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1 Korn Korn Product Image

SO INTENSE! Changed metal and hard rock in the best way. Helped create and mold some of the best bands in late 90s early 2000s

Honestly in my opinion it's one of the few Korn albums I can just listen to all day. (Also life is peachy is a close second as well. ) Everything about this album is different, raw, and heavy. I'm going to be honest, not all tracks in this album is prefect. But the tracks like predictable, blind, clown and helmet in the bush make the entire album a classic.

This is Korn... I'm a fan only of the first 3 albums.. And I don't know who or what these new Korn fans are but they have nothing to do with us... The style of music they played after Follow the Leader was only done to make MONEY!... Now I would have done the same thing. Jonathan Davis is a GOD... And I'm sure Korn themselves HATE that new style...

This drew the line; there is a before and an after in the history of metal music.

2 Issues Issues Product Image

This album is my favorite album of all time.

My favorite albums greastest favorite to least favorite are.

.Issues ( a lot of meaning.Has the most nostalgic interludes. My childhood and abuse has to do with it )
.Self Titled ( Very catchy. Has a lot of good outros. This album is very close to issues, because I never get tired of it. Same with Issues too, but this is Korn at their prime when it comes to being a heavy raw band. The guitar riffs of all rhings were the best in this one. )
.Life is Peachy ( This one is just good. I don't have much to say about it, other than the way they made the songs on this album were different. I really enjoyed the intro, because it was like a heavy way to start the album.)
.Follow the Leader ( I got to say, Fieldy was really doing good on the bass for this album. Jonathon's scatting, and the electronic sounds really made this album mainstream, during the time being.
.See you on the otherside ( the cover art for this album was ...more

This album contains some of KoRn's most atmospheric and smooth songs of all times. I like to compare this album to Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals. Where it's so different from its predecessor but absolutely brilliant at the same time. I love this album, everything from the chilling starting track "Dead" to its singles "Falling Away From Me" and "Make Me Bad" (which are, in my opinion, some of KoRns best songs of all time.) There's something about this album that just works for how unique it is. Favourite tracks are; Dead, Falling Away From Me, Wake Up, Make Me Bad, Wish You Could Be Me, Beg for Me and Trash.

Their most atmospheric album to date. Every song here is solid and the breakdowns give me a massively nostalgic feeling. The album converts the feelings of depression and sadness into sound perfectly. Even excluding the vocals, something about these tracks feel creepy and emotional.

Five star album for me, track 2 through 8 are all bangers. Rest of the album is great but to have 7 tracks hit you and the most profound way is rare. No way, let's get this party started, counting and dirty finish this album on a high, a gigantic high. Begs you to start the album over once you hear that static.

3 Follow the Leader Follow the Leader Product Image

Unique. Deep. My life was never the same after this album. The first time I heard freak on a leash it blow my mind.

As my close second or third favorite album ( these choices are tough), this album deserves credit for introducing Korn to the majority of us. Freak on a Leash was the first Korn song I heard. I didn't even know it was Korn and I was into it. Great album including other songs like Dead Bodies Everywhere, Got the Life, Seed, Its On, BBK Children of the Korn, All in the Family, its definitely a great album.

This album can't be faulted, not their best album though. Their first two and issues are my personal favourites but this one and untitled fill up my top five. The way these song flow into each other especially it's on and freak on a leash, so tasty, the amount of times I've listened to these first two tracks... Next few tracks are solid but it steps up a level once pretty starts and the level doesn't drop. Seed being a stand out track, needs to be listened by more korn fans, should be regarded as one of their best songs ever in my opinion. Although reclaim my place is just something else, another solid song that has so much energy in it. Reclaim my place is perfect for the mosh pit. Great album but not korns best effort.

So accessible and the bass! The bass is just incredible. Has some of the best songs. None of the electronic influences that the latter albums are ruined with

4 Life Is Peachy Life Is Peachy Product Image

Close contest between the first album and this one for me, but I feel this album refines the sound of the first one to achieve the sound of KoRn (albeit raw).

So good, continued feeding off the amazing work from the first album before they exploded.

Good God, Mr. Rogers, A*S itch, Chi, Twist, kill you, Swallow and much more great songs on this album. Why is it rated 5th... This is much better then untouchables and issues for sure.. If I made my own list it would be Life is peachy, Korn then follow the leader. Sure follow the leader is a good album. But life is peachy and korn is helping me get through high school. And follow the leader is good but korn is trying to make it "prefect" and I like the style and trashiness on the first 2 albums.

This album is absolutely amazing. The self titled album is pretty good too. After this album it just becomes crap. Davis starts whining on every vocal after this album, and they try to "perfect" their sound. If they kept playing to the style of this album I would never have searched for other genres. Actually, I just needed to get past age 16 to discover real metal.

