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241 Dong Yi

Best korean drama I ever watched.

The of the dong yi character

This was great, and if you liked DOng YI Yi San is a must see, same writers and a really great series

This kdrama is the reason why I started loving Korean Drama

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242 All About My Romance

Good story, great acting and full comedy

243 Empress Ki

The best historical romance drama in the world!

Why this not more popular? It has everything you could want in a drama! Sexy female lead, a bunch of sexy male leads, backstabbing, plotting, crying (so much crying), death, sword play (both kinds *wink*), Taltal (which no other K drama has lol), great character dynamics, more backstabbing and deception, CROSS DRESSING, babies, more death, VENGEANCE, cries, poker faces while they plot your death, tactics, war, horsies, that one creepy guy who wants female lead but can't have her so will settle for KILLING HER to have her life because he cannot have her heart (no spoilers there, promise), no less than FOUR love interest, and I can't even list anything.

I just love the two-faced inner court plotting of this show. I also love the first pre-palace arc where Sung Nyang is a bow wielding badass (but then she becomes a master poker face-wielding badass in the palace too so that's also awesome). I just can't describe how great this show is. Just go watch it now.

This is a very spectacular drama, with a lot of great and creative politic ways. Very great past, and love the romance hiding within all of them. All that I do not like is the ending where the Emperor dies within the last five minutes of the whole series after fifty episodes.

I have watched a lot of K drama but this is far the most heart wreaking story for me...which made me engrossed on Korean culture and history.

Love stories that is true enough in real wouldn't expect that an Emperor would fall helplessly in love with only one woman knowing he is being surrounded by other women.

It took me a month to take off the hangover from this drama...that I have watched other dramas that would take my mind of this drama...but none was able to surpass it...

I hope they make a reincarnation of them like a new chapter of empress ki and ta hwa...pleaseee
their chemistry is timeless...

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244 Two Weeks

Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor I have pretty much watched all his dramas/movies and I like them all.
His fighting skills are the best and I really really like his expressions he can make so many different ones. I like his smile

One of the best drama I seen! I love it!

The best drama ever! Became a big fan of Lee Jun Ki :D

Tru it's the best. Best conspiracy

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245 May Queen

Love this one! It's the usual poor girl who's talented and in the end rewarded for all the things she's been through. I especially love this 'because the lead actress' character has maintained a pure heart despite all the adversities and disappointments she had to endure. In the end, GOOD triumphed over EVIL.

Love of a poor girl with family tragics! She never give up and try her best on everything.

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246 Love Cheer

An inspirational story of love, hate, scandal, and one woman's quest for happiness and the reestablishment of her life after her husband of 4 years resorts to divorce fraud after being threatened by his pregnant mistress's thug brother.

247 Protect the Boss

What an amazing and hilarious drama, you will laugh lots!

248 Dream High 2

In my opinion, Jiyeon of T-ara impressed me with her acting.. Hope to see her acting skills more in the future.

It isn't as bad as Dream High 1 fans make it say. (well, I'm a total Dream High 1 fan too.. but I still loved this)

The ending could be predicted but the music and the story line was great. The actors were also great at singing (well.. they're singers to begin with... ) and dancing, and acting. I will always love Dream High a little bit more, but still this was impressive. Normally sequels with a different cast are horrible, but this wasn't bad at all. I loved how they included cameos from the cast of season 1...
And if I had to describe the drama in one word, it'll be
"G-Minor! "

Dream high 2 it was nice jj cross especialy...not impressive as dream high expectations rose a lot so

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249 Dating Agency: Cyrano
250 Nail Shop Paris

So good this drama stars the lead actor in surplus princess his so hott! This drama is very short but worth watching, the title isn't very interesting but the drama is

251 Three Brothers
252 Cinderella Man
253 Green Rose V 1 Comment
254 Flower Boy Ramen Shop

I love this drama 2 one my favorite ones

A good drama

so funny

Love the Drama 👍

255 Prosecutor Princess

I never thought the main actress can be so stubborn n funny at the same time... If u want lighthearted and comedic drama this is the one

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256 The Last Scandal of My Life

Whenever I check for top kdramas, I never see this drama, but bec. I love the actor I actually watched it... I didn't know that this is so good until I've watched it... This is one of the best romantic comedy... you better see this one...

257 Wang's Family
258 The Accidental Couple

One of the best drama ever. It tells the story of how an ordinary man was unintentionally asked by the top Korean actress to hide her illicit relationship with the son of a politician where they eventually fall in love. Love Kim Ah Joong (200 pounds beauty) as the main lead. After the first episode, it just hooked you on making you can't stop watching.

259 Marry Him If You Dare

Haha I love actress like eun yoon hye

I really enjoyed this drama. it didn't get as much notice as others but it was quite good. you didn't know which male lead to root for to win the female lead. give it a try.

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260 Bachelor's Vegetable Store
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