Playful Kiss


A bright and cute drama with a light feel. It actually was so successful that they had to make a special YouTube edition. You won't be able to hate any character. Has lots of memorable scenes and if you enjoy male leads getting jealous, Baek Seung Jo's jealousy is the one you'll enjoy the most, as he tries to hide it with another smart logic or his anger.
Whether you say it's his acting flaw or whatever, his face remains expressionless when it must and his rare smiles are actually a show to watch, not just for the fan girls but for anyone who understands his character.
I've seen Itazura Na Kiss and playful kiss is way more better ( at least the male lead's character doesn't take a 360 degree turn - from someone who always tries to be cold and act smart to someone who openly shows his feelings and smiles at every little thing the girl does, just because he once confessed his feelings - it's just not logical).
Oh Ha Ni, too, is loveable despite her clumsy and stupid nature. ...more - vrfmlyanne

If your a person who loves to laugh this drama is the one for you. If your a person who loves to laugh at ridiculous and embarrassing moments, well, meet your soul mate. This was drama was so cute and funny. I even covered my eyes when the lead actress was about to do something I know was just so ridiculous and even felt myself being embarrassed for her. A definite must watch. However if your not a fan of the ridiculous and embarrassing humor this wont be your cup of tea.

Loved the cuteness in this show! Might be unrealistic but everyone needs a break from reality. Nice to watch and so funny... If you weren't a huge fan of the main actor at first, you will really grow to love him. I admit, I was a little obsessed with him for a while. This drama was inpired by the japanese drama 'love in Tokyo: mischievous kiss' (I think that's what its called) and honestly, I preferred the Japanese one better so if you have watched this drama but not the original, I really recommend trying that one out. However, if you haven't watched this one yet, you should even if its just for Baek Seung Jo's younger brother.

This is my first drama. I have watched so many dramas. But this drama is remains in my heart ever and I love the story line and beautiful romance I love kim hyung joong and jung so min very cute pair.. Fantastic story I love each and every scene.. I watched more than 20 times.. I love you kim hyung hyung... Forever

At first I found ti boring that the female lead is head over heels for the male lead. Her father is good friends with the male lead's father and end up living together until their house is repaired. The male lead pretends he doesn't care, but we see glimpses of jealousy when he witnesses other males flirting with the female lead.

This is a show that I have loved enough to watch every remake in every language. I can't get enough of the storyline because it is relatable. A lot of girls end up having similar concerns and even though it can seem pathetic, it really is an eye opener.

I Personally Loved this drama! I watched it like a hundred times. First because the story is super cute & secondly because Kim Hyun Joong, is my favorite. This show is full of drama, laugh, and even some emotional scenes. This has to be a Must watch.

The story isn't all this and the rhythm of the happenings is just terrible. But the casting worked perfectly while the actors made this k-drama really watchable. I recommend it if you don't have any other one on your list, but, for sure, not all that.

This is the best, romantic and funny drama I have ever seen.. Kim hyun joong's act is fantastic! Good job kim hyun joong!

I like this drama but heroine stalks the hero very much and this part was very embarrassing but at the end after their marriage it was very romantic so you should watch it and it's second season in Japanese version was also fabulous

Playful kiss is the first k drama that I've watched. It is my favorite even now after having watched many drama's. I re-watch it every 2 years because it's just too adorable.

I absolutely loved Playful kiss! Jung So Min is such a versatile actress! Lee Tae Sung is actually very sexy... But you couldn't see it in this drama. He was hilarious though! I loved his character!

I really liked the show for three reasons firstly, it has my favorite actor. Secondly it has depicted how lovely is selflessly loving. Thirdly, I rally love to see silent love

This is the best drama I had ever watched. Kim hyung joong is awesome in this drama. Hyung joong is very handsome and cute.

Best Korean drama ever! At first it was funny VERY FUNNY! But in the end I cried a lot. Baek sung jo is Hard-hearted. I really like it. Season 2 please? :(

How can I express my love for this drama? WIth My love from the stars, it has been the only one, that I appreciate at all.

Amazing. Everyone should watch it. Cute, funny, and memorable is three words I'll describe this show. If you love the main girl trying to conquer her loves heart, this show is the show for you.

It's a playful drama with a fine story but characters portrayed were convincing... It was full of emotions... For me it's a one tine watch in a must category.

Its awesome good that I have ever seen. I really love it! Its my soul time favorite ever! The play was so lovely as I felt dying to watch the next episode!

I loved it. The female lead is shown to be a mediocre girl. She is not shown to be the most beautiful in school or someone who's creme de la creme yet Baek Seung Jo loves her.

Love the drama makes you laugh its one of the best dramas I've seen

Wow awesome story I really love the story I became mad of this it was really really superb. I have watched it for 10 times. you people must watch it you will love it

Adorable drama. It was funny, romantic, and cute! The actors did great, and it was my very first drama. It gave me a super experience that I will never forget.

Playful Kiss was TERRIBLE. The main girl is so annoying and acts like a stalker the whole time. There is no way the main actor would actually fall for her.

This show is the most loving show ever and I could cry over and over because it was the best romance drama to watch.