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61 Stairway to Heaven

Not going to be a spoiler, but we all know how melodrama ends.
This is such a good, heartwarming and also sad drama to watch. With all the good soundtrack added on the drama, you'll definitely cry for sure

First Korean Drama I ever watched, I was only 8 at the time and cried during every episode. great drama, great acting, and great sound track, this drama will always have a special place in my heart

I didn't think I'd ever like a drama from the early decades, but this one is an exception. Although the ending was, for me, unexpected, but it suites the theme of the drama.

This was my introduction to kdramas and I never cried so hard watching anything ever...if you can handle the tears though, it's one of the most beautiful love stories ever told

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62 Shut Up Flower Boy Band

All the guys are hot!

This is one of my favorites... And I say this because I cried for 30 minutes straight. It's that good. It's emotional and very music-driven. Makes you wanna cry because these boys really get away from their terrible lives through the music that they play.

This drama is my absolute favourite. The story is good and the drama moves at a fast pace. No conflicts are dragged on forever. I loved this drama partially because of how realistic the conflicts and characters R. It also helps that all of the actors are attractive and the music is amazing.

I've tried to watch numerous kdramas but this is the only one I've been able to make it through and actually thoroughly enjoy

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63 Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

This was an amazing drama! The storyline was top tier, and the acting and CGI were perfect compared to any other drama I've ever watched! It's humor, plot twists and character development makes this drama deserve first place.

This is truly a great drama.. Gong Yoo is way too charming and his performance in every scene is well executed. Be it the much quirky, be it the sad part or be it the romantic side, he had done an amazing job. The amazing chemistry between the goblin and grim reaper is the highlight of this drama. The best are "Cheesy goblin scene" and the "walking back from market". No no, I would say love each and every scene in this drama.

Amazing actors, original storyline, and beautiful music. Couldn't ask for more. This drama was an emotional roller coaster. Your heart will flutter and fall in love with all the character and its development. " All the days (episodes) were good."

Simply a masterpiece.

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64 Lie to Me

I absolutely love it... love the storyline and actors... I could feel each and every moment along with the lead pair

Another great drama for me! Watched it twice! Funny, lovely, romantic, and pleaser for all the crowds! We need more dramas like that one for sure! Loved every bit of it. After each episode I wanted more and more. Watch it!



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65 Good Doctor

Best motivation Korean drama, full of life lesson, this is the most different Korean drama that I have watched, since the main actor here is handicap who is super genius but in the same time have a feeling to love the girl,
It thought about how we have to be in this world, as part of human being,

Joo Won is just the best with his acting skills. He is very diverse and can make you forget that he is an actor. Most viewers would feel as if he is the character itself. Other than the main character's acting... The plot and the screen writers were the best. This is a much watch drama - highly recommended.

Loved! Great work by our Cunning Single Lady Star! I see there is a lot to learn about Autism and how it differs from cognitive delay. I'm sure they really understood the differs between the two. But I'm sure everyone learned so much more by doing this drama.

This drama is worth your time. The story revolves around doctors- their personal and professional life. It really does make u emotional in many scenes and I have some of my best comedic scenes in it. It really does tell u what it takes to be a good doctor. youll have to watch to find it out!

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66 Cinderella's Sister

If you want something different that has nothing to do with the cliches you know, this is your drama. It'll get you out of the usual "submissive, innocent and weak Cinderella" pattern and introduce you to a modern independent and strong woman who wants to prove herself in the world and make a difference

I really love this drama with all of my heart

I cried so much in this drama and I always stay up all night I watched this when I was 7yrs old and I definitely cry a lot

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67 Glass Shoe

I guarantee you that you'll cry. Its about the tragic story of 2 siblings who get separated when they were little.

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68 My Lovely Sam Soon

Absolutely, at the edge of your seat drama. Never get tired of watching it.

Not your average skinny, petite, and innocent Korean gal; Sam Soon is a single, feisty, and a bit overweight woman that grows a loving relationship with her mischeivious and handsome lover. Of course there is also lots of drama with exes, mothers, jobs, and love squares.

If you did not watch it yet, huge loss! Funny, romantic, and to be watched numerous times! The acting is great, the plot is superb. Korean Dramas are a must to watch - they not only enlighten my day, but makes me live in another planet almost! Loved that one immensely!

Finally a drama that promotes natural beauty. Not everyone needs to be a stick figure. love this drama, from the funny to the tear jerking moments.

