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141 Bottled Up Inside

SO much emotion, I love Korn, they are all that keeps me alive... - jarredshah

You have got to be selling me tacos right now, why the hell is this song at 145, this song in my opinion is one of korns best, the meaning behind this song is that hate and anger that is bottled up inside wanting to come out.

This song is so heavy


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142 Move On

That riff is amazing

143 Hushabye
144 Appears
145 Punishment Time V 1 Comment
146 Spike in My Veins

76 what the f? You know this song exists, right everybody?

Top 20 song at least!

My favorite song. #1 baby.

147 Proud
148 One More Time

I'm not shocked this song didn't even make the list, but I don't care, cause it has been my favourite since the first time I sat and listened to Untouchables.
Nobody seems to care for this song and that's just fine with me, because it's all mine, haha

I agree the voting system does suck one more time is awesome, the lyrics are pretty dark along with John Davis's vocals, truly chilling and dark, great song overall.

Are you kidding me this is one of korns best track off of untouchables truly absurd. And is catchy also the voting system sucks!

149 The Past
150 I'm the One
151 4 U
152 Am I Going Crazy
153 Lullaby for a Sadist V 1 Comment
154 Haze

I love every Korn album so much but I must admit that this is probably their worst song

A wonderful and catchy song from Korns Untitled album. Very underrated

155 The Game is Over V 1 Comment
156 Tell Me What You Want

The breakdown has an awesome riff

This I believe is a bonus track of the paradigm shift and is VERY bad ass! it sounds nothing like the other songs on the album. the courus is more old school Korn and shold be somewhere on this list!

157 Intro - Untitled
158 Cameltosis
159 Lowrider
160 It's All Wrong
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