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181 Passionate Love

Amazing story. Love the jealousy. This drama has seohyun!

One of the best movie I watch ever

182 High Society

Although the story line may seem quite cliche and predictable, you can't help but be drawn into the emotions of the characters. I found myself jumping from one feeling to the next with every passing minute. Because there was two main females and two main males, the story played around with my heart and changing who I wanted to be together with who in the end. The end... It was possibly the most satisfying ending to a drama I have ever watched! It was wrapped up nicely, though a few strings were still left hanging, the bulk of the plot was tied into a pretty little bow that I could admire. I definitely think this is an underrated show this year, and deserves more attention! (Having Park Hyung-sick as one of the lead roles always helps too...)

I love the characters in the movie as well as the story line.

I liked the story of the second lead couple the best

A great modern day love story with a happy ending.

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183 Beloved Eun-dong

This must not be very well known, because it's at or near the top of pure romance dramas, along with Love Rain. It's the story of a man who spends 20 years searching for his first love, finding her, losing her, and finding her again. It was the first k-drama I saw, and 100 dramas later, still one of my very favorites. Totally worth watching.

A beautiful drama I watched it in a day and a half I feel in love with the lead actors and felt there emotions

184 Spring Waltz

I had to see this soap over and over again.

One of the best ever kdramas for me! I replay the scenes again and again...the story stays with you for life and the soundtracks are sobeautiful! I cried too much and loved so hard on this one!

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185 Hwarang
186 Sweet 18

Its good love story of sweet 18 year girl and 28 year man. it contain bitterness, comedy, all emotion...must watch

187 You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin

I enjoyed every bit of this drama

Love this show. Watched the show many times. So much chemistry between Lee Soon shin and CEO. I wish they show Lee Soon shin married to CEO at the end.

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188 Miss Korea

I love the actors and actresses of this drama

So funny and great drama ever

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189 Time Between Dog and Wolf

If you like action and romance, this is definitely a beautiful story!

I've watched this, one of my all time favorite as well

It's my best story ever its for pepol who love action and unpredctabal stories

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190 Mask

You'll be in love with those luxurious mansion, rullling a corporation. Show you that rich people not always happy, use your mask in life...

One of the best melodramas ever...curiosity makes u watch it till the end

This Drama is myterious and thriller really nice must watch

This drama is unbelieveable... The chemistry between the two main leads is just too cute.
Ji-Sook (so-Ae) goes through a difficult period, due to her father's private loan. She begins living as Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha is from a wealthy family and looks like Ji-Sook.

When Min-Woo (Ju Ji-Hoon) was only 7 years old, he became the successor of a large corporation which his family ran. Due to his position, he cannot reveal his feelings. Through his family, he meets Eun-Ha. He notices she is different from other wealthy woman that he has met. Min-Woo has feelings for her.

191 I Remember You

My best drama of 2015 along with oh my ghost, people this should be number one drama, if you watched it you'll get smarter, you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll think there is no way this could end in a good way.. But it did every single character is happy in the end, oh my god my favorite ever ever ever and I watched 100 of kdramas

Loved it. I usually only watch rom coms or action ones that have romance in it (healer, city hunter). This one is not a rom com, mostly it's a suspense thriller, but loved the story, the characters and the relationships. If you need a new drama to watch, watch this one!

I was hooked till the very last how I wish it never ended


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192 Sassy Go Go

Such a good time while watching it, one of the best drama I ever saw, school & teenagers, if you love Dream High or The Heirs you will love this one!

Best kdrama ever!

best drama

Has eunji from apink. love triangle.

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193 Modern Farmer

Such a funny one... The young actors were shining with their successful acting but another applaud goes to Lee Ha Nui

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194 All About My Mom

Realistic story of a family and their daily struggle

Eugene looks awesome here

It is a real pain to watch sometimes, especially towards the ending. I've cried. I can say we can all relate to this family. cause I'm sure I can!

195 Loving You a Thousand Times
196 The King of Dramas V 2 Comments
197 The Suspicious Housekeeper

A bit creepy, but good storyline

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198 Stars Falling From the Sky V 1 Comment
199 Prince Hours

" I love the actors and actresses of this drama like park shin hye"

200 The Virtual Bride V 1 Comment
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