T-ara has been a sensation. They have shown a lot with their different personalities and abilities. As a group I believe that they have grown to become one of the leading representatives of Korea's music industry.

What makes them special is their ability to change their concept any time but would always keep their quality of music at the top. This is why they are called by some people as chameleons of the entertainment industry

Boram, Soyeon, Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hwayoung and the newcomers Ahreum and Dani will surely continue to grab everyone's attention in the future with their synchronized dances and uplifting songs that will be remembered forever by the people.

Queens and everybody else will come to see a miracle that is T-ara.

Jiyeon is the prettiest girl I ever seen in my life!

I love T-ara... Love their songs and choreography... I will always believe their ability!. And I wish, I I want to be like they... Girls beautiful

I love their style! I love how they act in their music videos and on stage. When they're dancing, they act like they're the best and I can feel their confidence from behind a screen. I mean a lot of groups preform confidently like that, but T-ara does it the best by far. All I can think when I watch them preform is "THEY'RE SO COOL! "

I think T-ara has the best songs. Everybody's saying they only like Roly Poly or Cry Cry or Lovey Dovey, but those are their most popular songs. Some of their best songs are the ones with less than a million views or are the ones that are really good.
In my opinion, I think T-ara has the best rappers in the korea. They're all so fast! And they rap with a style, It has a nice melody to it and a lot of girl rappers rap without emotion.
D their dances are so cool! Have you seen the dance for Lovey-Dovey? All the shuffling and moon-walking and Running man..

And T-ara works REALLY hard. They've had like 4 comebacks in one year and they ...more

Jiyeon fighting T-ara fighting never give up were always here to support you and the t-ara members...

I have always supported and Queens T ara always stand by them... T ara

T-ara Fighting...!
T-ara is BEST of The BEST... Number:.1

I Love T-ara for many reasons, firstly as a whole they are the best looking girl group ( every member is so gorgeous! ), two its very rare to come across a group in which you love every single song they have released. ( to be honest I l love all their songs). And lastly, they work so hard and are the most desirving seeing as they have not had ANY free time whatsoever during their careers and on average get 2 and a half hours of sleep everyday ( which shows how commited they're). They are also very loving towards their fans, and do not have an ego like most, T-ara fighting! I will support you through thick and thin, go Queens!

I love to here their songs, it is so great, there dance and move are professional, they are so beautiful, hardworking, and the best thing they have is there team work! They're always care at each other, that is a great thing! I just want to say " I Love You forever, T-ara 5ting! "

Eun jung in my heart
I can't help loving them... T-ara are all mean the world to me and since I known them
They are wonderful... I love them more than anything else in this world.

T-ARA DAY BY DAY Fighting CB ------- T-ara Winner in cb

Queen's always doing their best. Their voice too perfect. Every times I listen music's T-ara, I feel like I am in the heaven, when I tired, depressed that T-ara always make me feel comfortable make me love this life more. I always love these girl with all my heart. I believe that someday you'll be a True Queen, victory is yours<3. Nothing is impossible with T-ara.

T-ara fighting!
Please support T-ara by watching their new MV Day By Day!
Thank you!

T-ara GO!

T-ara always make Queen's suprise, they always make me fell happy and save...

Queen's will always support T-ara. Their songs will always cherish our lives and strengthen our will & courage as loyal fanatics. We will patiently wait for their comeback on stage. Queen's will always be on guard to protect and watch over our beloved, T-ara.

"One T-ara, One Queen's"

T-ara is just awesome and perfect! They are talented, good at dancing, singing and even acting. They are pretty and awesome in their own way. All of their songs are all really good to listen. From the pop rocks to the ballads. They are just awesome!

I adore those girls they are always in my heart of course JIYEON is my ultimate bias... And I love all of them... Keep staying strong my girls I love every thing about you...

Aw I love that song time to love! The words are so beautiful my dream is to meet them I love so much and I always support you guys. What a gorgeous group! Fighting

They have different concepts whenever they comeback stage. That why I love them. Also, they are such cute, sexy, caring and hardworking idols.

They work hard and they really love their fans. They always try something new and though they are tired they still the best of themselves

T-ara Fighting. Queen's are always by your side. I am a huge fan of yours. Love you forever... T-ARA T-ARA T-ARA FIGHTING!

I love T-ARA especially Jiyeon she is the cutest girl on earth and she is my ultimate bias. I love all the members, when I don't see them for a while I feel like my heart is missing a peace. No matter what, I will always be a Queen's, and a proud one. T-ara keep your heads up we love you forever.

Although they once had had some unhappy things, but I still believe them. In my mind, they are the best girl group. The songs they had sang are the best too. Tara, frighting!

I so love them. Their songs, performances, personality and most especially they are all beautiful and sexy. :)

All of them has their own unique style and charisma.

T-ara Hwaiting! I will always be a Queen forever. :D

T-ara is the best female group, I love them and always support them no matter what happended, they are not like another group always have one style, T-ara is diffrent, when they comback, their concept is change, that makes Kpop fan is never get bored