Best K-pop Artists of 2012

This shows the list of Korean artists that we so love. Whether a group, or solo artists are included. Please vote so that we can see who are the best of 2012.

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21 Kara

There are just so much people who judge Kara's singing skills, at least they have the confidence to go up stage and sing for everyone, I just want to state for those who always say they have no vocal skills to try and sing if they're so good, Kara debuted in 2007 with Kim Sung Hee, when she left they were still strong and welcomed the new members. They're like one of the most friendliest girl groups out there! They've improved so much and because of the news of them disbanding they stayed together as one. KARA FOREVER

We love KARA^^
Because KARA's very precious for us. ^v^


Kara is vey cute outside of the spotlight but when they are on the stage, they are like unbelivable

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22 T-ara

They are the top 2 kpop girl in Korea now.. They are very popular her in Korea...!

T-Ara sould be in ten top! T-ara hwaiting!
They are so chic and cheerful I think.

Great Performance and great voices, they should be in the top 10 not at the mid range. More people vote

I love t-ara... actually I'm not a Korean, American, Chinese, Japanese, I'm a Pakistani and there are many fans of t-ara here we love t-ara... wanna see them performing live and think the should be in top 10... park jiyeon I love you

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23 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls

I love Wonder Girls!
I hope Wonder Girls will be a World Singer.
The DJ Is Mine coming soon!
Dae Back Na Ra!
Wonder Girls Fighting!

Wondergirls is amazing girls!
They are so cute and they also sing well!
We WONDERFUL always love the wondergirls and mimi

Wonder Girls will love their single The DJ is Mine in the United States is also gonna fly...

Wonder girl is the best female group. They are all naturel beauty not like the others

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24 Boyfriend

BOYFRIEND is group of many refreshing charms that other groups doesn't have.
They are young and energetic plus their pure and innocent concepts are most likely to be the reason why so many fans waver over these male Idols.

Boyfriend is a rookie group in 2011 and showed so much potential to succeed in the Korean Entertainment industry. That's why their fanclub Bestfriend also works hard hand in hand with their Idols to make them the best well-known boy-band internationally.

Boyfriend is the cutest group that I observe... And there music video is not common than the other... And they are not arrogant... They do there best to perform perfectly on stage... For me boyfriend is the best... And I love boyfriend specially they perform on stage...

Bestfriends love Boyfriend FOREVER!. Take care of your health BOYFRIEND oppas we will wait for your comeback so come back quickly!
From: one of the Singapore crying best friend

Coolest and cutest band

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25 Im Yoona Im Yoona Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

Yoona is a perfect girl. She is good in acting and singing.

She's so pretty and cute. I love you forever "... Never forget U.

I Love YoonA, she is cute, naughty, pretty and the nice girl... She like a angle!.. She is good in singing.. She is beautiful at SNSD.. She is number 1 artist KPOP in Korea... Maybe :P...
PLEASEVOTE YOONA GUYS!.. I'm number 1 her fans...

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26 F.T. Island

They are the best! Nothing compares.. I mean I also like some of the boy band in Korea.. But F. T island will still be the best number one for me..! I mean they are just so adorable.. So lovable.. So cutee! So talented!

-every song is full of emotion.. I love all their songs! I have it in my ipod and I memorized all of it.. I am completely addicted to them..

I just love them! All the members are funny in a good way and their personalities are unique.. The don't care much about their image.. They just go with what they want to do... That is why I love them so much!

---certified primadonna

They all multitalent, has an uniqe personality and good ability... I'm sure in 2012, they would give their best to all primadonna (their fanbase), and make something better for their music... I love ft island.

Their songs are full with spirits to influence you to like it and you will addicted to it. The vocalist, Hong Ki sang emotionally in every song and the musics are awesome~ Every member of FT Island have their own talent... So when they are grouped together, they'll form an awesome group!

Wow I love Hong ki 's voice! It's the most beautiful male voice I've ever heard <3 oppa fighting!

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27 Huh Gak
28 Teen Top Teen Top

They are really good. Their songs, melody, lyrics and dancing are very cool. Their voice are too good. They got Nonnas' heart from *No More Perfume On You*. They got the prizes from *Crazy*. *To U* is too good. In that song melody, lyric and sexy dance are so cool. Their dances are very hard. The main point of their dance is the shower, hand and leg. TEEN TOP can dance sexy dance very well. And their song *Be Ma Girl* they got teens' heart. They can make very well about their position. Example, C. J(Chunji) is the lead vocalist. He can sing the song very well and his voice is very very good. His face is very cute and attractive. TEEN TOP is the attractive guys. In Korean, my favorite boy group is TEEN TOP and my favorite member in TEEN TOP is C. J(Chunji). Anyway, I believe that TEEN TOP will be famous all over the world.

