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SHINee is amazing. They perform extraordinarily well live. They each have a distinctive voice, voices that are enough to win the hearts of new fans. They have the most complex and flowing dances the world has ever known. And although Kpop really is just another genre in music, SHINee introduced it and have been my favorite group even as discovering other groups that I admire and adore. They are extremely hard workers in everything they do, and I really believe they deserve to be #1!

Cause they are damn awesome and magnificent & LOVE SHINee hehe, vote for shinee people!

I wonder why there is a capital letter instead of small E.

It must be SHINee, right?

However, I like how SHINee is so popular!

Let's vote, SHAWOL NOONA!


SHINee introduced me to another genre of music, and currently the only one I listen to today! Out of the many groups and bands in Kpop that I admire and adore, SHINee is the best in dancing and singing. With distinctive voices, some of the most complex choreography, SHINee is legendary and their record companies' (SM Entertainment) best boygroup by far.

I just love them so much.. I think their music and style is the best.. And also you can hear that their voice is really great.. There's no different between singing live and recording.. And they bring much laughters in variety show.. I LOVE them!

This is my 2nd comment here and I just can say; "They are the best". Best @Singing, Best @Dancing, Best @Manner, Best @Performance, at any rate They are the Best @Anything.. So vote for them as many as you can!

SHINee are really talented and love what they do. They are 5 boys and each one of them is different in their own way (not to mention that they are super good looking). Together, they perform amazingly, have fun and form a strong friendship. They help each other out, listen to what they have to say and their song are amazing. They can really sing!

SHINee has there own style of music which nobody can copy! It's very unique, they also showed alto of improvement since there debut. They gained fans quickly with their charms and talents. There songs was always a hit and their powerful dance and catchy music is AMAZING! I LOVE SHINEE. FOREVER A SHAWOL

What can I say about them...
They are the best in every thing.
They have wonderful voices, looks, dancing skills &...
They are just so talented.
And of course they have a wonderful personality. They really love
Other members & they take care of each other like their own family.
I really enjoy seeing their love toward each other.
I hope they can have a beautiful & happy life.
I know that SHINee will always shine. Fighting.

They are just amazing because they are SHINee! Each of them have their own uniqueness and this makes each of them important in the group. The five of them together just exudes so much talent and charm, there's no reason why anyone would not like them!

Shining Shinee is a very talented boy band. They can all dance very well and the vocal is also powerful. I look forward to every performance because they always do great and they are young too, I'm sure in the following years they would be more successful

I love them very very very much be case they always awesome Even I love other artist, but I just want to vote for them SHINee will growing better and SHINING to all over the world

GO SHINee! They're really awesome. They're really great singing and dancing as well. They're cute. They're really funny Let's vote shawol!

Its like their name, SHINee means 'shining'. They can be like that because their own personality and their unique talent. They are standing as SHINee because themselves, their family, and all of SHINee World in the world!

No matter what a lot of fans are always support them as the best Korean boy band! SHINee FIGHTING!

Shinee is best band, they have amazing talent
their dance is outstanding
their songs make us to dance
their bests songs are
1 lucifer
2 ring ding dong
3 replay
4 amigo
5 sherlock
6 you are like oxygen
7 dazling girl
8 hello
9 quasimodo
10 jojo

SHINee are the BEST korean band and no need to vote for them because they are THE BEST. Not that taemin is in the band but the other members tend to do their best I love SHINee and specially taemin, it shows right!

Really love them! Especially Onew I think we should bring SHINee to Malaysia since they never once come to Malaysia. SHawol will have a great time if they come to Malaysia

SHINee's really great! They are really talented, handsome, have great personalities and have a great teamwork. Also they are great performing live, that's why SHINee's my favorite Kpop group

They really have an excellent relationship between the members. That's what makes them be so natural and special! Really talented and handsome. I don't know how nor when they melted my heart, but I've completely fallen for them! SHINee Hwaiting! Keep shining forever :D

No others and no need to think anymore. Shinee is the best. Mush love They're the band that bring me to Kpop.

I like them so much. Because, either in or out camera, their personality is the same, I like how they enjoy every performance, and how they mingle with their co-groups..

SHINING SHINEE is the best at what they do! I love them because of their talents and their music. They are one of the best boy bands ever! LOVE SHINING SHINEE FOREVER!

Shinee has always been my all time favorite. Group even though I like other groups it always makes. Me happy listening to there songs. Love them alway.

I love them so much/ they are full of talent and is a complete set of good looks, amazing personalities, breath-taking vocals and excellent dancing.

SHINee is really a nice korean boy band... Their talent is really the best among other groups... I really love their songs and their handsome faces