5 Untouchables Untouchables Product Image

As a die hard Korn fan for most of my life, this list is insanely hard to create. Some really good albums way too low on this list. My favorite Korn album changes from year to year.

Thus album was good, but I out just one step below the first four, and 1 above everything after take a look in the mirror. Here to Stay in my opinion kind if makes this album, I do like songs such as bottled up inside, thoughtless, beat it upright, embrace, but when I compare all if those songs to songs like Clown, Mr Rogers, Daddy, Dirty, Blind, Fake, Kill You, Freak in a leash, dead bodies everywhere, trash, somebody someone, I can keep going, I feel like here to stay is the only one that is as good as (some) of those. Just feel like they got away from Korn after Issues in my OP.

This Album Stands Alone Not Just For Korn But The Music Industry The Atmosphere Of The Music & Instrumentals Are Unique And Amazing Beyond Words.

And With The Most Influential And Meaningful With Incredibly Well Constructed & Written Songs.

Trully An Album You Have To Listen To Before You Die.

This album has the best KoRn song in KoRn history. HERE TO STAY is by far the best song I have ever heard. It is amazing! It has an amazing riff. Actually all of the riffs are amazing!

6 See You on the Other Side See You on the Other Side Product Image

Very good album. With songs like throw me away, seen it all, open up and love song continued to show that they are the best.

My first KoRn album alongside their
"Untitled". I heard this when I was kid, with my first song being "Coming Undone". I loved it from the first time I heard it. I gradually sought out
KoRn, and having heard all their albums, this is the best. The only close follow ups are "Untitled" and "Take A Look In The Mirror". I just think the gritty electronics being smashed with KoRn's signature sound, along with experimental, catchy songs, makes this album all in all the nose enjoyable.

Korn took things to the next level with this album while still sounding undeniably Korn, the Manson and NIN style industrial and gothic feels to this album are ungodly, personally my favourite album ever

I like the old ones too but this album was the first I've ever heard of Korn back in 2005 and what still amazes me besides the well played songs is the production of this album. It's well produced and "Big" you can hear it.

7 Take a Look In the Mirror Take a Look In the Mirror Product Image

I'll never understand why this isn't considered in the top 3 best albums. Outside of the original Korn and Follow the Leader, this is their best combination of raw power and great chorus/riffs.

I have all the korn albums except anything after this album might buy paradigm shift, but seriously I have been a korn fan since I was 8 years old I am 26 now and I can tell you the true order its Take a look in the Mirror, Issues, Follow the leader, the self titled Korn, Untouchables, Life is Peachy, and all the other albums without head is a total disgrace. I might buy paradigm shift maybe.

Jonathon Davis vocals on this album are better than any previous album. Do you want to know what deep depression feels like? Listen to track 4, Here it comes again.

This is the probably the heaviest KoRn album. I really like this one, it's so underrated...

8 Serenity of Suffering Serenity of Suffering Product Image

Other bands will sell their souls to put out an album this good 20 years into their careers.

The best Korn album in over 10 years. I've enjoyed everything they've done since See You on The Other Side, but it's basically been several really good songs salt and peppered between some not as strong songs. Then The Paradigm Shift came out, which was a step in the right direction. Almost all of the songs were good, and I'll vouch Love and Meth as one of the all time best Korn songs. But this record took it to a new level. Every song is memorable and they combined so many elements of what makes Korn enjoyable for a lot of fans while also being new and innovative even after 20 years as a band. Gotta respect that.

This in my opinion is their number one album. Because what they've been saying is true. It's mad and hysterical like old Korn especially on songs like Everything Falls Apart. It's emotional on songs like when you're not there and the Hating. It's atmospheric on Different World. They have their old sound mixed with their maturity as musicians, and John's screams have never ever been better. They rate this album themselves as top two or three of their career. I believe it is number 1.

I honestly like this better than the first album. Because it really is hardcore like the first album, but with much more depth musically. It has more elements with electronic sounds filling up the space in the background. Head and Munky play perfectly off each other. JD's vocals are better than ever, and Fieldy has consistently been rocking it with his personal flavor since the 90's. I feel like this is the technically best album on every level that Korn has ever made.

9 The Paradigm Shift The Paradigm Shift Product Image

Korn really got back on track with this album. I like it very much because it still has the dubstep elements but at the same time it kind of returns back to their old sound. Though they have released so many albums they have managed to reinvent themselves - and that's not something many bands can or have patience to do...

Best album since Untouchables!