They are the best singer ever, they need to be in the first place.
i love they songs and they dance, also I love lee chan hee-chanji he the cutest gay in the world.
i love his friend from the bend either.
they songs make me feel special, and changing my moody.
its feel like they sing for me and they giving me the world on there hands.
there is no other band who greatest, coolest, and perfect like them.
they are Inseparable and Statements and its beautiful to see it in they band.
lee chan hee (chanji)- shoaie also fighting.
teen top-saranika also commaou.

It's just how good they improved so much! I really love their songs! I will always support their songs forever! They equal parts for each of their songs!

I think they deserve better place because of there performance, singing and dancing skill. Teen top fighting!

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This group is REALLY GREAT!

Members we're really ADORABLE, FUNNY, HANDSOME, DORK, SEXY, and GREAT.
Just love them all. And LOVE all of their songs from their debut song 'Oh Yeah' to their latest song which is 'Smoky Girl' that was their main song.

Watch their variety shows and you'll know who they really are, and what they are regarding their who are they in the stage and whom they are when it comes to real life. You'll LOVE them.

Love them from the start. Hardworking group, great songs and vocals.
Really give it their all. Will not disappoint their fans.
Their variety shows are the BEST! Lightens up your mood.
Glad to call myself an A+ and will always be.

My first encounter with KPOP was MBLAQ's Mona Lisa.. Since then KPOP became my life A whole new world opened for me and I still love MBLAQ very very much.. MBLAQ FIGHTING! A+ FIGHTING! ^^ love you

They were my discovery with the K-pop universe they are now my favorites!
MBLAQ you are the best: FIGHTING! Love you
A+ rock

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30 2AM

It's so sad that such a musically talented band (rated the best male singers along with BIGBANG by vocal experts) would be so underappreciated.

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31 Miss A Miss A Miss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

Miss A is really an inspiring girl group. They're totally awesome and cool. Great voices, dance moves & beautiful girls!

I do love them... And the song they make are improving and the dance is just so lovely, when I saw bad girl good girl really sexy but when I saw touch just wow...

I love miss A because they always comeback with great songs and different concepts... Strong, sexy, cute, dark (gothic)... They're very talented & every member shines

Miss a is perfect. When they are on like on shows like strong heart or star king, they talk really adorable epwhen you ask them appropriate questions but if you are like competing against them in a competition, they are beasts

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32 BoA BoA BoA Kwon is a singer born in Korea that became popular in Asia. She is known for singing in many languages, including Korean, English, and Japanese. She also is a professional dancer, as well as performer.

Best singer ever, she can dance, she can sing, she can speak many languages. Her songs are awesome and never get old, she should be worldwide popular like Beyonce. How are singers like Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber more popular than BoA? No offense to her fans, but Taylor Swift has pretty bad songs like Shake It Off and Never Getting Back together, very bland songs and style as well, she is not as talented as BoA. Justin Beiber has horrible songs like Baby and Boyfriend, he makes annoying songs and how is that no talent more popular than BoA? BoA has awesome songs like Eat You Up and Hurricane Venus, I like her electronic style, as well as her cute style. BoA is the one that should be getting a lot of awards and fame, not Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift.

Face: godlike
Body: flawless
Voice: heavenly
Dance: legendary
Vote for her!

BoA has got to be one of the asain best artists I've ever heard. She's one of the very few kpop singers that actually rely on their own talent instead of their looks, but she is still gorgeous. She is one of the very few kpop singers that can actually sing unlike others who have to use quite a lot of autotune. She has to be the queen of kpop.

I like how she mixes Korean and English in her songs. They are so upbeat and feel good music! She is also in an movie called Make Your Move... Love her so much. She's got the voice and the moves!

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33 BtoB

Btob may just be a rookie group this year but they have PROVEN themselves WORTHY with their amazing voices, touching songs and sweet personality. To be so perfect usually takes long but Btob just does it flawlessly. Btob hwaiting!
Please vote, they really deserve it!

I love BtoB from the first time hearing their songs.

I love BtoB. It doesn't even matter that I don't know what they are singing about, they songs are so good, that it makes me move every time I hear it! They are just AWESOME!

~European fan~

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34 A Pink
35 Lee Sungmin Lee Sungmin
36 100%
37 PSY PSY Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

Come on Man PSY Can't is 46 what!

Seriously, PSY solo and so is not weak and lousy like those korean bands who does not dare to perform alone but in SO BIG BANDS

Come on he should be number 1! He is amazing much better than crappy one direction! Come on people VOTE PSY PLEASE

PSY RULES OVER ALL! ANYONE WHO HATES HIM SHOULD DIE! No one sing Gangam Style like him. He crush Girls Generation easily like olive. - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

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38 Kim Hyung Jun

You r so... cute oppa

39 Choi Siwon Choi Siwon

He is just like the prince of Super Junior, apart from that he's also a good actor. He has starred many dramas both in Korea and Taiwan. In my opinion, he also has great voice.

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40 Lee Donghae


Donghae Oppa has an amazing voice and he is super cute!

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