Master's Sun


When I first read the description Master's Sun, I was kind of skeptical, but this drama is addictive. It's suspenseful, romantic, funny, thoughtful. It's well-written and the actors are perfect for the parts. I loved these characters! Both the main characters and the secondary characters are charming and written with a loving hand. I loved watching them interact, seeing them gradually transform each other in deep and compelling ways, healing each other's scars, making each other stronger and more whole. I especially enjoyed watching the heroine, Tae Gong Sil, find her courage and power. And of course, watching the cold-hearted hero break down and fall head-over-heels in love with her, against his better judgment and despite all his defenses, is always fun

This should be in the TOP 5 if not the best drama of 2013! Great chemistry between lead actors. Cool storyline and totally engaging romance - horror mysteries in each episode! Loved it!

HOW COME THIS DRAMA IS NOT ONE OF THE TOP TENS DRAMA?! This is absolutely the best DRAMA OF 2013. You have to seriously watch this drama, everyone thought the ghost are scary but nope they're not, each episode have different ghost stories which is absolutely different from all the dramas I've watched.

This is totally my number 1###! Korean drama evahh. I have watch many, countless Korean dramas and nothing can beat this. I totally fell in love with so ji sub and totally made him my favourite actor! Gong hyo jin is really an amazing actress and this couple chemistry was really sweet and real! I think I have watch 70-80 Korean dramas or more and seriously no Korean drama has beaten MASTERS SUN. At first I was like blablala and suddenly I was screaming on top of my lungs from dying of happiness. please watch this and you will thank me

I was thinking twice about watching this drama as the ghost graphics scared me but I'm glad I decided to watch it. This drama deserves to be in the Top 5 with its unique plot, awesome chemistry between leads, and the proper blend of humor and drama.

So much humor combined with horror.
The female lead sees the male as her saviour from the ghosts that literally haunt her until she helps them. When she touches the male lead, the ghosts literally disappear. She follows him around to remain safe, though he consistently pushes her away and avoids her. Yet when, she is in situation of danger, he shows how much he actually cares but won't admit it.

This story was unique and really kept wanting to know what happened next. the lead actors have great chemistry together and the whole story is completely engaging making you want to watch it all straight through till the end! Must watch.

WHY is it not on the TOP?.. among the rest, This is SUPERB and very lovable to watch. So Ji Sub is SUPER cool oppa. I love this Guy so much.. he really has a heart, I like the naughty hand and the gesture that show in this series. Hope to see more series with them, They have a good quality chemistry that never compare to anyone,

Love love this drama! It she be at the TOP 3... So so so underrated... Courage up girls... Dun ever let the ghosts scare you...! It is a MUST MUST WATCH Korean drama... True romance ghost story! 100 times Better than Hollywood "the ghost". Enjoy people!

What made cry most is knowing that there were only 17 episode's. I sincerely recommend Master's Sun series and music soundtrack. The entire cast was charming and delightful to see from beginning to end. I became overwhelmed with so many emotions. I will and must watch this beautiful drama series over & over again. My first k-drama series was Master's Sun and my discovery was from a Kpop video by Gummy Day and Night! I personally rate Master's Sun a definite must see you will not regret embracing this beautiful storyline.

To be honest I was actually scared and had nightmares, I mean they're makeup was just so good! But I just loved the tension between the main characters, the drama line was excellent and I've watched it at least three times.

BEST DRAMA EVER! Didn't Expect it to be this good.. was hesitant to start watching it because of the whole ghosts theme.. BUT BLEW MY BRAINS OUT

Love love the storyline...crazily Original n every episode is a wild ride...the leading man is Super handsome

Best Korean drama by far! Highly recommended!

Wish they're off screen real couple too, I was so deep into them and when the drama ended I couldn't separate myself from the thought it was just a film;-D

This is honestly one of my favorite k drama ever! The story line is genius and so is the acting. I personally love so ji sub and gong hye jin because of their acting and their chemistry was just so there! Not only there is romance in this drama, there is action, and comedy! I definitely recommend this drama to anyone whose looking for a good drama to watch. It might be a little scary for some people, but if you get passed that part, you wont regret it!

This is the most interesting Korean drama. The only Korean drama I watched with interest. A must watch. It should be in top5. It deserves to be on top5

This is the best drama ever! The lead actor and actress are so good, and the story line is so funny and touching :) This should seriously be number 1!

Its Different, Highly addictive! LOVED IT!

Love it superb best comedy romance, Good chemistry for both lead actor and actress. It will give you a good mood while watching it. BEST for 2013

I love this drama because there's a very versatile story line. It keeps you laughing but also a little bit scared. Also, the chemistry and the forwardness of both the main actors, Hyo Jin and Ji Sub has to be the best thing I've ever seen. It's amazing and it should definitely be watched.

Umm excuse me why is this so low it should be top 10 to be honest its one of the best Korean dramas ever in the history of the world!

I have to hide behind my pillow in some ghost scenes, the humor is just perfect to ease some scary parts... Highly recommended

In my opinion this is the best drama ever, I love their chemistry and the storyline is amazing

An AWESOME drama! A little bit scary at the beginning and hilarious all the time! Loved it

Master's Sun is one of my all-time fave kdramas. It's got humor, ghosts, romance, and a cast of awesome characters! So Ji Sub's character is the breakout hit: constantly trying to fend off the lead girl's attempts at touching him while trying to appear dignified. Then trying to get her to not like him even though he likes her. Ha! His character is such a contradiction, I love it. If anyone hasn't seen this kdrama then they need to give it a go because it is one of the best. - NerdBunny