee Min Ho is a great actor and I loved his character and sexy English during the first few episodes that were filmed in California. Definitely a MUST!

THE BEST DRAMA EVER...The Heirs was the first drama I ever watched...The chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye was totally awesome...the drama had a great storyline and was amazing to watch from the beginning to end...I LOVED IT...

4th K-drama I've watched but best of all 4 for sure and it's 3 years older than the ones I've first watched. Got me hooked. I really think the lead actors made it what it is. Now, I really only want to watch movies with those actors in it- Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho... wow!

UGH. One of the most boring dramas I've ever seen. I had high expectations for this drama, due to the amount of famous actors in it.. Unfortunately, the plot was boring and didn't really develop. People that say that this is the best drama ever have clearly either never watched a good drama, or they just like it for Lee Min Ho.

This is the first Korean drama I have seen, the love story is the best ever story and the drama has got its own tranquility. The actors made such a wonderful chemistry that induces me to watch more Korean dramas

This drama surely captivated me. I finished it in a day. I can't express how addicted I got to this drama. I also liked the chemistry of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. To top it all, Kim Woo Bin was just perfect. - anneyolores

The heirs is a great show! It's a different story and it's great drama! It's again a must watch! It includes lee min ho, who wouldn't wanna watch him right?! No, but other than lee min ho other actors did great too. And I can re-watch it!

For me this is the best drama that I have ever watch... PLEASE vote for the heirs... Because if you watch this drama you might cry, laugh or even get angry... I really really love the role of park shin hye, Kim woo bin and lee min Ho they are the best... I am glad because they are the characters... I really can't get over to this drama... This is the best drama... :D

I'm real enjoyed a lot after being watched that romantic drama. At the first I didn't inspired till the moment once Tan run Sang loved Kim Tan as a protagonist from the beginning to the end.

The Heirs was my first ever drama and it's just PERFECT! I don't even know how to explain it. The roles are amazing the actors are amazing and it introduced me to Lee Min Ho and Park Shine Hye

The first k drama I ever saw was Boys Over Flowers and I was sure that no other k drama would be as good until I saw Heirs! Honestly it's my new favorite 10/10 would recommend

This is the best drama words cannot describe my feelings for it I cried and laughed while watching it it makes me feel like living with them I really love bona and chan young and of course young do and moung so and kim tan of course chan sang thanks for this performance it is the best it must be in the first place not the seventh