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69 Queen In-hyun's Man

Excellent story line, excellent lead, excellent chemistry between the leads, excellent ending and above all no stupidity (Each of the characters just did the same thing a reasonable person would have done in that situation). In one word it is a perfect drama.

It is the most perfect tale of love. Two persons 300 years apart in their devoted pursuit of love. This was the series that showed me what tight script writing and outstanding editing can deliver in a drama. The OST is still in my head after all these years. The love story told is not frivolous. The depth shines through in the letter Kim Bong Do pens to his lady love towards the end and in every decision he took to do the right things.

Simple it's more original than boys before flowers, more romantic than the heirs and more tender than my lovely sam son and playfull kiss.

Also because never appears the very used theme " the love triangle", there's an ex-boyfriend but never excels in the relationship of the protagonists, rather he dedicates to make the funniest scenes.

The lead couple is so cute

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70 Mary Stayed Out All NIght

I watched this so many times! My absolute favorite!

Watched this drama. Music, songs was too good.

I watched this because I'm an eel (fan of jang geun suk) but then, I finished this because the story is really good. the love triangle and all. this is one great production and is worth watching. I didn't expeect it to be the best but really, this is the BEST

Beautiful drama. Main actress is fantastic.

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71 Big

It's a really good! Gong yoo is awesome! It's a treate for all the gong yoo fans!

One of my all-time favorites. Loved it up until the (hated) puzzling end. The actors were well cast and did a convincing job. Will definitely watch it again.

Best drama! One of the funniest dramas I have ever watched!

What? why is this here? this is one of the most beautiful drama trough kdramas

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72 Paradise Ranch
73 Nine: Nine Time Travels

The drama is about the time travel theme. It is such a gorgeous drama and one of the greatest dramas ever. I enjoyed it so much not only the story line is perfect but also the characters are brilliant and amazing. I really liked it and I totally recommend it.

Another awesome story.. I think someone forgot to mention this series

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74 Hyde, Jekyll, Me

This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. The chemistry of Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min is unbelievable. One of the best Korean dramas out there from the acting, storyline, soundtrack. Everything blended so well. I've watched this series a couple of times already. It makes you fall in love over and over again.

One of the best dramas I've watched! Hyun Bin is so great here!

. Its awesome. Really Hung Bin oppa is great actor. Even lead female actoress is also dam good. Story is good. Everything is good.

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75 Endless Love

It was really a good drama. It gives a lot of expression and even brings a lot of emotion. True love do exist in this drama.

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76 Love in the Moonlight

I actually fell in love with the Crown Prince too as I watch this movie. His lines are awesome. The chemistry between the actor+actress is excellent too.

Park Bo Gum nailed his role plus Kim Yoo Jung. This tandem made the drama perfect!

Strong chemistry of the leads

Great chemistry of the lead actors.. The script was well written, good directing, overall was beautifully done..

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77 I'm Sorry, I Love You

One of if not the most amazing korean drama I have ever seen, It truely made me feel Bipolar I cried, I laughed, I got angry etc. I TRUELY TRUELY recommend you seeing this drama you won't regret it.

One of the best tear-jerkers I've ever watched.. Such a beautiful drama.. Thinking about it now makes me wanna cry, though I haven't watched it in two years

The best drama ever

The best drama ever.I read reviews before I watched it. Most of them said that you need so much courage to watch this drama. Truley made a hole in my heart. What a story, what an actor. Please do watch it. Fall in love with life and live fully. There are so many like Danny Anderson who never had the feeling of belonginess and affection.

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78 Iris

This should be the best action film in the world and neither iris 2 or James bond can beat Iris.

If you are really corny you won't probably like it at the beggining but it is really amazing! The plot is well written and the acting is believable. If you are looking for something different to watch definitely this should be your first choice

The best action movie ever. Should be #1 on the list.


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79 Sad Love Story

The title says it all.. If you want real drama where you cry from the start to the end then this is a must watch

This is the first drama I watched. It touched my heart. I love it. A must watch this one

Love Love this drama.

This is the mosy beautiful Korean drama, for me.
It's touching. I loe it.

80 Arang and the Magistrate

Must watch, I loved it

This is the wonderful drama that I watch ever

Why is it in Number 59
Must be TOP 10. Like the story and acting.
Love the Background Music... the beating of the drums. wow
Love the Actors who played the Jade Emperor and his twin brother
Of course it's SHIN MIN AH... Love the acting

Unique storyline!

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