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101 Birth of a Beauty

The main characters are so cute together. Fun to watch all the way.

Loved it! So cute! Fighting! Made me laugh!

Hilarious... Good drama indeed

Very good drama! I recommend it!

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102 She Was Pretty

I haven't the slightest clue on how this isn't in the top 10! This drama is amazing and honestly made me laugh out loud. I've never left a review on something but I can try to tell you that this was one of the first love triangles where it actually took me a while to decided where I stood. There are some cute moments you just never get out of your head and this show just puts a big smile on my face

It was so hilarious! I've never laughed so much watching a Korean drama. Also I really liked the fact that there was no unnecessary drama and all. No one died, there was no blackmailing and no shouting. In the last episodes the main couple were so cute together. It was perfect.

This drama was really nice. I liked that the main character didn't change after the makeover and even went back to how she was at first in the end. The romance was fine, even though Siwon gave me a real bad second lead syndrome and I loved him a lot more than the main guy lol

The story itself tells... the cast was very good... the ost... nothing is wasted...

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103 City Hall

Best show I have ever watched!

Good Series! Liked the chemistry between the two :-)

Great story line. Not so sweet but at the same time makes you experience so much emotions

Best K-Drama.. So funny and Refreshing. The most important is the kiss scene was the best.. Cha seung won the great kisser.. wow. It feels so alive. You guys should watch this drama. Very Recommended..

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104 He Who Can't Marry

This was actually an excellent watch. More of an adult drama than the usual fluffy kind. Worth spending your time on. Loved all the actors. Had some good laughs.

Loved this romantic comedy... Laughed, laughed, laughed...

Loved the mature characters in this drama. Very funny and also truthful!

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105 Romance V 1 Comment
106 A Love to Kill

Cried for hours over this one. Which I have NEVER done before! Incredible performances from both actors.

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107 Big Thing
108 You're All Surrounded

The story line has a lot of depth and is very well rounded. The actions is very well paced, enough so that it's a big part of the story but in a way that complements the emotional aspect of the characters. The characters are VERY well developed and it's different in that instead of just wanting the two leads to get together I also genuinely was interested in both of their separate story lines. The background characters are all well developed as well. Great drama, and coming from someone who's seen a lot of them I'm being completely honest when I say that if you watch it there's no way you won't love it.

It's incredible how the story keeps unfolding episode after episode. Just when you thought everything has fallen in place, the plot thickens again. Kudos to the amazing scriptwriters and producer. This is by far my favourite drama in 2014!

Good story! Lee Seung Gi is an Amazing Actor as always! I Will forever love him and support him until the end! Oppa! Your so cute! Fighting!

I love this drama go ahead!

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109 Hotel King

Lee Dong Wook and Lee the Hae are such a special couple! It is beautiful how they added romance into scenes all by themselves when they thought that something was missing. There is chemistry between them. I loved this drama so much that it hurts!

Sorry about that but the most of the dramas on this list is nothing at all compared to hotel king

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110 Athena: Goddess of War
111 Moorim School

HOW IS THIS NOT ON TOP? This drama is one the best I've watched. Lee Hyun Woo and Hong bin were perf. I love how their friendship remained till the end, even though there was some jealousy and things along the way, their goodness came through. It's a classic good over bad drama. It gives you all the feels and both leads did amazing jobs. I love how at the end, each character was doing exactly what they really wanted to do. The ending was beyond perfect. There was a real meaning behind the whole drama and it makes you feel good. Honestly at the end I was sad for a while because it made me think,"WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THIS WHOLE TIME? Man I gotta go find myself a Moorim school with a Lee hyun Woo and Hong bin in it. Shout out to Seon ah, she's absolute GOALS, and I knew they had a thing(wont say who, don't wanna spoil) All the theories I came up with were true. You'd be stupid to not watch this.

It is a good drama and a bit supernatural but also romantic and also a comedy drama I am recently watching it

Lee Hong-bin and Lee Hyun-woo are amazing!

It's good but you can predict the plot in like ep3

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112 Cheongdam-dong Alice

Number 72? No it's not at the top of my list but this drama has the romance like the others but it has intelligence also. Every girl thinking of getting rich by the coat tails of a guy needs to see this. I'm from Chicago and we're critical of things in general but this was a good drama.

I mean, I'm quite mad the fact that the girl is living her life and using someone else's luck to improve life, but I still love it anyway

This drama should be no3 or5 it's really good!

Its one of my favourite series...loved the actors and story

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113 Tree Of Heaven

I cried feel my heart blast in the end

I love thi melodrama. It made you cry from the 1st ep to the last,.. I've learnd tons of lessons including true love does exist. I love park shin hye's acting skills and also lee wan's. I've got inspiredof this drama... :) it was definitely a worth watch...

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114 The Producers

Very realistic script and acting. The three lead actors were fantastic

Love it so much. Finished it in 2 days

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115 Heart to Heart

If you liked It is Ok It is Love, then I guarantee you would love this one 100% more...

Such a sincere performance and great chemistry between Choi Gang Hee and Chun Jung Myung... Rest of the players were also great!

Deserves more attention, a warm and sometimes funny story.

No one in this is normal. That's what makes it so fun. At the same time, it's more than that. You are left with the feeling we are all victims of our past, but hey, it'll all work out OK.

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116 The Legend of the Blue Sea


117 Uncontrollably Fond
118 Remember

This will surely bring to you many extreme emotions from sadness to anger! Don't miss this drama guys! Best drama I ever seen!

This drama was really good yet Yo Seung Ho and Park Min Young play their character well as lawyers.

So close to reality of judicial system and male lead is quite handsome

I really love this drama

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119 Signal

Speechless, I can't think of any words to describe how amazing this drama was. I'm praying for a second season. Just watch it!

Great acting from the female lead who convincingly plays the same person around two decades apart in age. The screenwriting is genius. It's such an incredible story told so well you forget it's fantasy. How the director switches seemlessly between time periods is an amazing collaboration of props, sequencing and dialog. It all comes together as perhaps the best of 2016, if it's not DOTS.

Compared to all the romcoms and the action dramas that can be amazing in their own right, Signal takes the cake. It manages to really hit you in the heart at every episode and I can honestly say that it is my all time favorite drama!

Probably the greatest thing I've ever seen, here's hoping for a second season.

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120 K2

Very good drama

This is the best. I assure you wont regret watching this!

The best k drama I have ever watched

How is this not within the top 5?

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