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241 Wang's Family
242 The Accidental Couple

One of the best drama ever. It tells the story of how an ordinary man was unintentionally asked by the top Korean actress to hide her illicit relationship with the son of a politician where they eventually fall in love. Love Kim Ah Joong (200 pounds beauty) as the main lead. After the first episode, it just hooked you on making you can't stop watching.

243 Marry Him If You Dare

Haha I love actress like eun yoon hye

I really enjoyed this drama. it didn't get as much notice as others but it was quite good. you didn't know which male lead to root for to win the female lead. give it a try.

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244 Bachelor's Vegetable Store
245 Oh! My Lady

Its really good story, in starting even I was hasitateting to watch but after I watched 2 episodes I got hooked with this drama its great is pleasant to watch and its beautiful give it a try u might like it...'-'

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246 Scandal
247 The Queen's Classroom

Story about students and their teacher. You can learn a lot from this drama. Good drama. - ggrmarielou

248 Ghost

If you are in to nail bitters this is it.

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249 Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
250 Diane V 1 Comment
251 The Snow Queen

Absolutely love the cast and story!

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252 Bad Family

Totally hilarious and a must watch if you liked 'My lovely Kim Sam Soon' ^^!

253 Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

If you liked 'My Girl', you will like this sassy and feelgood drama!

254 Surgeon Bong Dal-hee

Great medical series and funny enough very accurate. Love the emotions and chemistry between the actors!

255 King Gwanggaeto

Oh my GOD! This series is so so so good. Even though its just a drama, Lee Tae Gon as King Gwanggaeto is my role model. He is the best Kng EVER in any drama. It's a very wonderful series. How can people not watch it?!

256 Her Legend

This is one of the best k dramas I haven watched so far, its funny and full of life. I love it

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257 Nine

Haha laugh out loud!

258 After School Bokbulbok

Seo Kang Joon and Kim So Eun are perfect. Eventhough there are not many episodes and the episodes are quite short it is such a cute story. And also funny.

259 Cain and Abel

I really like this drama, the way it is, it is different from others

Beautiful story and actors love to watch

One of the best dramas. Totally love it

260 Iljimae

Just love the characters and the plot is excellent! This drama should be ranked higher.

One of the best historical drama great story and actors

This is one the best historical dramas I have ever seen. It deserves to be higher on the list!

Best action skill of lead and great story

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