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301 Splendid Politics

I love historical dramas... After A Jewel in the Palace and The Horse Doctor, I never thought there would be such a wonderful historical drama coming.

Choice of the actors and actresses are perfect like their acting! The story is great!

302 Goddess of Fire

A gem in terms of historical drama... Perfect acting! Amazing story...

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303 Ice Adonis

This So far is my Favorite drama! It's 108 episodes but every single episodes keeps you on your toes!

304 I Do, I Do V 1 Comment
305 Soulmate
306 Sandglass
307 Two Outs in the Ninth Inning
308 Descendants of the Sun

This drama gets everything right. The writing, the acting, the cinematography (it's stunning), and the plot. I love how not only is the main lead couple fascinating, but the drama doesn't neglect its supporting cast either. Each has their own story they is just as deep as the leads - especially the main supporting actor and actress. The supporting couple is so compelling that they could've been their own drama.

It has the perfect balance of romance, however a very interesting plot. Love the lead actors, the couple's both beautiful and has great senses of humor. Additionally, the lead female's tough which makes this love story even more exciting! The music, setting, plot, actors are all superb, a must watch drama. Once again, love the main actor.

I can't even explain how much I love this drama. Not only has it broken the 30% viewership mark faster than My Love From Another Star, it 100% deserves it. As Song Joong Ki's comeback drama from the military, he has completely reminded us that he is one of the top actors. When I saw the actual scenes in the drama that were previewed in the trailer, I still felt the impact of some of the lines due to his amazing acting. Song Hye Kyo also does an amazing job as well and the two of them together is magic!

I'm surprised why it is not in the top ten?!

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309 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I love the cast and I get carried away with every scene. I have a really wonderful feeling when I see the 4th and the 8th prince. Baekhyun makes me laugh too. It pisses me off when people are criticizing IU and Baekhyun's acting. I'm not their fan or anything but I think just because they started as singers doesn't mean they don't have the potential to act. As a normal person enjoying my free time to watch I don't really see anything off with their acting as I understand what's going on. I mean why make stupid comments that are not even necessary at all. I hate it when people go and criticize the actors, like why don't you start appreciating the talent, you can't do what they can so shut up. No one asked you to watch it and surely IU and Baekhyun don't need your comments especially when you're just a hideous landwhale living in a basement. If you can't take it, go off. - rektm8

Awesome chemistry between actors and great story line. My first historical Korean drama and I do not regret it! Actors and actresses are all great and there is tension, rivalry, facts, culture, romance, comedy and heart-breaking moments! I genuinely cried several times! I still can't decide who the lead should have ended up with but the roller-coaster of emotions is worth it for this amazing drama!

This one is turning into my overall favorite Korean drama, had me from the start. Beautiful scenery, well acted. My emotions are all over the place with this one. I really like the way the lead female character comes across. I didn't think she was going to be so good but she really pulled it off. The male lead, the 4th prince is such a great actor. I can't get enough of this drama! I will be sad to see it end.

Just perfect!

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310 W

This is the drama you really need to watch. Unlike the other dramas, it's unique plot, undeniably sweet chemistry, interesting scenes and many plot twists and turns. Who could imagine such drama like this? To the writer of this drama, salute!

Yah! Top 49? This drama is one of the most popular and has many hits and high ratings. How can this be possibly top 49? This should be at least in the top 5. But I honestly love this story from moon and back. I just love it to the point where I can't stop re-watching.

Like many other Korean dramas, the first half (8 episodes) is more intriguing than the next half. Since I lived in the 80's, this series reminds me of A-ha's MTV for "Take on Me". Comic character comes to life and crosses to our world. As a comic book fan myself, it was easy to be hooked to the story. If I had not been more grounded to reality, I would probably believe in another parallel universe. But as it is, I just loved how the writers propounded the a funny and sweet way. Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo Joo were perfect for their roles. Great cast, memorable music and a story which dares to ask if it is possible? It's a must-watch for K-drama fans!

Best of the best dramas I've ever watched...It should be in top 5.

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311 Uncontrollably Fond
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