Maybe they're apart now but we-Cassiopeia, their loyal fandom, will never forget what they have given us. Their beautiful songs, incredible live performances and their honourable characteristics will live in our heart eternally. If they do not come back, it would be a huge misery for us. But I wont hate them because thanks to DBSK, I have become a better person, I owe them a lot. Anyway, when I am still alive, my faith in DBSK wont die and I hope you guys can be strong, too. As long as Cassiopeia here with me, I fear for nothing:X DBSK, keep in mind that we love you, now and ever

DB5K is the best Kpop boy group ever. I don't even consider them as just JYJ and DBSK they are forever DB5K in my heart and they are legends.

DBSK has to be the best band ever. Period. Those five guys can touch anyone's soul with their harmony & melody. Their voices are truly amazing and creates magic when their beautiful voices come together as one, one can feel the intense passion and emotions they convey regardless if you understand a word of Korean/Japanese or not. They have such a wide vocal range and can sing any type of songs perfectly & you can't help but fall in love with the songs as well as them! They can sing, compose songs, dance and act, basically they are a complete package! They have achieved so much in so little time, they rule Asia & they aren't called 'The Gods rising from the East' for nothing. They are global superstars! Although they are JYJ & TVXQ duo now, we Cassies truly believe that they'll re-unite as One DB5K! Always Keep The Faith! DBSK Hwaiting!

The reason I came into kpop in the first place. There is not one person in the group that cannot sing or dance amazingly. Talented vocals and powerful dance moves. They all came from different backgrounds and hardships and together became this beautiful group that people everywhere cherish and love. They're not just artists. They're musicians and a symbol of hope to many.

DBSK and JYJ may be temporarily separated, but Cassiopeia firmly believes that as much as the things do not always go in favour, they have, as a rookie group opened the doors of the entertainment industry for Korean Pop culture back in the last decade. They are truly sincere and passionate about their love for creating music, art and entertainment and we'll always, always, keep the faith

Of all kpop artist I've been into. This is the only group that made me feel that I belong. Their songs, I can't live a day without listening. Their voices, the best of all. Their smiles, makes me cry because I can see how happy they are together and of course, the member, their love to each other makes me go wild. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH

Get acknowledge for having biggest fanclub in the world for 2 yrs. Why do you think they have that much fans? Simple. They're multi-talented. No matter how high they reach, they think themselves as they need to try harder. They crawled their way to reach to this position while no one else is trying. They have cute, innocent and pure personalities and just watch their variety shows or talk shows, they're unlike others in so many good ways. These 5 stars we believe in create the best harmony in music history. They're just meant to be together. Keep The Faith, Always.

Yunho Changmin (current DBSK) and Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu (JYJ from DBSK) is a family. They are not a mere Kpop group by business matter, and I love them more because of that. They've been showing us their passion, hard work n great performance but still humble with words and attitude, regardless how famous n great they are internationally. I think they are a good example of how public figure should be
Always Keep The Faith!

There are no words that could describe enough the TALENT of these two groups. Although they're separated (not sure if that's the right word... ) at the moment, look at them, they're still achieving so much. Sure, I have to admit, if they were five at the moment, they'd achieve so much more. But this is reality and they're no different from the past, the only thing that might be is that they're constantly improving. AKTF

They obviously deserve the title. Having the largest fanbase in the world is no joke. Dbsk are absolutely amazing. The beautiful harmony they create with their voices is all you need to see that they truly are legends.

I find it funny looking at this pairing because JYJ is part of DBSK, no one can deny that fact. But yeah, they are the best pairing and will always be. Try looking at their performances, they'll prove you how this pair would conquer you.

Both JYJ and DBSK will form a legend for the Kpop industry! Just like what happen back then. They can dance, sing, compose... Everything. Their voice harmonize together and create the most amazing song in the world. They're legend!

They are the of the best! They can sing, they can dance they can do anything plus they have a beautiful heart... I really hope that they can reunite as DBSK5 again and I will keep my faith on them.

DBSK (with 5 members) is the biggest and the best kpop group ever. Even though they are doing separately now (DBSK and JYJ), there are no other kpop artist who can beat them..

Their talents are unbeatable. I agree that they work well when in sub-groups too but when they are together, it is Heaven on Earth. Their harmonization, their looks, their voices, their dancing skills, their friendship. Those are some of the many reasons why TVXQ+JYJ make the best team ever.

The Best Pairing because JYJ is DBSK! They are one and the same thing! Like Hydrogen needs Oxygen to form Water, JYJ & DBSK need each other!

DBSK is and will always be the kings of KPOP, the best artists ever, and I'm not just saying that, even every rookie artist knows that!

The best of the best ever, seriously they're the kings of kpop. until now, I've never seen a group as talented as them.

DBSK is by far the best group ever! Even though it is now JYJ and DBSK, I still consider them as DBSK! All 5 of them are equally loved! Their the reason why I started listening to K-Pop. I really hope one day to see them come back together as 5! AKTF

JYJ are not only idols who can sing and dance but also great actors, musical actors and trusted Cf endorsers. They are unstoppable. They have the heart to share what they have and they have the voice that can reach out to the world!

They're always in 1... To provide extraordinary audio and visual shock...

They're the best no question. I know Cassiopeia is not following elf right now but hey, it'll all be over when HoMin & JYJ meet again. & to all those antis, just to let you know, "W" & "Still" was written by the same composer & YunHo was wearing the necklace that Jae Joong gave him as a present while he was performing that song. Stop picking side & stick with us, stick with all 5 of them.

They originally are a group. For cassie 5 is always dbsk. Jyj n homin are the best even they are not singing together now but I feel that most people agree with me that those 5 young men are always the best in kpop. Can anyone beat dbsk's song, style, dance, personalitises n most importantly quality of vocal is superb. Those who bad mouthing one or 5 of them dun call your self a cassie. Cassie always keep the faith of those 5 men to unite on their own way. Newbie who don't know anything just SHUT UP!

They are not the kings, but the legends. They're Kpop, but they also have their own genre.. TVXQ-pop. Hehehehe! Always keep the faith! They'll be back, stronger than ever!

No matter what happen, we, the cassies saw them as one and and they are one eventhough they split up into two because of some unavoidable circumstance. Their god like voice is one of the god'g gift and they are the best among the good. They will be together soon as the gods of the east and i, as a cassie will keep faith and wait for that to become real..