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21 Prime Minister and I

I love this really.. the prime minister's children are so cute.. and I love snsd yoona

This brings a new light to politics and brings you great laughs. Aside from that, the idea of a not-so-good-father but a very good politician is strikingly unique and the fact that he tries so hard to bring them all together is so warm. Yoona's character, Nam Dae Jeung, is so loving and caring that reflects a true beauty.

Yoona is a beautiful person and a great actress, loved than it was unpredictable


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22 It's Okay, That's Love

It's Okay, That's Love is one of the best Korean Dramas I've ever watched. The characters felt so real and human compared to other romance dramas. I love how it breaks away from the stereotypical romance where there's two guys fighting for one girl and the girl who can't make her mind up. Amazing acting from the lead cast! The chemistry between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin feels realistic. I also love how the kisses are so casual and passionate. Not like other dramas were kiss scenes where the guy is kissing the girl and the girl looks like she's been frozen to stay in that way. Like girl, kiss back at least. This drama is perfect! Other dramas only have high ranking because of young actors like Kim so Hyun, Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, etc. Not hating them though. It's Okay, That's Love is perfect for anyone looking for an interesting, passionate, and REALISTIC drama.

It's okay, that's love is a show that has to be watched. No matter what kind of Dramas you like this will get to you and it will make you feel emotions that you haven't felt. With a stellar cast of Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In Sung and Do Kyung so, I think it's a drama that'll leave you with memories for a life time. It's got amazing acting, a wonderful plot and an amazing ability to make you smile, laugh and cry. Definitely watch-worthy. It's perfect. There's no countering that.

It's Okay, That's Love is the 14th drama I've watched and I must say that this is the most underrated show! This is my absolute favourite drama and I'm quite sad that this isn't publically listed as number one. Although, it will be held at the top on my list. The chemistry is perfection and their love is believable. I had goosebumps while being sucked into the show which doesn't happen very often. Additionally, I'm usually disinterested in side stories but I loved all of the characters. Such an amazing team being the: cast, director, writers, etc..

Great drama

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23 Blood

I don't usually like Vampires, but when I do, they are Korean

I like this drama and the actors I cried at the ending and I also loved the robot...

I watched it all the way through! Loved the character personalities and appearances. Of course the plot is good, as well.

I love this drama a lot

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24 Dream High

Dream High contains comedy, romance, and a lot of beautifully presented songs and dance shows and it's also very meaningful.

I think it is one of the best korean drama ever made.

This drama is so inspiring! The OST is amazing and so are the actors/actresses. This made me so jealous of everyone's talent. IU, Suzy, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and JYP are so talented in music, and Kim so Hyun is an amazing actor and all-around talented!

It is just perfect. so funny and inspiring and amazing.

Nice drama

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25 Oh My Venus

Very cute & entertaining. Made me laugh & want to exercise. The main actor & actress were believable with their acting. Both are good-looking, so it was a pleasure to watch, the lead actor is so manly & his eyes are kind, you can't help but be drawn to him, wishing he is your boyfriend whereas the lead actress is adorable with those dimples. Don't miss this, it is a delight!

LOVED this show. I am quite sarcastic so the sarcastic humor was awesome to me...and the romance/storyline was awesome too.

Awesome and romantic with cute expression

Very addicting and entertaining! I even watched it 3 consecutive times! Made me want to exercise haha. And So Ji Sub was so charming as well as Shin Min Ah. The acting was so good and their chemistry too!

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26 To the Beautiful You

They were both active in this drama... And this is the very best drama id ever seen among the other korean drama's...

My favorite drama. I really loved the plot although a girl probably couldn't pretend to be a guy for very long in real life, it was still an amazing drama and I couldn't stop watching it!

Its very nice and beautiful love story... By this we can learn how to achieve a goal... Even the hero and heroin are well so much good in the story we can inspired by the hero what he did for achieving a target
Without the heroin it is not possible for the hero to win and even the hero is fabulous... His smile is so nice that any girl can flat... It's the best serial I ever watched in my life... An it gave me so much inspiration that how to achieve a target...and I am in that work itself...and it is also so emotional at the last... And even from this we can know the value of friendship... If even he loved her he never even hurt ed her even she said NO... And from this serial we can also know the value of our moms love... And relationship between a family even it is hard to explain... And even the sentences which can inspire us are for example " MIRACLE IS ANOTHER NAME FOR HARD WORK "... Ok guys see it and enjoy it and love it and vote it...

