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121 Orange Marmalade

It had a sweet yet heart breaking story sometimes. But, the lead roles just bring you in, and you will love it. The main heroine is a really bubbly and sweet girl, but sometimes she just gets underestimated (? )

Best music drama ever...

Love it

So amazing

122 Goodbye Mr. Black

I enjoyed watching this drama with its roller coaster storyline & unexpected turn of fate of its characters. Well written & directed! Superb acting too by all cast esp the lead actors! I wonder why this is in the top 10 of the best list. Perhaps it's title suggests a tragic story & viewers abhor tragic endings.

I miss this drama...i was just astonished bye seeing like this drama I just love this drama

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123 My Princess

It was very cute at the beginning and really really funny. Towards the end it made me angry a couple of times but that's just because I got so into it. There are others where I laughed more but it definitely has a lot of suspense all through you never know what happens

It's a really amazing story with a incredible twist loved it!

So cute and romantic

Love it is amazing drama you must watch it

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124 Doctors Crush

I can relate because I work at a hospital setting. Its amazing.

This doctors crush is like a love where you cannot be seen but is amazingly cute at the back scenes

This needs to be on top. It's amazing

Great acting...
Beautiful music and cinematography...

125 Queen Seon Duk

This story is exceptional on many levels. I've seen it twice, and it's one of the most captivating television series I've watched. The heroes of the story are very inspiring, and the dialogue raises a lot of interesting questions about the reasons behind common government policies, and the people who benefit from them. Highly recommended for anyone, and a good change of pace for K-drama fans who are a bit tired of storylines that focus too heavily on romance.

It was a long drama, but all worth watching it. Historical and beautiful storyline. Great cast. Great details in costumes and glimpse of Korean culture and history. This drama was well worth it, I don't know when the time flew as I enjoyed each and every one of the 62 episodes!

You should really watch this! Its inspiring to the max. and I think this is good for people with responsibilities like me, a scholar. Furtheremore, I think this is good in knowing what a good leader must have/ characteristics. This is also a glimpse of Korean history.

Exceptional story. Ko Hyun-Jung is fabulous in this role.

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126 Horse Doctor

After A Jewel in the Palace this is the BEST drama! Amazing story, flow of the episodes and the story is great... Performance of Cho Seung Wo is FABULOUS! I like Lee Yo-Won but here she was playing quite weak against the leading male character... Still this is my number 10 among around 300 dramas I have seen so far!

It is the best drama I have ever saw

Can keep out my eyes... Very interesting drama

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127 Monstar

This is the best drama. The plot is well written and the characters are awesome!
I personally love it.

I like this drama because it takes real high school student's story. And anyone who love drama and music, should watch it.

Something different and fresh! I really recommend this drama

This drama is REALLY good. Really underrated and a must watch

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128 The Greatest Love

The greatest love is one of, if not the best Korean dramas I have watched. It made you angry, it made you cry, and it even made you laugh. It is a little cheesy at times, but what korean drama isn't. The actors and actresses were wonderful. The ending was beautiful.

One of the best acted dramas I've ever seen. The characters felt REAL and while it was a bit over the top in places it didn't matter. I laughed and cried and just FELT for all of the characters. A definite must watch! I can't believe it's so low on the list.

This is too funny. Must watch it!

You will want the man like do ko jin after watching this for sure..drama is really good

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129 Dr. Stranger

Lee Jong Suk is just going to make you love this drama more

I liked this drama because it was more than just a love story. It had spy action, political backstabing. Very intriguing.

It is a nice drama. I liked it, from the begining to the end. The lead actor is really smart.

I loved this

130 Reply 1988

One of the best dramas ever. It has everything relationships, friendships and family issues. I cried and laughed. It was such a great drama.

I can't move on from this drama. I still remember about ssangmundong's life in here. It can't be forgotten easily. This is the best Korean drama I've ever watched in my life. It cracked me up and made me cried out loud.

