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2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.


2NE1 is an awesome band. I have been a fan every since the beginning. & I love all there songs and song collabs (Lollipop with BIGBANG). I really get along with the music form the band plus the beats from the music are very great! They are different than most KPOP girl bands. I love how unique the band is too! Their styles and music really shows that.

My Vote is for 2NE1 because they are really good in performing. They always sing live and they also have unique dance steps. They also have 4 great and wonderful voices. They not just perform in Asia, in fact also in America. Though, they are only four, are so more Impressive than others. They are really talented. They don't act CUTE as other GROUPS. It is just, They are have really cute personality.

I very very like 2n1 bec... The best all the time.. Although they are only 4 but they can sing as well can dance with high feeling and emotions... The best and this group inspired me also my friends... I salute this group very much... Thanks... Excellent

Perhaps the most impressive kpop girl group there is. 2ne1 doesn't bank on their looks or aegyo like the other kpop girl group does. They are fierce and they totally changed the game for the girl groups in S. Korea. Crowned as the Best New Band by MTV Iggy in 2011, were the representative speaker of Kpop at the Cannes International Festival, worked with Will.I. am and recognized by fashion mavens around the world like the renowned designer Jeremy Scott, 2ne1 delivers amazing and edgy music like no Kpop girl group does.

As a group, they don't harmonize and hardly ever sing at the same time either. During some of the 'It Hurts' performance, they use back-up singers to do it for them or they just use the back

Track. It's the same with 'Love is Ouch'. For that I blame YG. They

Should have at least taught them how to do that.

I'm not bashing them, I just hear a lot of '2NE1 has better live performances than other Girl Groups like SNSD, Miss A, and F (x)' I can guarantee you that if those girl groups didn't have to worry about dancing in sync to challenging choreography and sounding good while singing with at least 3 other girls all at the same time, then the quality of their live performances would be significantly better.

They never sing and dance at the same time. Whenever they perform a songs that requires actual
Vocals, they are always standing or sitting down. (For example, Love is
Ouch, Lonely, It Hurts, and in 'Ugly' they don't start dancing until
They stop ...more

There is an influx of girl groups that try too hard for that girly image, something about the standard of beauty that many cultures seem to be adopting. But when you look at 2NE1, even though they have a girlish flair, it's completely different, and wears proudly its own unique style. And their talent is just mind blowing.

2ne1 is the best, I think that every member is special and different.
Cl is the baddest female, she can rap like!
Park Boom has the best vocal register, so good
Minzy is an AMAZING dancer, she can dance hip-hop n break dance
Sandara Park is a good actress n she is very charismatic
I think 2NE1 has some awesome style and that make's so special
i love 2ne1, 2NE1 fighting! (sorry 4 my bad English, I'm learning &)

The thing that makes them so special is that they do everything so differently than other k-pop groups. They don't try to be something they are not and they do everything with such power and they are so FIERCE! They represent the girls that may not be or look perfect, and they make us feel a little better about ourselves

2NE1 is very unique compared to other KPOP girl bands. This shows from their fashion styles and music genres. They range in many different types of genres. 2NE1 is one of my favorite KPOP bands and will always be my favorite!

I like that they have a different style. They have this rock, R&B and they are really good rappers. I also like how its so hard to chose your bias I mean really how can you? CL is an amazing leader and she can rap really good. Bom is a great singer and beautiful. Dara is gorgeous and has a good personality and then Minzy is a dancing machine. I love these girls.

I like SNSD too, but some of the girls annoy they are sometimes so stuck up when 2NE1 are natural and don't act fake. I hate half of SNSD!

2NE1 are obviously the best like they said in their song. Against other groups like 4minute there up in the sky. Their style and music is unique they are just INCREDIBLE. Period.

2NE1 is a very talented group. Not just in singing and dancing but other skills as well. They give their all when they perform. Even before debut this group was very well known and up until now. Even though they don't attend variety shows (like other groups who do variety shows to promote themselves) they are good without. They're songs' lyrics show lots of personality and the choreography is amazing! I would love to see more of them!

Of course 2ne1... It's not just about the synchronized dancing and good looks more important than that is the APPEAL and that POWERFUL presence that only 2ne1 has... They are not the conventional and typical girl group who always act cute and girly instead they embody the different sides of a woman... They showcase individuality and strength... They are the femme Fatale of KPOP

Sandara Park was discovered from the Philippines (she was famous for participating Star Circle Quest). I love how she knows how to speak Tagalog and most of all, she's the most prettiest member among the group. Nevertheless, 2ne1 is the best group name and sold many album in a countless of various countries. This explains why love this group ^-^... All because of Sandara Park.

Love you guys! You guys are amazing in everything you do, so don't worry you will be the number 1 kpop band in no time! You will always number 1 maybe not on this list but in the hearts of your adoring fans! So stay strong, proud, amazing, and keep aiming for the top!

I love 2ne1. I love their voices, I love their style, I love almost every thing about them. They are very talented, lovely and caring for their fans. They are the reason why I started to listen to Kpop. Right now, I'm really proud to say : I'm a Black Jack. 2ne1 fighting!

2ne1 is the best kpop group! They are really pretty and doesn't need to act like some bunch of cute girls for people to like them. They have style, class, originality, quality, potential, talent, guts, and especially attitude and that 'Unmph' That makes people go WOW when they perform or whenever you hear they're music! They're music is also especially very relatable and catchy. And I think that's what people especially teens look for nowadays.

2NE1 the best of the best on Kpop girl group.
Great voices, music, full of talents.
They're totally unique and got variety of music, they make great music.
One word to described them AWESOME.
Hope they'll come.

2NE1 is the best. I am a black jack a black jack alway support 2NE1. Vote is an action that show how much you love 2NE1. They are 4 angels in heart for ever. A big love of me! Please vote for them! Thanks you so much! Oh, my lovely girls! I know that you will win! 1

I love 2ne1! Amazing talent and they are cute. CL is a very responsible leader and such an amazing rapper, Bom has such a strong, beautiful, and amazing voice which can blow your mind. Minty is such an amazing dancer and a lovely singer, and Sandara has the voice of an angel above and her beauty gives her such a Goddess look. AMAZING. Fits perfectly together! BLACKJACK FOREVER!

2ne1 is unique. This group is the one who introduced me into kpop. They just can nail every concept, from reggae to hip-hop. 2ne1 knows how to be sexy without being cheat unlike some other girl groups with their cheap porn.
They (2ne1) are just themselves and their songs are meaningful, emotional or just reflect on our lifestyle ( that's why I love them) unlike other girly kpop Songs ( I don't dislike them or anything but some songs are just really annoying) where they basically talk about how beautiful or cute they are or where they just try to seduce guys.

2ne1 is the best. They don't treat their fans like fans they treat them as family. They have creative fashion, awesome songs, great stages, and awesome fans!

The only Kpop group that I can stand watching and listening too. I tried others but I don't get I can't feel their music. I loved the way they perform like they OWNED it. They don't wear sexy outfits (except for PARK BOM but she does it with class). Not afraid to try different genre. Maybe that's the reason they standout among the rest.

I love their explosive and always perfect performance.. They don't lip sying like other groups coff coff and in 2 years they have achieve a lot they are the best and other kpop are afraid of this girls success in such a short time

2ne1 is such a powerful girl group! Not only are they extremely talented, but they are a role model for young girls who feel as though they are trying to cut themselves "into a box" to fit in; they show them that to be your quirky, amazing self is the best way to be confident and succeed in life! Blackjacks unite!