Secret Garden


Loved it! I love it more than Boys over flowers and playful kiss because the chemistry between the leads is just brilliant, the male protagonist's expressions are worth a million dollars and to top it all-it's a delicious mix of fun and cuteness that makes you giggle and smile, romance that makes you aww... and sad moments that make you teary eyed with heavy breaths. The other shows are good too... High school romances are always fun but this show is an amalgamation of a mature comedy and the cuteness and lightness of a high school romance. Wish they had been more careful with the sub plot dealing with the reason and method of the magic used in the story... They could have been less ambiguous... But... Overall I would give it a thumbs up!

Speechless. I've never been so satisfied in a Korean drama before, I always have complains about the ending. But this drama is different, the ending was realistic and happy at the same time. The chemistry of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is evident. This drama is just perfect. I can't see a flaw in it. It's been a month since I finished watching it but I still can't move on. Definitely a must watch drama! - anneyolores

No other lead actor made me laugh my heart out. His comedic timing was spot on. I was disappointed a bit by the casting of the 2nd lead actor, he looked way older than 36. I rolled my eyes quite a few times on how the hero relentlessly pursued the heroine & she did not appreciate his efforts, also on how the action school director had these long stares & pauses. Over all it was a 4 out of 5 stars. Must be on your list for the top 5!

A must watch Korean Drama. The show gave a variety of emotions which the audience will surely enjoy. I actually felt bad for watching it as my first Korean Drama, now I can't start another without having very high expectations and having thought that no other show of the same genre can match Secret Garden.

This has been my favourite drama of all time. I have watched a lot of other dramas but if someone were to ask for a recommendation for a drama it would be this one and the masters sun. This drama is so damn good. It had you crying in all the right places, laughing in all the right places and make you feel so cutesy in the romance parts but not so that it's cringe. I loved it so much!

Best drama ever! The way the people act it just feels so real. Their pain is so well portrayed it hurts the viewer too. You know it's a good story when you're practically in tears. You smile like a fool when the main leads are together. The love the main male actor shows and his devotion to getting the girl he wants is amazing! It's so enjoyable to watch because he doesn't even know how much he really wants her. The main female lead is perfect in every way. I love Secret Garden & I'll never forget the impactit left on me.

To be honest, this drama should be number 1. This story was one of the very few that can capture many different types of emotions in one drama. It has moments that are funny, romantic, suspense, sad, etc. One of the best parts is seeing ji won act as gil li ram... beautiful acting. I would recommend this series to anyone! =)

Beautiful plot and acting. Loved the chemistry between the leads and how the story makes me laugh, and cry at the same time. It was a beautiful story that has a wisdom in it, and the music is wonderful too. The last couple of episodes made me cry and rewind to watch over and over again - with the same effect - happy tears :) Watch this one and you won't regret it!

This was my first South Korean show and let me just tell you... WOW! This show made me cry, laugh, and makes you smile like an idiot. It's the best drama show ever, I've never watched a show twice but I can watch this almost everyday! Amazing script, actors, and great scenes. And the ending was fabulous and so adorable!

The stars must have aligned for Hyun Bin in 2010, he is just unforgettable in this drama, his voice in the ost, his acting in the story, he even looked great in that tacky tracksuit, whole drama is just like a mid summer dream comes true, like a fairy tale. A must see, highly recommend

I have no idea about Korean series. When I was changing channel, I saw Secret garden in native language but I had no idea about it. Just started to watch and they ended it but I was very much curious to know what would happen next. I started hunting for that series and got it from my friends. I worked the whole day but I spent time for this after my work hours... Went crazy and completed in 3 days... Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, You rock!

This was the ever first drama that moved me... I really loved it so much.. I am really addicted to this drama watched it more than 10 times.. Such an awesome love story.. And even the actions were just so awesome.. This is the ever best drama I would recommend anyone to watch...

One of 3 best dramas I have ever seen. It's almost whole package in this Drama: line story, best actor & actress cast, plotting of place and view. In addition, this drama success to mixed my heart by the funny, witty, and touching scenes. 3 thumbs for SECRET GARDEN!

I never watch kdramas before and was not interested in it.. When I tried watching this series, I got hooked into it and even watched it for how many times.. That's the start of my Korean drama addiction.. But secret garden is my favorite because it's the first drama I watched wherein my heart melted.. Excellent storyline and well played by the actors.. Two thumbs up for hyun bin and ha jo won.. They're the best..

It took me awhile to finally start this drama - I wasn't really into the whole switching bodies thing... but I'm so glad I did! The actors did such a good job with portraying the characters, and they had really great chemistry as well!

This was the first Korean drama to be exported to Argentinian television! It was translated to Spanish and aired in early 2015. It's my personal favorite and the leads are AMAZING, both A-list film actors.

Although I would have liked it A lot more if the actress had super long hair (personal preference) I cannot get over just how amazing she looked! Amazing story, amazing acting, and amazing experience! (: the body switching was a little random though /:

This drama is honestly the cutest, funniest and also the most frustrating. The only reason why its frustrating is as usual, just because they won't get together... But The two leads are amazing, and I'm really happy with the way they wrapped it up.

It is definitely different from the the dramas... rich man falling for a mere stunt-woman not to mention the Freaky Friday like scene. Like most dramas once you get past the first few episodes you become hooked. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. You will actually feel as though you are in the situations. Laughing, crying, thinking... I can guarantee you wont regret watching it.

I have seen around 100 Korean Dramas (more or less). I think I have the right to say nothing has yet beat SECRET GARDEN. It has a very nice plot, swoon worthy, best chemistry, witty, all in all 4 thumbs up!

BEST KoreaN DRAMA EVER. You'll laugh, cry, hate, etc. This drama will make you feel all the emotions a human can feel. There's a lot of twist and turns that will make you feel like you're in a roller coaster ride. Definitely a must. I'd score it 9 out of 10.

Wow I had already started watching it I was like 3 minutes in I don't know but this is really amazing! I saw her on top of that pole with the gun and makeup on she is really beautiful prettier than that rude gold digger!

Found this one by accident but never regretted it. The chemistry between the leads for me was best in k-drama history not to mention I loved all the secondary characters and the story line was out of this world.

The plot of the drama is slowly developed throughout the episode, therefore it really draws you in. Not only that, it contains nearly all the genres, comedy, romance etc Furthermore, the audience can definitely recognise the strong chemistry between the two leading characters.

The plot is amazing, there is a really unexpected twist to the story. I have never seen such an unbelievably good drama before; the directing is really good, the actors are excellent and the plot is just... The best I ever saw or read on. - wuweiming