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261 Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

If you liked 'My Girl', you will like this sassy and feelgood drama!

262 Surgeon Bong Dal-hee

Great medical series and funny enough very accurate. Love the emotions and chemistry between the actors!

263 King Gwanggaeto

Oh my GOD! This series is so so so good. Even though its just a drama, Lee Tae Gon as King Gwanggaeto is my role model. He is the best Kng EVER in any drama. It's a very wonderful series. How can people not watch it?!

264 Her Legend

This is one of the best k dramas I haven watched so far, its funny and full of life. I love it

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265 Nine

Haha laugh out loud!

266 After School Bokbulbok

Seo Kang Joon and Kim So Eun are perfect. Eventhough there are not many episodes and the episodes are quite short it is such a cute story. And also funny.

267 Cain and Abel

I really like this drama, the way it is, it is different from others

Beautiful story and actors love to watch

One of the best dramas. Totally love it

268 Iljimae

Just love the characters and the plot is excellent! This drama should be ranked higher.

One of the best historical drama great story and actors

This is one the best historical dramas I have ever seen. It deserves to be higher on the list!

Best action skill of lead and great story

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269 Color of Woman

True love can stay more than 10 years. Much love watching this. It is also very funny indeed. Must watch! Like really

270 The Vineyard Man

Very romantic and funny great actors love it

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271 All In

Very good actors best action romantic drama

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272 Let's Eat
273 My Lovely Girl

A really good drama, Rain and Krystal's chemistry are great. I really recommend this drama.

I will watch anything that Rain is in.

Really romantic drama theost are really sensitive and their acting are reqlly good! (f.Y. I:the dog in the drama dies you'll cry a lot :-((

274 The Three Musketeers

Jung Yong Hwa love it it's his best performance as an actor.

I love this drama very much

275 East of Eden

Great casts and will end up crying at almost every don't get depressed but you will be deeply involved with what the characters feel in each scene.great getaway for those who seek for drama full of action and family values

I love it. Watched it more than one time.

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276 Secret Love

This drama is AMAZING! Wonderful plot, superb acting, tons of twists and lessons to be learned. There is nothing to not love about this kdrama. Everything is 100% well done, with perfection that makes you think about life, love and survival. A MUST WATCH DRAMA for sure!

A painful love which is started by revenge. It was very attractive because of its story. I cried through most of it. I suggest you watching it.

277 Painter of the Wind

One of the first and only big time Korean dramas that happens to have a lesbian relationship... Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young.

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278 The Innocent Man

It is my best kdrama. I'm watching it the sixth time, still love it. aa... And the OST.. Amazing

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279 Warm and Cozy

Great drama and I'm from India I'm big fan of him

One of the best drama of the year, shows the beauty of jeju island.

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280 Dr. Jin

Combines all my favourite things: Time travel, historical drama, medical drama, romance, and Song Seung Hun! (Oh, and Jaejoong. Can't forget his wonderfulness either)

It was so cool. I watched it because of the main actress park min young

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