Big Bang is a group of amazing artists whose love for music has gotten me to respect them so much. Despite everything that happened last year, after all the painful things they went through, they didn't go and hide. Rather they came forward with FANTASTIC music and loads of courage to give us VIPs the assurance that we haven't lost them yet, that as long as we are there supporting them, they'll work hard to repay us through their heartfelt music.

I am proud to be a VIP and I'm glad I got introduced to this fantastic group of 5!

So Big Bang! Keep working hard! We are here to lift you up when you fall!

They are the only Kpop group that I know of that really has a passion for music. No, it doesn't matter how good MCs they are or how great they look, their fans are really genuine. We basically only love them for their music. We don't give a sh*t if they smoke or anything, all of their fans looked past that. Why? It's because of their music. I bet if any other Kpop group went through the same thing as them, they probably won't still be in the Kpop industry. Big Bang is legendary. No joke.

I have been into kpop for quite a long time and had never found any artist that is as good as BigBang, either as a group or as individuals. They are multi-talented, and unlike any other group, they made their own music and create their own choreography. They are trendsetters, and probably have the most male fans for a boy group.

Their songs are superb. Their albums are amazing. That include solo albums too. Even the maknae and so called, "least talented one", Seungri, made an album that has surpassed everyone's expectations.

Their songs covers for like half of my playlist. No artist, EVER, has succeeded to do that.

I think you should put bigbang at the first place cause it is obviously bigbang has conquer the world when they have won for the Best Worldwide Act at MTV's 2011 Europe Music Awards and Asia Pacific Nominee and not to mention also that Britney Spears also was defeated by them in that worldwide act category. YEAH you should have considered it again of putting them at seventh place, they're totally legend man! *peace no war

Big Bang is VIP everyone knows that! They are always the best laugh out loud!
GD, D-lite, V. I, Tempo and Sol are my whole life... Without Big Bang, my life would be completely empty.. When I find out about Big Bang it was a sad day for me, and the song that I hear was "La La La" in 2008 so it was a joyful song and when I first hear and saw them I start laughing and sing with them the song... So now I'm a VIP for life hehe I love all of them, but GD is my favorite one since the day that I saw him, and will be forever.

They aren't just a KPop boy band, they're all true artists. No one else can come back from such crazy scandals (in Korean standards) and then come back and sweep at awards. G-Dragon with his solo album, their comeback stage, the presence and charisma and raw talent of each member... Big Bang is number 1 for a reason. They're all talented artists that could do well solo, but they chose to make Big Bang and stay together for an even greater impact. Bow down to Big bang, no one else can top them

BIGBANG is AWESOME! They put their hearts and souls into practicing and performing for us!

I respect G-Dragon for his fashion sense
I respect TOP for being hilarious and randomly funny
I respect Taeyang for his awesome dance moves
I respect Daesung for being cute and smiling everyday to bring happiness to the world
I respect SeungRi for persistently trying to outdo everyone else and working hard.

In fact, I respect all of the members of BIGBANG and I love all of them equally and dearly. They are SO special, they deserve to be a the TOP! :D

GO BIGBANG! Fighting!

I love Big Bang... They are the best, amazing performers ever. They know how to have fun and they really love and respect those peoples around them. Very humble despite of their success worldwide. They make their own songs, choreography, and even the production of everything they commit their tome and energy. They love what they are doing and always do their best to pay their VIP's who loves them a lot.
Their songs are really fantastic (baby)! And their voice are really unique in every way...

BIGBANG is the best Korean boy band in the world. TOTAL PACKAGE.. Looks, talent, skills, and intelligence, they all posses that. They perform with swag that made you drool. They put k-pop on the globe. They won prestigious awards and features on many international music sites. They really deserves to be on top and win this.

There's a variety in their music unlike what you hear from other groups. They write their own songs and have great lyrics. They've proven time and time again that they will always get back on their feet and show that they're number 1 despite the odds. They're really talented and not just for show.

Bigbang shows different genres than other kpop band. They have great music and not only typical Kpop songs. They inspire and set the new level for other Kpop groups since their debut. Their songs spread in many different genres and no other kpop groups can follow their uniqueness even though many Kpop boyband now try to have rap songs like them. They are not PRETTY boys..!

Bigbang is the best korean boy band because they have great talent cool fashion, good looks, didn't do plastic surgery and they have natural looks, hyper active, funny, friendly and cute which Bigbang fans love about them and I wish they were the best korean band in korea and the world

I love BIGBANG because the 5 members are very talented. They always take care each other. I mean... They are like brothers. Their performances at MAMA awards was really fantastic. I'm really satisfied, and others VIP's too. They know how to cheers VIP's. And that makes me fall in love with them :3

They not only write their own songs but they have a style that is totally theirs. They are amazing live, humble, afraid to be honest in the face of scandals, and most of all, they always think about their fans first.

They don't follow the trend, they ARE the trend.

Hi! I'm Niza from MALAYSIA. I love BIGBANG so much because of their have own personality. Once they came out for new concert or music video, they will come with fresh look and something new. Even the songs that they perform is old already, but they still can make other enjoy it well just because of the changes. Their voice also is so unique, each member has their own vocal style. The most important thing is, BIGBANG very humble and polite. I Love BIGBANG. =D

Big Bang is WAY different than many other bands, especially their music videos! Their music really shows the meaning, and I can totally feel their message! I feel so traumatized by their AMAZING performances! For me, G-Dragon is the hottest, but all of them got sexy with style!

I really love BIGBANG especially G-DRAGON! They are full of passion and very unique that make them different to the other group. I believe they can further their carrier and became more successful in the future. In addition, their comeback in this year and BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 is very awesome

I love them. They are all excellent in live performances. And yes, they are very manly. I love G Dragon and Taeyang! And I like their color. I mean, they don't look pasty and all. Their skin got some darker tones on them and I kinda like it!

Bigbang is NO DOUBT the best kpop artist, why? Because the are not those group of boys or girls that dance and sing. They really love music and are living there life for it. They are just amazing.

I am a new fan of BigBang. Looking through the past, Kpop's not on my vocabulary until I heard their songs. It captivated my heart and now? I am their number one fan They have different personalities but it makes their group more fascinating.

Big Bang can be considered one of the greatest kpop bands of all times, we can considered that they debuted over 7 years ago, and there still considered one of the best. There music is filled with difference types of genres that anyone can love and sing along

Their music is improving each day. They are not just singers but also entertainers as well. Their concert is always great, huge stage, reaching out to fans at every angle. Even though they're not handsome but they're all so charming and I love them so much.

BigBang where the first band I found when I stared to like k-pop, I still love them and they should be number one at all times. They have fans every where in the world I am from Scotland that tells you how far they music goes.

As time goes on, this group isn't idol-group anymore. They deserve to be called as one of truly artists. They make and perform their songs as art. I hope Big Bang can provide many good and better music in the future and they will live as legend.

Best boy group ever in my whole life every one should vote for this boy group every song I heard that they make are excellent they also make the best music videos ever I think they have great clothing choice they are pros at what they do