My Love from the Star


I've watched almost every drama on the list, and My Love from Another Star is by far my favorite!

LOVED IT! One of the most loved storyline ever! I loved everything about it, the beautiful storyline, the chemistry between leads, the special effects and the acting! This drama was a total emotional rollercoaster and I mean that! I cried like a baby, could not control my emotions and could not wait until another episode! I loved it so much that I kept watching the last episode until no more tears were in me... No other drama effected me so much as this one! Honestly, it was a ride that I would never ever forget!

Worth every single seconds of my life spend watching this. I laughed so hard at all the funny scenes, I cried my heart out from all the sentimental scenes and my heart fluttered with butterflies every time they kissed. First Korean dramas that I have never pressed the forward button instead I've continue to revisit this drama every time I need a cheer up. Highly totally utterly recommend this!

The emotion is very real in this show, and it will make you laugh as well as cry... At least it did so for me. The main characters love each other so much it's touching. I love love love it and you should definitely watch it. I didn't love the ending because it was not perfect as I had hoped, but it was definitely more real and had a strong meaning. I LOVED IT

It is a whole different new idea which was absolutely brilliant!

An alien who fall in love with a human -that is just so creative - and the events which happens later it actually made me cry for two hours and made me laugh really hard at some points... it is full of emotions, let me mention that I staid awake for couple of days wanna know what will happen next laugh out loud! YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT

For me this is the best Korean series I've ever watched. this is not the typical rich guy/girl and poor guy/girl love story. This is about love, faith and destiny.

The actors is really awesome too.. the way they delivered every lines, you can feel its intensity. Ah.. not to mention this Korean series got the highest ratings ever.. :)
"He is the only one in the universe that I love. There is no one before him and there wont be anyone after him."
- one of the best lines in this drama

Will love prevail time and space? This drama proves it does and with such emotions and great acting that you left wondering about their 'life' after the show ended. I felt like I was apart of their story, laugh my head off, cried my heart out and my heart stop each time they kissed. The chemistry was one of best that you can't help but rewind their scenes together just to grasp what they have towards each others. My Love from Another Star is like medicine to my sickness, warmth to my heart and an addiction that I can't let go off.

At first I didn't like the story but I swear as the story progressed, it made me sit at the edge of my seat! I was so hooked up on it I already slept at 4 AM because I binge watched. On the episodes near and up to the end, gosh it made me cry so much! Acting was on point I think. I disliked the childish acting in some parts (when yes I know it was supposed to be that way but I really dislike the childish stomping and screaming. don't blame me for feeling that way) and how some of the characters were displayed as desperate. But I'd definitely recommend to a friend.

THE BEST DRAMA EVER! Every time I see it I get so sad because I finished it. its such a great story and you get so addicted. No drama has ever made me cry but this made me cry! The end is just not what you expect and its amazing

I just finished watching this I'm not into Korean dramas that much, but this one definitely change my outlook now I understand those people who are dying to see Korean stars now, count me in. This series made me wish that men becomes alien (if they look like kim so hyun or lee min ho) haha.. it actually made me cry..

My Love From another star is a very Multi awarded Korean Drama that I've been watched this week In GMA NETWORK Kapuso... Its interesting because the alien fall in love to a human and the human was fall in love to the alien. Steffie Cheon is a best actress among the Korean actresses she can do Comedy, Love Story, Action and more she is also a multi awarded actress she do her role very well. Matteo Do is the Alien 400 Years and 2 Months old he is a handsome person that all girls will be loved her. Matteo Do is a Genius person he also know the Law and he has a knowledge of what is that all about. He has also a Power to control the time and many many more. This Korean Drama series is best of all in this year 2014 for the first quarter and I was very thankful to the GMA NETWORK the KAPUSO that they produced this kind of Drama Series. I repeat I Consider this as the #1 Korean Drama this YEAR! THANK YOU VERY MUCH

I want to see Jun Ji Hyun and Kim So Hyun again and again be it in a movie or drama, their chemistry sizzles, their personal life doesn't matter to me cause on screen their acting so real that for a moment you will forget it's just a drama. The best ever drama for me, solid story plot, great supporting roles and above all, the main lead did blend naturally. Can't get over it when it ended, till now kept on repeating watching the episodes, so touched with the story very realistic the unconventional way. 100 points from me!

This is by far my favorite drama. I watched it when it aired and nothing has been able to beat it. I have watched over 50 dramas so I have some experience. The story is very interesting and has a mix of everything. No matter how many times I watch, I can never get tired of it. The acting of ALL the actors was superb. Even the villains played their roles well. Jun Ji-Hyun and Kim so Hyun had great chemistry and this is a drama that you will never forget.

How good this story is? In short, this is how good it is. Someone almost die from a heart attack due to how emotion this drama is and company decided to take a day off in order to watch the final episode of this show. It reach 14.5 billion views in China. This is how good this drama is.

None can defeat this! I had always thought alien movies were overrated but this really change my opinions.

Your hot alien guy KIM SO HYUN

You really grow to love the characters as the story progress.

All of them are awesome actors and actresses

I love the story. This is the only drama I've seen yet that it becomes a comedy because the actress intentionally does it and not just because the scene is hilarious. All Korean actresses play cute roles but Cheon Song Yi does hers sexy. Definitely the TOP1 on my list.

The story itself is a masterpiece. The flashing of every scene and the prologue-epilogue of every episode is really very amusing. The only drama that does that that I've seen. The end part of episode one makes you want to continue watching it 'til the end. No dull scene, and no drama-forever scene. Every drama scene has a comedy scene next to it.


I've watched almost every korean drama but this, this is hands down the best one so far. The storyline, the characters, the soundtracks, editing and all are perfect. I love this drama so much. I don't think it will be possible to get sick of this drama even after you watch it for the 10 times.

Loved the fact that it's not a school girl setting. The story was well written. Insights were given as to why the characters acted the way they did. The romance between the leads were somewhat lacking, but the plot was so engrossing that you can't help but be hooked

This show was basically the only one that I watched entirely without skipping any episodes! It was so funny and dramatic at the same time. The ending was a bit iffy though, but I would gladly watch it again for the sweet sweet romance.

This drama is so FUNNY and at the same time so deep, the actors are great, the main actress is not afraid of being who she is, she's the best role model EVER! I would watch it over and over again!

I love the unique plot of this drama. Very funny and Kim Soohyun's acting was adorable. Kinda sad with the ending though as there are questions were left in my mind. Nevertheless, watching this has been amazing!

It was The BEST Korean Drama I have ever watched. Even though I found boring in the beginning, The Last Episode did make me understand the whole story. It was a splendid twist. It showed how much u will sacrifice for the one u truly love.

Everything fits this drama just right, the storyline was well thought of and carried out. Scenes that touch people hearts. And of course scenes that make the viewers laugh to their heart content. Kim so-Hyun and Jeon Ji-Hyun fits perfectly in their roles, they had good chemistry.

The acting of Kim so-Hyun was shown more than ever than the other series he ever acted in, believe me I watched 'Moon Embracing The Sun', 'The Producers', 'The Thieves' but this drama stands out the most, it even stands out from other dramas I ever watched. BEST K-DRAMA OF ALL TIME

The story of this drama is so unique and it is also one of the best. The actor is so good and so cute. The actress is pretty too. I love the story and it is highly recommended for people who haven't seen it yet! You guys will regret not watching this drama.

I watched it over and over again and never bored single of episodes... No need to mention about outstanding performances of leading actors but even supporting casts did their job perfectly.. Script's also well written. Funny and so lovable T.V. series so far. Love it