Hands down the best show I've ever watched

BETTER than Reply 1997.
I wonder how R97 became number 10 but this drama is ranked 100+.
This drama screams perfection, that kind of drama that will leave you with so many feelings that you can't get over it. Definitely recommended, a must watched!

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131 Secretly Greatly

It's a so beautiful touching story,I loved it very much

This is so daebak specially on the beginning.. it's a total wreck for Kim so Hyun.. he's really a good actor..

132 King of Baking, Kim Takgu

I love this drama, I started to watching it by my self for an half an hour. Next thing you know my husband is watching it with me. The first episode finished, I started second episode. At that time my 7 and 8 year old kids were watching it with me. I love the the love the main actor had for his mother and the talent for baking.

One of my all-time favorites! I never seem to stop thinking about this drama and I saw it over a year ago! I guess that's an indicating that it's time for me to watch it again. I do miss it and realize I can't wait to see it again. You must get past the first episode though, which I found to be a bit slow. But Baker King is definitely a Must Watch!

Love, love, love Yoon Si Yoon in this drama! So going to miss you while you are away in the military!

Great story. Great characters and actors! Love the feeling in it.

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133 Scent of a Woman

A sad, beautiful romantic korean drama ever.

OKAY. FIRST OF ALL. THIS DESERVES TO BE AT THE TOP. This is an amazing drama that moves you to the core. It makes you see the reality of many things in life. It's light as well as very strong and that's difficult to find in a Drama without too much conflict. It's a beautiful drama with a beautiful plot line and two AMAZING actors. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah. I've watched it a million times and I still tear up. A must watch.

This is a great drama with a great storyline. The message of the story is meaningful that everyone can relate to.

Watch it. You won't regret it.

Makes you swell up with hope and optimism. A drama that truly appreciates life... And love. Lee Dong Wook mesmerized.. esp that tango scene.

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134 Divorce Lawyer In Love

The couple in this show are an example of there being a "thin line between love and hate". At first the two hate each other because in the past the heroine was the hero's boss and she made his life miserable, but now the tables have turned and it's his turn for payback. In his effort to get revenge, he slowly starts to fall for her and she, him. They also begin to discover how a life changing moment can be the deciding factor in love. This is a very sweet drama that I recommend to anyone looking for laughs and just plain love.

135 Page Turner

It's such a good mini drama with only 4 episodes

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136 Hotelier

Great story.. Watch it.. You will like it

137 Can You Hear My Heart

A real drama that shows the true feeling of a family.. Loved all the character and it has a heart warming sweet ending.. A MUST WATCH ONE..

I love this drama, is a heart warming story about family. I smile every time I remember this drama.

This's completely a must watch drama ever! The plot 's good and emotional. I just love the story of two main characters.

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138 Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog

I wasn't sure what to expect with the title of this show, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I will never forget this drama--sometimes it's so wonderful that you just can't help it!

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139 You Who Came from the Star

My number one drama on the list! This one was like eating a cake - piece by piece with the sweetness extending more to each next episode! This drama was so amazing, I drained all my tears and used all tissue box almost. Very memorable! One of those dramas that won't go away from your head for a long, long time. The storyline is unique, and it's a total emotional rollercoaster for sure! There is nothing your would miss from this one, nothing you would want to add ether. This one is a masterpiece drama to not be neglected! This drama is SPECTACULAR!

Perfect for starting k-dramas... Hero and heroine are eye candies... Just can't resist staring at them. Superb comedy between male and female leads... Beautifully captured expressions of love, pain and loss... Excellent storyline. A must watch. On my list always. It always lifts up my mood every I see...

Good looking actors and great chemistry... But what steals the show is the amazing story. cheon song yi, the lead actress us just adorable in every frame and do min Jon, the lead actor is super cute... An enjoyable watch

Best drama ever..u will want a love like this

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140 Just You

Its very nice awesome everyone must watch this

Hmm...I agree it's superb love story

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