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121 Sean Olson V 1 Comment
122 Illuminati

Needs to be in the top 10 or 20 at least! It starts out slow but its an epic song

V 1 Comment
123 Lead the Parade
124 Holding All These Lies

Beautiful song. I'm appalled that it isn't on this list. - NikBrusk

125 Wish You Could Be Me

Not long, but the lyrics are so powerful, this is why I love Jon Davis and Korn. - jarredshah

126 One More Time

I'm not shocked this song didn't even make the list, but I don't care, cause it has been my favourite since the first time I sat and listened to Untouchables.
Nobody seems to care for this song and that's just fine with me, because it's all mine, haha

I agree the voting system does suck one more time is awesome, the lyrics are pretty dark along with John Davis's vocals, truly chilling and dark, great song overall.

Are you kidding me this is one of korns best track off of untouchables truly absurd. And is catchy also the voting system sucks!

Every band has that hidden gem. This is Korn's. Lyrics hit home, and has a very melodic & nu-metal sound to it

127 I'm Done

What is this doing all the way down here?! This is one of the best korn songs ever made but it's a shame that its very unknown

128 Dead

Probably one of the most chilling introductions to an album that I've ever heard.

129 It's Gonna Go Away V 1 Comment
130 Victimized

Not my favorite but the chorus is amazing - Jonerman

131 Last Legal Drug
132 Love and Luxury

Many people unfairly criticise "Untitled" due to it not selling well. This song is itself is something else. It's so good. It maybe different, but that's not a bad thing.

133 Hating

This song is so underrated, it's their most underrated song. Should be at LEAST in the top 15 on this list, some of the songs that are ahead of this has me scratching my head... Have people actually listened to this song? Do it.

This song is one of the best off the untouchables album

If more people listened to this song I would guarantee that this song would at least be in the top 10. The lyrics are good, the riffs are good, and overall it's an excellent song. I would recommend anybody to go look this song up on and see how awesome this song is themselves.

By far the best korn albumn, I also think it sold the most also. Davis himself rated it one of his favorites behind the self titled albumn. It was my first korn albumn I bought. All the songs from the albumn need to be higher.

V 4 Comments
134 Kiss

My favorite song EVER! This song is so motivational every time you listen to it

"What do I have to do?
Why won't you please let me through?
I'm going head into
Something I know I will Fail"

Best lyrics ever

This song is so beautiful! Needs to be moved up! Untitled is WAY underrated

This song is amazing it should definitely be higher.

I cry every time I hear it :(

135 Bitch We Got a Problem

This song is so underrated, and deserves love! It's a true master piece, and is different than some of there other songs. This is my favorite song by them! Come on guys we can do better than 149!

I don't even like this song too much but it defiantly is not the worst korn song, not even close

Love it! Wayy underrated


136 Children of the Korn

I love this song! From ice cube vocals

Top 20, not 141

137 Word Up!

I love this Korn cover. I never would've thought they could pull this off, but they did. It lifts my spirits whenever I hear it.

This song is inspiring to everyone and I listen to this whenever I need inspiration to do anything I wish every band could pull off songs as good as this. BEST SONG EVER KORN IS THE BOMB keep it coming guys you are truly amazing I love you guys KORN FOREVER!

This song is history... Made me a bit sad seeing this song deep down in no.11... Vote for this guys this deserves to be on those top tens

Best cover EVER!

V 7 Comments
138 Fear Is a Place to Live

Amazing song on an underrated album

139 Justin

The riffs on this song are some of the best I've ever heard. This is a total sleeper song but I think is their best. Move this up on the list, it's a top tenner for sure!

When I looked at this list, I expected this song to be in the top 20. But no. It is 139. I'm sorry, but that's stupid. This is one of the best korn songs ever. YOU ARE ALIVE!

The chorus and guitar are quite good - redbluedeath

Loved this song, first song I heard off Follow the Leader

140 Let the Guilt Go

I fell in love with this song... I love the chorus & the 'letting guilt waste away' bit. Amazing song!

How is this not higher?! This song is amazing I love his voice in this <3_

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