JYJ are perhaps 3 of the most talented artists I have ever come across. Not only can they sing but they do something that is unheard of in South Korea, they write their own music! They are amazing singers, actors and muscial performers who are very kind. They are able to sing live and without auto-tone. They are wonderful dancers and they show us these skills every time they perform. They are loved by fans all across the world. They have toured in North America, Europe, played in China, Japan, Thailand and many more! They will also be the very first Korean artists to hold a concert in South America! They are also getting love calls from many other places in the world. Fans go out of their way for JYJ and JYJ do the same.

JYJ are 3 talented male idols... They are in showbiz for 8 years now. They fought for justice and even though they can't perform on their own country, they are very famous in Asia and not only in Asia, they held concerts in North America, Europe and now soon to conquer and be the first idol to have a concert in South America.

They are not only idols who can sing and dance but also great actors, musical actors and trusted Cf endorsers. They are unstoppable.

Even though they must face so many trouble/obstacles but JYJ keep their passion and stand up again and again with more strength also maybe someone upon seeing how JYJ face everything, will also summon enough courage to do a thing he/she probably will not try.

JYJ is the best, they have awesome personalities, they write the most incredible and touching lyrics that you could ever find in kpop music, they've been able to overcome the difficult times because of the love they have for the fans, and what's more important and might be the main reason why we all love them is that they CAN SING LIVE, they are not only idols but ARTISTS what makes them different!

I hope to see more JYJ activities in International Performance. JYJ is one of the most dedicated Kpop artist and always work hard on what they pursue towards their carrier. They were also a multi-talented artist which is why they were picked among other Asian artists. Their music can emerged very well to all genre. They also very well known.

JYJ have some of the best vocals in the world. All three members are passionate about their crafts and love their fans. If invited to the opening ceremony, JYJ will surely put on an amazing show. JYJ's vocal abilities, dancing, energy and love for their fans cannot be beaten by any other artists. JYJ are up and coming global superstars and will soon be known by all!

They are very talented in many aspects - singing, lyrics-writing, composing, acting & the variety of genres their vocals can do amazes me. I will never stop supporting them for such amazing talents are very rare to come by. To be able to come this far without the access to local & Japanese media due to unfair discriminations, is testimonial to their achievements. You will never regret listening to them.

JYJ is the best because they are true artists. They can really sing well, dance well and they just simply own the stage. I really admire them for being brave and determined enough to face the challenges and unfairness, and are able to be strong to fight for their dreams. As a JYJ fan, I will continue to support Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, because they are the one who show me the real spirit and passion for music. I am pleased to be one of the million JYJ'fans to witness JYJ's success. JYJ you are the best!

For all the things that they've been through, and still manage to find the way out, I respect them for that. They are able to arise back not because they have many good contacts but because of their individual outstanding talents. This alone prove that they really stand on their own ability and the love of their fans which many idols dream of.

The most talented group and the most well deserved group around the world.. They must get the most k-pop artist this 2012... Their fandom is highly appreciated even without promotions..

JYJ is the greatest artist in Korea, despite their lack of acknowledgement in their own country. Listen to them and you'll hooked forever. The best. Multi-talented. Sing to their heart. Never seen artist as great as them. JYJ Fighting!

JYJ, JYJ, JYJ we love you, please come again to Europe. We miss you. Longing for your performance. Your beautiful harmony, great vocals and your happy spirit

Totally in love with JYJ live performance... Extremely great voices in one band... Great personalities and all extremely talented and hard working...

Please give them a chance, they will be your best choice. If they get the opportunity, they will do their best to stage full of vitality. They have fans from around the world, which is consistent with the Olympic Games are all about. Please let them board the stage!

They are real star in the world. JYJ is not only K-pop star but shows how we have to live. In spite of terrible obstacles ( They cannot be music T.V. program in Korea. JYJ never disappointed and the show how we have to always keep the faith. So I recommend them. JYJ is symbol of freedom and love.

JYJ's voice are wonderful! Their performance are always the best. Not only they can sing a dance, they are funny too and truly care about their fans! They deserve to be the best K-pop Artist of 2012! JYJ fighting!

They are the best musicians ever. They make me happy when I listened to their music. I really appreciate all their hard work to connect with the fans

They are best! Their voice, their music, their personality, their dance and many more.. I cannot describe it with words. Wish them all the best forever and ever. Hope for their smooth activity in 2012.

Obviously, JYJ is the BEST. The guys write, compose their own music, direct their own concerts. Moreover, they are the best live, vocally and performance-wise. They are exceptionally the best!

They can actually sing... Without autotune... They actually have meaning and feeling to their song and it does not feel like they are just some teeny bop idols that sound like everybody else, but they actually put their all into their music...

JYJ is amazing.. Without a comeback stage or T.V. broadcast in their own country didn't make JYJ left behind.. How amazing their album in haeven is one of the most selling album in 2011.. Their ticket concert is sold out everywhere.. (read; world wide) they compose n writing their own song which is 5star rate their acting skill is no doubt.. What more can you ask from an idol?

JYJ, a South Korean artists/musicians consist of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. Despite all the blockings and injustices throw to them, JYJ survive the obstacles and emerge even stronger and better. We, JYJ's Fans will support their music and freedom to be who they are and what they want to be. JYJ and JYJ's Fans Fightings!

Their brilliant performance, charming appearance, beautiful voices make them outstanding among Korean artists and that's why they enjoy great popularity around the whole world. There is no doubt that they deserve this honor.

Courages and talented describe these trio. Breaking out from the canned idol mode to become themselves!

JYJ have amazing songs with passionate vocals. They would be perfect to perform for the Olympic Ceremony because of their large international fan base and worldly appeal.