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181 Birth Secret
182 I Need Romance 3

The main lead, Sung Jun, was very good in this drama, although the other actors did not seem to be a perfect fit for their characters. (Sorry.) One of the things that I love best about this drama is the music! I bought the entire OST and I am loving it. I play it all the time. Now if they would just make the piano and guitar sheet music available, I would be very happy!

Very cute drama. If nothing else, watch for Sung Joon. The plot is good and it's definitely a fun watch.

One of the best dramas I have ever watched you wont waste your time

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183 Glory Jane V 2 Comments
184 Temptation of Wife

Love this! A woman empowerment and karma to cruel and unjust treatment of her husband, bestfriend and his family.

185 Pink Lipstick

Definitely a MUST see. The scandal is REAL... But the revenge is sweet :) 149 30-35min episodes that will make you gasp, cry, laugh, love, hate, pity, and forgive... Usually all within the same episode!

186 The Suspicious Housekeeper

A bit creepy, but good storyline

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187 Who Are You

Its fantastic drama interesting

Amazing drama.. Love it

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188 Stars Falling From the Sky V 1 Comment
189 The Blade and Petal

Very beautiful and amazing

190 Prince Hours

" I love the actors and actresses of this drama like park shin hye"

191 You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin

I enjoyed every bit of this drama

Love this show. Watched the show many times. So much chemistry between Lee Soon shin and CEO. I wish they show Lee Soon shin married to CEO at the end.

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192 Ma Boy

Such a cute drama it's really short only 3 episodes but it was really good and interesting you should see it

This is a satisfying 3 episode drama that you cannot miss. Everything that you need to watch is here if you are looking for a highschool romcom gender-bender drama. This is easy going and it will make you laugh

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193 Vampire Prosecutor

Slow burn but once it gets going it won't pull any punches.

A very thriller drama, so watch it!

194 Miss Korea

I love the actors and actresses of this drama

So funny and great drama ever

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195 My Fair Lady

Another title for this drama is TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE YOUNG LADY. The actors are the best. It's in my top 10 favorites.

I love the lead actor. it seems agasshi and the butler has real connection... I like this drama series; worth watching!

I loved the chemistry between the Yoons! I have re-watched this series at least 5 times now! Loved it!

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196 My Daughter Seo Young V 4 Comments
197 Let's Go to the Beach

It was great. Love LEE WAN. Love LEE WAN and LEE CHUNG AH onscreen. Totally love this drama

198 Thank You

I can't believe this drama isn't in the list. It is the most heart warming drama I've ever watched. Jang hyuk really did a great job portraying his character and it has a lot of moral value. I just love it.

Perfect plot+perfect & really best songs in it...

Great storyline, awesome casts, great Music, peaceful island as a film spot. can't find a melodrama more realistic n more romantic than this one. A Must watch Drama!

199 No Tears For The Dead
200 Time Between Dog and Wolf

If you like action and romance, this is definitely a beautiful story!

I've watched this, one of my all time favorite as well

It's my best story ever its for pepol who love action and unpredctabal stories

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