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21 Kill You

This song is my favorite song from life is peachy and one of my favorites from korn. Very underrated song

The chorus is amazing this song should at least be at the top ten

This song brings me good memories

Dark song.
Awesome vocals and instrumentals, it is amazing! Listen to it, it truly is KoRn's best!

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22 Ball Tongue

I love this cause the "random sounding" in the chorus... And it's far too low on this list! BALL TOUNGE!

This song is just so unique, the structure is so strange and the chorus doesn't even have lyrics, it's just awesome

Everything about this song is just incredible. From start to finish it doesn't let up!

Really intense song. It's a real shame Jonathan Davis recorded this song while high on meth, kind of makes me lose respect that I had for this one particular song :/

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23 Lies

SUPER powerful SONG!

Epic death growl. My favourite music

Best growl ever, this song is truly amazing shame it has an end

Oh God what is there to say? This is without a doubt Korns BEST song. Munky and Heads intense riffs, Heads chorus... The end is the most INTENSE part of the song. Every hair on my body stands up hearing this song.

One of the best

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24 Y'all Want a Single

Absolutely brilliant, should be at least top ten!

Great song. This song is the perfect song to play when you want to get down and go crazy. This song should be in the top 5.

Fantastic song should be WAY higher! Perfect song for beeing mad at someone (or something).

Best nu meal song forever

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25 Daddy

This song is incredibly sad and depressing. The song is about how Jonathon was molested as a child, and how his parents wouldn't believe him. I would've imagined how hard this song would've been for Jonathon to write, since in an interview he claimed how he couldn't bring himself to perform this song live (that's changed over time now, and he's fine with singing it)

One of the most saddest songs ever

I won't make very many friends after sharing this statement. I voted for this song. A lot of people dislike this song, because of how disturbing it is. But to be honest, I have always liked disturbing stuff. Not that I am happy that Jonathon Davis was molested by his father, I feel pity for that part of his childhood. What I like about this song is that it's just so disgusting and horrible, yet it's so entertaning.

Should be in the top 10

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26 Love & Meth

"Feeling complacent, I can not be contained.
I'm so lost and lonely now."

This song has everything. Powerful guitar riffs, amazing drumming and incredible melodies. The chorus has quite possibly the best vocal performance in Jonathan Davis' career. There is so much power in the bridge...unbelievable.

I can't get enough of that song! My favorite! - Mursalin

I absolutely LOVE this song. It's their best EVER. Thank you, KoRn for making this legendary song.

Best ever on The Paradigm Shift. Korn just came to my country (Australia) since 2013

Great song, and a very relatable mwaning too. I never thought that love could ruin your life as much as drugs can, before I heard this song!

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27 Faget

This song is the best and the drops of "suck my dick like it" and "all my life who am I" are amazing. How is it this low!

How is this song so low. In my opinion it has a great chorus and the best beat drop ever!

44! 44?!?!?! COME ON! This song is a CLASSIC! It deserves a higher spot!

Absolute classic. Favorite song from the debut album. - Disasterpiece

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28 Liar

First song I ever heard from the band, got me hooked right away and I love this track's sound.

Powerful old school sound, great lyric, so much feeling

Should be in the top ten in my opinoin

29 Dead Bodies Everywhere

Damn! This is so lame... Its one of korn's best song. At least it should be mentioned in top 10. Th

This is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are great, the guitar is great, the whole song is great.

Are you kidding me? Has anyone heard this song. Listen to Dead Bodies and to Twisted Transistor back to back and then judge which one should be in the Top 10!

I was hesitant to listen to this song when I first saw the name, but I'm glad I put that aside, as this song is one of my favourites.

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30 No Way

Most desperate, deranged, megalomaniac, delusional, intense Korn song ever written.

One of my favorite non-singles by them. Awesome song.

31 My Gift to You

Why is My Gift to You 86th! This song is number one and cannot be beat! Awesome Bagpipes in the beginning and dark and heavy bass and lyrics. All you need to do is listen to this song once, and you will know why it is their best song of all time!

Should be in top 3. Twisted Transistor, Coming Undone and Evolution in top ten? Ha, My Gift to You slaughters all these songs.

Most epic korn song!

This song is extremely underrated. Should be number 1, my god this song is so perfect.

32 Rotting in Vain

This song is so awesome it's ridiculous. It's heavy and aggressive and the vocals absolutely blew me away. Great instrumentals too. It's a huge throwback to their old work and in my opinion, even better. Yes, it's new, but it kicks ass.

Korn are back with a bang...!

The new badass song

The new album is awesome, not sure if it’s not the best ever. And Rotting In Vain is probably the best song on it so... - Mixer

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33 No Place to Hide

Really? 0.6%! Come on! This a great song that Defiantly deserves some love!

34 Get Up!

Before those of you who don't like dubstep down vote this, listen to the whole song. It's just them going in a new direction and in my opinion it kicks ass

This song made me enjoy dubstep for the first time in my life.

Just letting you guys know, this song has Dub-Step Roots.
So if you are as open minded as I am, you will come to see that... THIS SONG KICKS ASS!

Its loud and just the DEFINITION of a song to be played as full volume in a car!

This song means so much to me. Even though it is not Korn's best song it is great. This is the song that got me into metal in general. I used to like dubstep before metal so this helped me to find metal. I thank this song for bringing me into the metal world. Now I listen to all kinds of metal including nu metak, groove metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, death metak, etc. just because of this song.

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35 Hollow Life

Not only is this Jonathan Davis' personal favorite song, its also the best song on the CD. This also has one of the better KoRn Chorus' out there. Definitely a KoRn top 10.

This song is a masterpiece. I can't understand why this song is so low on the list come on guys give this song some love. It's clearly one of their best!

This HAS to be in the top 10 at the very least, it's brilliant!

"We come to this place, falling through time living a hollow life"

Hauntingly magnificent :-)

This song makes me cry

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36 Need To

Fantastic song featuring some of Korn's best and most emotional lyrics. I can't believe this is all the way back in 49th. Seriously, are you people deaf?

Are you getting me this song is so underrated. Listen to it!

This song 'Needs to' be higher. Eh see what I did there - wolphert

So underrated...deserves to be in top 20

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37 Mr. Rogers

I listen to this song everyday (for the record, I do not at all hold a grudge against Fred Rogers) to remind me that I should be more careful about what my kids watch. I grew up on really scary and inappropriate kids shows like Billy & Mandy, iCarly, Mr. Meaty, etc.

Agreed! It should be in the top 10! Needs more votes!

One of the best songs by Korn!

How is this not top 10?
This song can tell a stranger what koRn is all about!

38 B.B.K.

This is one the heaviest songs they've written, the high guitar is just so awesome, and the scatting the bridge works so well, they really should play this song live again, it's been awhile

Brilliant song, Jonathan Davis solo was just epic... Gotta listen to this song if you already haven't,

Amazing song with effects on the instruments, different rhythms, distortion, headbang interlude, JD's solo, powerful bass... Everything is good in this song.

39 Divine

What! My bad I thought this was top 10 best KoRn songs not top 10 most popular KoRn songs. Don't get me wrong I love all KoRn songs. BEST BAND EVER! So someone should fix this!

What the hell! That song is so dark!

I love this song


40 Chi

Korn in their prime, man. Weird that it's so low, but I suppose with their new sound there are new opinions. Still love their old stuff and this one here is just... Sick

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