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61 Twist

beatboxing has reached new levels of epicness due to this song.

Very good intro song to an amazing album

I've listened to this for hours on end. Somebody help I can't stop.

Probably the best intro to any album ever.

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62 Getting Off

This is a very underrated KoRn Song! I wish they would play this live!

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63 Hypocrites

How is this song not higher?!?! This song is so good great chorus! - SJM

64 Do What They Say

I just discovered this song today, and I have to say this is one of the most sad and emotional songs Jonathan davis or Korn has ever released, it was so deep I almost broke into tears, you can just hear the sadness and agony in Jonathan Davis's voice, please vote this song higher and you'll understand why.

65 Chaos Lives in Everything

What an awesomely powerful tune CHAOS is. My previous fave was Coming Undone, but this blows everything away. Hope they put it back on their set lists so I get to see it live.

Listen to the BBC version, without the dubstep...

Seriously, this is their best track by a mile.

The chord progression in the chorus... The lyrics... This is an absolutely unbeatable tune. Best in their catalogue by some distance I recon.

Am I crazy? Why isn't this number one? That chorus just takes me to a different place. Epic!

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66 Pop a Pill
67 It's On!

This has to be higher on the list it has a bad ass intro, great way to start the album for follow the leader, and is the type of song you get lost in, and to headbang to.

I don't know where this song deserves to be, but it's definitely higher than 68

This is BY FAR koRn's best song ever. How is it 78th? It came on the best album as well... Sort it out

Best ever and favourite KoRn song.. love the intro on Got The Life video.. open ring to Follow The Leader, my favourite KoRn album and opening to Sydney Big Day Out 1999, my favourite KoRn concert.. SYDNEY MAKE SOME NOISE!

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68 Hold On

This is by far their most underrated song, but it's one of my favorites and a true masterpiece

This is one of my fave songs! Awesome voice, awesome music!

Awesome song!


69 Fake

This song is awesome and it deals with abusive individuals. It must be in a higher position.

I listen Korn many years but still this is my favorite!

Heaviest KoRn song ever! And best too

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70 Make Believe
71 Love Song

My friend died and this is his song


72 Let's Get This Party Started

This should be at least in top 20, such a kick ass song!

Best Korn song together with Last Legal Drug... Catchy, emotional, heavy etc. It's got all the hooks you'd want: rhythm hooks, melody hooks, lyrical hooks... It's a perfect song!

Oh man just listen to the lyrics!

Sometimes I wish I could be strong like you
It doesn't matter
Each time I wake I'm somehow feeling the truth
I can't handle

And this is just a part of brilliance!...

Best song on the album

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73 Burn the Obedient
74 Blame

This is one of the heaviest songs by Korn, and one of the best. - GREATEST

The chorus is probabley my favorite korn chorus ever

Whaaat? Blame is at 73? Vote this up!

Hahah 100th?
Amazing song, where's the votes people

75 Mass Hysteria

This song is a masterpiece. Reminds me of Untouchables.

Best song in the last album. Should be a single.

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76 Christmas Song

Classic KoRn sounds, not does not like him :-)))

77 Kidnap the Sandy Claws

Come on! One of the best KoRn songs out there! The beginning is also extremely catchy. - chickasawcaleb

By Tim Burtons creations, why the hell is this song so low nightmare before Christmas is truly inspiring and great, and so is this song. Please people vote higher for this song. I mean yeah it's not very well known but is deserves some respect.

"Then throw away the key! "

Nightmare before Christmas is awesome and deserves respect just like korn.

I think that Korn working together to make another song for the album Nightmare Revisited was a great idea. This is one of my favorite songs because it introduces two of my favorite things Tim burton and Korn


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78 Hey Daddy

Awesome song listen to it and you'll see it belongs pretty high

Love it! In my top 10 for sure

Very creepy with an amazing chorus and has a very strong meaning about multi personallities

79 It's Me Again
80 Wicked V 2 Comments
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