This was my very first k-drama and I think it was a perfect start. Got me hooked right away. Could not stop squealing >///<

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27 Moon Embracing the Sun

This drama should be easily ranked among the top 3 on this list! I truly don't understand how it could be listed lower than that when both the story AND acting of both the younger and older versions of the characters is SUPERB! The events are so UNpredictable. Unlike anything on T.V. I've seen. Even my husband who hates subtitles was hooked as I watched it a second time (and before this show I have NEVER watched anything more than once). I will definitely watch this one again in the future because it's just that entertaining! This show is filled with action, mystery, suspense and the best romance ever. If you have a T.V. bucket list this one should be among the top 3 for sure!

Its an addicting drama

If you watched my love from another star, then you better watch this drama... It will make you agree that KIM so HYUN is a really good actor... You will even try to watch his other dramas/movies because his acting is so addictive...

The best K drama ever, so interesting so amazing, kim so hyun you are the best...han ga-in such a pretty face. Congatulations job well done...

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28 Marriage Not Dating

This has the greatest chemistry of all Korean dramas. The romantic scenes were steaming hot.

Honestly I watch this three times already, and I think I'll watch it again! I enjoyed watching it so much, it's hilarious! Two thumbs up.

I have watched this drama for the umpteenth times and I still laugh. love the chemistry.

Best Korean Drama I've ever watched. Every episode is worth it, entertaining. If you decide to watch this, you'll be in for something great. Good drama, awesome ending.

Other good ones are:
Personal Taste
Fools Love
Discovery Of Romance

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29 Kill Me, Heal Me

It's an amazing drama with so much ups and downs. Couple is really cute. A good drama that describe genre of comedy, romance and mystery

It makes you laugh cry and smile uncontrollably. The relationship between the leads is absolutely beautiful and the actor and actress act them out perfectly. Ji Sung clearly shows his A plus acting as he portrays Do Hyun and his many personalities. Plot is attention grabbing and original - not just your average love story. Highly highly recommend, you will not regret watching it.

Beautiful drama filled with rich emotions, brilliant acting and great storyline.

This is the first drama that I watched. I loved how good are the actors: he can change 7 roles just with his eyes..i knew who was who looking at his eyes and she that at the second part of the story changes her attitude a little. This drama really deserve to be watched cause the message is truly strong. I love the fact that tbose kind of topics are the main point of the drama.

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30 Doctor Stranger

This drama is so good! It's funny, sad and everything else all at the same time! It's a must watch

One of the best, unique storyline. Great chemistry between the leads. You wont regret watching it.

It is such an elegant drama. I just love it. I really love the character of Dr Park Hoon. Lee Jong Suk has done a great job.

Its amazingg js is super

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31 Who Are You: School 2015

Must Watch

A beautiful drama stressing on the impacts of bullying and revolves around the topics of sisterhood, long lost siblings, romance, love triangle, karma etc. The drama is about twin orphans who were separated the day the other was taken into care. Both lived their lives differently, one acknowledging and caring for the other twin, and the other oblivious of the existence and well being of her. Both have very different personalities where by one could be a penitential bully and the other who is getting brutally bullied. Fate intertwines and their lives have to be switched. She lives in Seoul pretending to be her sister, only to later find out that the new transfer student was the girl who bullied her from before.

Frankly speaking it's a drama about bullies, about people deserving what they get, two long lost siblings finally meeting each other, one living the life of the other, love triangles and romance.

- Ash0715

This drama was amazing! Not only was the music and acting great but it truly showed the current struggles that teenagers experience at school. School 2015 accurately the rivalry between one peer to another, the pressure and stress from passing exams and tests, and of course bullying. This drama is definitely worth the watch!

Truly incredible drama, great chemistry, killer ost. For me what's most important in any drama is that it provokes a react out of you, with this drama it never fails to give me butterflies and make me think about the issues it gets across.

It's one of the best drama I have ever watched
Gong Tae kwang lv u

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32 Angel Eyes

Heart warming love story, the two leads has undeniable chemistry. This one is going to be one of my all times Korean drama list.

Great story & great acting. The main actor is attractive as well as the actress. What bugged me was the heroine running away, I hated that. I felt so sad for the hero as he cried for quite a bit. Hence, I rate this 3 out of 5 stars.

Love love love it! Great acting, I cried at so many scenes... Great sound tracks

So friking adorable and sweet

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33 Gu Family Book

Suzy was awesome and my hero choi jin words left he is amazing although his role is father.He is an amazing actor.

Best Korean drama ever! The chemistry between Lee Seunggi and Suzy really impressive! Romance, action, comedy, family's love all in one!