This album is very melodic though its not the best it definitely think its in the top 5 especially with songs like what we do, punishment time, and lullaby for a sadist

I first listened to this album when the band were streaming it, and I gotta say I am impressed. Very good album, particularly Love And Meth and Prey For Me. But not Never Never

10 Korn III: Remember Who You Are Korn III: Remember Who You Are Product Image

This album deserves way more love than what it's getting here.

Definitely not their best album, but still very underrated! They tried to sound like the first two albums, but didn't really make it, which is not bad at all. It kind of has the spirit of the first two albums, but yet a fresh and different sound. The music is shaped really interesting. The catchy riffs, that mostly head contributed, are missing. But that's also what makes this album special and diverse. I'm more of an ''old-school korn fan'', but still this album succeeds to impress me. If you really like korn, give it a chance, guys!


1. korn --> classic
2. follow the leader --> classic
3.issues --> round and shiny
4. life is peachy --> first albums little brother
5. untouchables --> interessting experimental, 90% r superior
6. remember who you are --> MOST UNTERRATED (if korn took out this album after head returned it would smash your face)
7. take a look in the mirror --> good songs, aggressive, solid album
8. see you on the other side --> grew on me over the years, put to me it's a bit to poppy for koRn
9. untitled --> not a bad album, but not relevant either
10. paradigm shift --> I really tried to like it but only the first 2 songs are in my playlist. hater and never never are ok too but its alternative rock and not what we liked ...more

Korn returning to their roots with nu metal producer Ross Robinson; one of their best albums, vocals are very good and percussion by new drummer is also significant

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11 Untitled Untitled Product Image

This album passed people by which is a shame, it's so close to being a five star album. It's just not as good as the first four albums, makes it their fifth best album in my opinion. Every song is sublime, apart from do what they say and that one isn't even that bad of a song. Starting over starts off the album with a brooding and energetic chorus, kiss is a beautiful and dark slow number, killing is just off the chain with some right dirty riff from the off and overture and obituary finishes the album sounding like something ripped out of the 80's. Just a great album, deserves more praise

A new spin on all of KoRn's library. Deserves a much higher place than ninth, I'd even say second, only to See You on the Other Side. The Intro packs a punch, and Starting Over, Love & Luxury, Hold On, and I Will Protect You are all essential KoRn songs, in my opinion. I feel they tried very hard to bring a new style into their normally expected way of presenting music, and along with select few I seem to be alone on seeing it's brilliance.

Numerous songs on here I absolutely love. Evolution and Hold On are just as hardcore as they are catchy. Kiss is, perhaps, their best song of all time.

KoRn's most diverse, interesting, unique album.

12 The Nothing The Nothing Product Image

It's definitely way different but in a good way. Needs to be higher on this list than untitled and paradigm shift.

This album is insane. I think the most emotion I've ever felt put into a single album.

Wasnt a huge fan at 1st listen, album has grown on me now I consider it a top 5 album

Please get this up to second, along with Untouchables being first. (All of Korn’s albums are good though, except for Path Of Totalcrap.

13 The Path Of Totality The Path Of Totality Product Image

Best Korn album ever! The combination of dubstep and hard rock really worked out well on this album. The best songs on the album would have to be Way To Far, Narcissistic Cannibal and Chaos Lives In Everything.

Easily the best. Nothing like this energy to be found anywhere else.

Not their best work, but there is some great songs on the album. Like Narcissistic Cannibal, Get Up!, Burn the Obedient, etc. And I do think Johnathan's voice works great with the dub step. I don't even like dub step, but I enjoyed this album.

Oh come on! It's not their best, but it sure isn't their worst! The Path of Totality may just be the first album ever in yet another new genre of music sparked once again by KoRn. My top 5 are:
1) KoRn
2) The Path Of Totality (Yes, really)
3) KoRn I
4) Life is Peachy
5) The rest are pretty much tied except for Issues and Untitled.

14 Neidermayer's Mind

Blind sounds so much better on this album KORN is one of my favourite albums and blind is an amazing song but the guitar riffs for that song on this album are awesome

They sound so cool and creepy on this demo. I love it!

Why isn't this one the list?

15 Chopped & Screwed Chopped & Screwed Product Image
16 The Essential Korn The Essential Korn Product Image

Good colection of hits from first 6 albums

I have and it has the greatest hits. nothing more to say... 1000% and beyond

17 Live & Rare Live & Rare  Product Image
18 MTV Unplugged MTV Unplugged Product Image

Okay, if my 50 year old mother likes this album, it must be good.

19 Korn Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Korn Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Product Image
20 Good God - Ep

This mix of live and studio korn songs are amazing! Two thumbs up!
1. Good God
2. Good God (Live)
3. Need To (Live)
4. Divine (Live)

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