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161 Coffee House

It is great to watch. I watched it in 2 days. The story is great. Friendship and love. Who said that these two do not go together?

One of the best Korean dramas. The story is unique and the actors are superb.

Loves this drama and the main actor

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162 Lovers in Paris

It's funny and beautiful. Love the music!...and the leading male actor.

The vey first KDrama that I watched! A modern day Cinderella story with a beautiful twist. This should be at the top!

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163 Goong

It describes 21st century drama where a high school girl gets married to a prince Lee shin as there grandfathers promise and the other prince Yul falls in love with her

The actor and Actress both have chemistry.

Best drama ever! The passion and strong emotions from the lead, and even the supporting cast are so overwhelming. I was never bored for every scene is DAEBAK!

Loved it really nice

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164 The Legend of the Blue Sea

This was my first drama and from all its still my favourite. The leader actress are great and its very touching for everyone who believes in truly love. The drame made me cry and laugh a lot


165 Missing 9

This drama was honestly incredible the beginning was so strong and it had hands down some of the best characters and story lines that I have watched in a Kdrama and I have watch MANY kdramas.
This drama would have easily been my favourite drama however in the latter half of the show it went a bit downhill in storyline. There was a LOT of potential in this show its such a shame the ending didn't live up to the beginning. However, despite that, I still have to say it is a must watch purely for how creative and intense the first like 9 or 10 episodes are. This drama really took my breath away, I wish they had handled the ending differently but I understand they had to rush it after it was dropped from 20 episodes to 16, such a shame

166 Hwang Jin Yi

The best historical drama ever.. The love story is very significant and very touching at the same time a sad love story that will make you cry. A courtesan and a young master how they can possibly love each other without disapproval by their parents and the society? Has Ji WOn never missed my expectation.. Much watch movie.. my rating 95%

My favourite drama of all time. Truly a beautiful show both graphically and thematically

There isn't a movie like the princess man the best ever

Excellent drama. Don't miss this one. You'll love it!

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167 Scholar Who Walks the Night

Best drama ever
The actors are very handsome and the main actress is the best
Great storyline

This drama should be higher on the list! Lee joon gi just rocked it!

Love you nigth scholar


168 Autumn's Concerto

Watching this is why I became so interested in Korean dramas. Loved it. It made you realize that when you love someone no matter the struggle, true love will always prevail.

Loved this show. No matter what the heart wants what the heart wants

169 High Kick Through the Roof

I love all the chemistry

Overall, one of the best korean sitcoms I have watched but the ending on episode 126 was so dramatically sad :(

The ending of episode 126 is what really killed me :( - suobi

I LOVE THIS SITCOM! But...i was disappointed with the ending :((((( - gusdf

170 Jealousy Incarnate

One of my favorite drama...
Every episodes are full of funny scence... Recommended and must be watch.. If you love Masters Sun and Oh My Ghostess, you must watch this too.
. - Jommel

171 Marriage Contract

I loved this series. Watching the relationship and love develop between the 2 main characters is riveting.

172 Hong Gil Dong

Good Story + Good Actors = Good Drama

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173 Giant

One of the best drama. Great story&very inspiring

Great story from start to end!

One of the greatest dramas ever

174 The World That They Live In

I really like this drama.. It's a very cute drama as well as it tells about the life of Korean drama directors... I enjoyed it
Hyun bin and song really make a cute pair together
Hyun bin is really a good actor

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175 Warrior Baek Dong Soo

Really good in the beginning, but then slowed down. Somehow they just seemed to forget about the importance of the female lead toward the end, which was very disappointing and made me lose interest.

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176 Glass Mask
177 Oh My Ghostess

It is the best show ever! It has an amazing cast and the chemistry between the leads are just extraordinary! Loved it to bits!

The female leads are so cute, some one help me

Awww the love story is really amazing superb

This one has got me hooked to dramas forever...sweet,cute,romantic and ohh the steamy kisses. I'd just wait for them to kiss...both the actors are too good. And the chef is so gentlemanly and hot. Ahhh I love him.rewatched their kisses like a thousand times!

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178 Passionate Love

Amazing story. Love the jealousy. This drama has seohyun!

One of the best movie I watch ever

179 High Society

Although the story line may seem quite cliche and predictable, you can't help but be drawn into the emotions of the characters. I found myself jumping from one feeling to the next with every passing minute. Because there was two main females and two main males, the story played around with my heart and changing who I wanted to be together with who in the end. The end... It was possibly the most satisfying ending to a drama I have ever watched! It was wrapped up nicely, though a few strings were still left hanging, the bulk of the plot was tied into a pretty little bow that I could admire. I definitely think this is an underrated show this year, and deserves more attention! (Having Park Hyung-sick as one of the lead roles always helps too...)

I love the characters in the movie as well as the story line.

I liked the story of the second lead couple the best

A great modern day love story with a happy ending.

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180 Beloved Eun-dong

This must not be very well known, because it's at or near the top of pure romance dramas, along with Love Rain. It's the story of a man who spends 20 years searching for his first love, finding her, losing her, and finding her again. It was the first k-drama I saw, and 100 dramas later, still one of my very favorites. Totally worth watching.

A beautiful drama I watched it in a day and a half I feel in love with the lead actors and felt there emotions

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