The best of all and you know what made her the best than any other drama is that sad ending that showed the love that was between kc and yw

If you can handle super sad, tragic stuff, I definitely recommend this drama. I describe it this way because I've only seen the beginning (which was super sad, and seemed tragic). Dunno if the rest of the drama is like this.

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34 A Gentleman's Dignity

It is really the best K-Drama ever! Unlike other K-Drama, this drama seriously give full attention to romance. If we just overlook the age factor then you WILL surely ENJOY it much! It really should have been in the top ten list!

It simply a great drama. The characters are great. it puts forth love stories of mature people their concerns and reasons. The flashback in the beginning of each episode was a brilliant add on. Love this drama. !

This drama deserves a higher rating. The concept of having middle aged characters dealing with their relationships was the funniest thing ever. Whilst being old they act immature and the scene where her dress is falling apart and the guy picks up the string made me fall of my chair laughing.

Really enjoyed this drama, real life situations, couples working through problems, made me laugh and cry, especially loved the ending!

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35 Faith

Amazing love story... And Lee Min Ho!

Romantic, funny, exciting. Great love story. My favorite drama. Love the symbolism of the melting ice. All the characters were fun to watch, even the bad guys. Epic ending. This drama is for all the hopeless romantics. I was hooked on Lee Minh Ho after this.

The best drama I ever watched... The love between leads touches all the hearts and the songs are really amazing... The feelings are well transformed through the songs... It's the best romantic historical exciting drama I ever watched... Thumbs up!

It was awesome! And there were a ton of thrilling situations! AND there was some good romance! And an ending that I was okay with. It has to do with time traveling a couple times between the future and the past. And the main character is totes bad ass in the end of the drama. Loved it!

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36 Missing You (I Miss You)

I think this one deserves to be at least part of top 10.. It made me cry an ocean.. Like seriously..

Amazing drama with amazing actors and actresses. all the songs on the soundtrack are so beautiful... and I might be micky yoochun biased but BEST DRAMA EVER.

I love this story. Time passed but love is endless... Han Jung Woo and Lee so Yeon

I like it

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37 That Winter, The Wind Blows

Very good acting by the lead characters, especially the female lead. She is also very pretty. There is very good chemistry between the lead characters. Even the supporting cast, even the cameo roles, acted very well. The story is unusual, yet it was well presented and heart-rending. I'm surprised it's not in the top ten in terms of acting.

Amazing concept and beautifully shoot. The chemistry is great and it is the best melodramas I have ever seen with the most heart moving soundtrack.

A very good story played by some amazing actors, its just fantastic especially with kim bum in it, love it love it love it

I just live Jo In Sung

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38 Princess Hours

Awesome drama...I would like to recommend this to every korean drama watcher...seriously, definitely worth watching

IT is so good because even though its an arranged marriage but still they make it up.

Best korean drama ever. I've watched it 10 times already and never get tired of it.

BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER, the characters makes you fall in love with them, great plot, LOVED IT.

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39 Jewel In The Palace

This is the best Korean drama I ever seen. It, s love story is superb too and han-hyo-joo is acting as the dong yi. I can't believe I watched this historical Korean drama about 4 times.

I was always nagged by my parents to watch it, because they say it was lesson full, ( but I am not the kind of person who loves learning) so when I got tired of listening to them complain I watched it myself, I thought it was going to be boring but it didn't even take me 2 episodes to be fully engaged ( my eyes were literally glued to the screen ) its got very creative plots ( what you think is going to happen next doesn't happen ) it was so interesting too. I really love it.

This drama will teach you a lot of lessons and has a lot of character development that will sway your heart for the main character! You will regret not watching this because unlike other drama's which focuses mainly on the love story of the main characters, it also gives importance to the other characters making it more rich and colorful. This drama is a classic that is a must watch! Warning though, it will also make you cry.

Just the best of kdrama if you are an addict. People just don't wanna try more than medium length ones and that's why the unworhtly ones take the higher positions on the list. Its actually way much better to keep up with the high rated longer ones instead of wasting on the medium rated medium length ones, I really mean it.

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40 Secret

One of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen! Superb acting! Stunning plot and many lessons to be learned too. Emotional rollercoaster! The drama is so perfect I am sure to watch and cry numerous times. I love the acting - it was done with perfection and the love was transparent through the screen. I would never ever forget this drama!

Love love love the main actor

One of my favorite melodramas. Very addicting.

Heartbreaking but also a must watch!

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