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301 Gunman in Joseon

Superb fighting scene from Lee Joon Ki ; He set the bar high for fight scene... Other actors simply cannot match up with his style

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302 Operation Proposal

First drama I ever watched and started me on all the dramas that I now love. it's a great love story. the male lead tries to fix all the mistakes he made with the girl he loves but never told her.

The best I've ever seen! You'll gonna be hooked up especially with the lead actor! Gosh! He's so handsome!

Good happy to see him married


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304 Dream High 2

In my opinion, Jiyeon of T-ara impressed me with her acting.. Hope to see her acting skills more in the future.

It isn't as bad as Dream High 1 fans make it say. (well, I'm a total Dream High 1 fan too.. but I still loved this)

The ending could be predicted but the music and the story line was great. The actors were also great at singing (well.. they're singers to begin with... ) and dancing, and acting. I will always love Dream High a little bit more, but still this was impressive. Normally sequels with a different cast are horrible, but this wasn't bad at all. I loved how they included cameos from the cast of season 1...
And if I had to describe the drama in one word, it'll be
"G-Minor! "

Dream high 2 it was nice jj cross especialy...not impressive as dream high expectations rose a lot so

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305 Surplus Princess

Funny, can't stop laughing when I watched it.

Not bad, but I was so disappointed with the ending!

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306 Personal Taste

I loved Lee Min Ho in this series. The story and humour makes this series interesting to watch.

Is it just me or this drama is just spot on. I tend to like dramas when the main female is not too pretty, not too perfect. If you have the same taste then go for it, pretty sure you'll love it

I love it, it's verry wonderful and funny and has a very beautifull songs songs

Best drama for me.

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