2pm might not be as popular as exo or some other bands nowadays. maybe its because they haven't had some big events going on or things like that. as a 2pm fan I might be biased, but I believe that they are the best. my love faded for them quite a bit after exo and bap debuted but after a while I went to watch all their music videos again before they released "grown" and I fell in love with them all over again. can't you see their passion in their eyes? I'm not saying exo or suju don't have it, it's just that if you listen to their music you know yourself that they always try their best, and that music is their life. 2pm, if you ever see this, my friends nowadays are saying that you guys are getting out of the "good kpop band" zone, and I need to prove them wrong. please come back soon with a great album, better than all the previous one, something that will blow their minds

Go for 2PM! They are the best! And I love them all especially WOOYOUNG!

WHY 2PM as the best KPOP boyband?

1st : nice looking, adorable, cool (HOT) 2nd : treat people warmly (KIND-HEARTED) 3rd : always perform a powerful live concert (DO THEIR BEST TO SATISFY THE HOTTEST) 4th : they love the HOTTEST so much till they were crying in a concert 5th : their songs could move people's body even to heartbeat I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Please vote for 2PM.. They deserve to be the BEST korean boyband

Its been a while since I got into Kpop music but couldn't consider myself a fan yet. But then came 2PM like a breathe of fresh air, and their personalities along with their amazing songs turned me into a HOTTEST in no time. They are not just amazing artists, but beautiful human beings as well. Nichkhun is my favorite though. 2PM is one of the most talented k-pop groups, if not THE MOST. So, its your loss if you're not aware of them or their songs. Go check them out, you won't regret it.

I am a HOTTEST myself and I love them! Almost every album they came out with was very successful getting number 1 on the Asian iTunes Charts or just getting constant wins on Music Bank or Inkigayo! The Japenese albums they came out with almost everyone of them was performed at Tokyo Dome, which only the most successful KPOP idols in Japan can perform at. Other fandom a bash on them and I don't like it. Look how hard they worked to get here and so did the other KPOP idols like SHINee and Big Bang. They train hard and they sometimes stay up all night just to get their singing right or just to practice dancing! I bet no other KPOP idol can speak 6 languages like Taecyeon, 5 languages like Nichkhun, 4 languages like Jun K. , 3 languages like Junho, or 2 languages like Chansung and Wooyoung! Please listen to their songs and keep supporting them till the end and I hope they will never ever disband like other idol groups! I love you 2PM and I will always be a HOTTEST and support you guys ...more

They are so talented and I can't Describe there voices even they are a great dancer and there songs are awesome when I just hear there songs I scream like a and I really love them so much and I will be one of there fans for ever, by the way I'm from united arab emirates and I'm insane with them and every year and month they become better and better and I hope they continue on this way, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, fighting oppas

Everyone has to attend and improve his performance and skills both singing, dance an acrobatic, sing rap and compose the song and all of the performances for making all of the hottest around the world feel very much happy with their performances. I always cheer them up. Love everyone always.

2pm is the best group among other k pop groups. They all are hardworking, talented, handsome and kind of one another. Their singing and dancing are fantastic and amazing. All of their songs are best of all. I believe 2pm will become king of kpop in one day. Fighting, 2pm!

2pm is the best... Cause everyone belong in this group was super talented... All talent was everyone caught super... I'm super amazing when everyone dance cause super fantastic and voice bravo super the best... I also watch 2pm show its super exciting and funny I enjoy... More power 2pm

I love love LOVE these guys so much! They are always on my mind and forever in my heart! I wanna thank them for being so amazing, funny, cute dorky, and talented! They're such beautiful people! Inside AND out! 2PM 2AM HWAITING!

They are an amazing band with really good PR (: They're rapper is pretty darn talented along with all of the other members and I am especially in love with their song GO CRAZY which just gets me pumped up! Same goes for all their other songs! Seriously, these guys deserve so much credit for their hard work in becoming such a unique, talented, world renown band (: (not to mention very good looking guys as well)!

Yes, I think what makes them so amazing is that not only are they amazing dancers, singers and performers, but they have amazing chemistry with each other, closer than brothers, which makes them the 2 most entertaining groups on k-pop. This is obviously true, because 2pm have their own show - "the 2pm show" to show their hilarity.

2PM has a unique dancing style, that no other kpop group has, with their nickname as beastly idols and acrobatics. I'm sure that 2pm can dance like the other kpop groups, but not many can dance like a beast, show their muscles, and perform acrobatics.

They have come such a long way considering the scandal they had but I'm glad they came through. They're vocals are amazing & they have the best stage performance and charisma. Hottest!

2pm is really close to each other unlike other boybands. They are also very talented each member can dance act sing and beatbox.2pm members never fight and they know each other well, they care about their fans a lot. Many peoples agree that they're the king of fanservice. During valentines or white days, any other celebration day they always give their fans a gift wrapped by themselves. Their songs have a really catchy beat and their choreography is so perfect, sync.2pm can dance in a lot of genre like tango, bboy, hiphop, etc. They also have a good sense of hummor
Because of them my live becomes more happy, colorful, meaningful.
Hottests will always love 2pm! Fighting!
Our love for 2pm is eternal! Thanks for caring about us

I love 2PM and I'm a Hottest. 2PM is the boygrup full many talented. Can you see? Can you hear? Their dance, voice, song and face is very very DAEBAK!

They're all so talented and they're too good to be described. They're up to be the best. They have great dance and some good voice. They are also cool

ONE DAY IS A FAMILY! They are brothers! They are the most talented in the industry... Fighting one day! Stay strong

2pm and 2am are two different groups and have different people in each group. So why are they put together as one group?

2pm is the best kpop in Korea because all of the member are very talented they sing and dance very well.. And all of them are handsome and sexy...

I really love 2pm and 2am.. I think 2pm is best k-pop male group cause they can all sing and they can all dance really well.. And their song r always good to hear not always like repeating one word..
2am is just the best vocal from all k-pop band

2PM is awesome. They have really nicely coordinated music, and all of their members are amazing. Junho and Jun. K are great singers, adding on Wooyoung and all of the rest. Taecyeon is a fabulous rapper, and Wooyoung and Nichkhun dance really well.



They're the reason why I love kpop (to be honest, I hated kpop before but then I saw a video of them and it made me love kpop) THE BEST GROUP EVER!

i am hottest!
They're natural... Always show the real of them..
Love them

They should be number one on the poll. But whatever. Clearly no one has taste in music now a days. It's heart breaking.