They are the absolute best kpop band in history of bands in general, they kick all other bands asses and really deserve to be NUMBER ONE BABY Their the reason that I am so happy and fan girl all day they make me believe in faith and destiny and hope they are the absolute best that's why their called B.A. P it stand for BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT and they are perfection to me I don't know why theses other bands are in number 1-14 because B.A. P is very well known to start with and a lot of people don't know the other bands that Are listed here so B.A. P should at least be In number 2, I Just know that they got me to like kpop in general their songs are very motivating and I just love them ZELO/junhong is the cutest most handsome guy I have ever seen in my whole life and I've seen a lot of cute men but zelo is just the bae and I don't know what my life would be like if he wasn't in that group he completes the world to me so BAP deserve TO BE NUMBER ONE

STOP IT! Stop everything you're doing and listen to these 6 WARRIOR sing. They show NO MERCY when they sing, and they will let loose all the POWER in their voice. I gave this group ONE SHOT when I first listened to their song RAIN SOUND in a COFFEE SHOP, when I first heard their music it's like a HURRICANE, CRASHing into you. These ANGELs literally blew me away.

Aside from the corny puns, BAP can be summed up in 3 words. Best. Absolute. Perfect

I love Zelo 333 He's good at rapping AND he's good at dancing too. He's like the total package
Teeheeheehee~ He's young AND cute, too!

I absolutely adore BAP and I really respect their passion for music. They have a variety of songs of all different genres and it shows their versatility as artists. They are very talented and a lot of their songs are actually composed by them- and I love the fact that they have creative freedom as artists and how their songs are always so deep and meaningful. They are truly an amazing group in all aspects.

They are the hardest working group ever! They have been a group for around a year and have managed to have 3 comebacks in a year. I think for rookies BAP ARE AMAZING! BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT IS THE TITLE THEY DESERVE. For there experience being short, its safe to say they will be successful overseas too! 1

B.A. P is an amazing group! They create such amazing powerful music that make you want to dance and also have really sad meaningful songs that will bring out so much emotion in you. They are a golden group! Daehyun and Youngjae are one of the best singers in the industry and have amazing rappers that you won't be able to find in any other band. Don't forget they are also really strong dancers! They are obviously one of the best dance groups out there.

Bap... A group with 6 men as WARRIORs... Showing their POWER from debut until now. They give NO MERCY to other groups in this kpop industry (because they're the best, and absolutely perfect! ) bap, they got me CRASH and burn!

Of course, like their name - They are BEST, ABSOLUTE, PERFECT... They do their songs, musics, lyrics... But there are better than them? It is absurd. they are best. They are not copy another song. They have own lyric. They can write lyric. But SNSD? Come on... They deserve better than 16.. They must be top 3...

They deserve it. They work extremely hard and hardly have any rest. Their style is very unique and very fresh. They should be ranked higher than 16.

Bap is awesome. They always capture their audience with anything thing they do. Their music is new and different. Bap never disappoints

They're relatively new but AMAZING! They choreographed all the dance for their first music video themselves in THREE DAYS.

The reason I support B.A.P is that they always send a strong message through their music! Weather it's Justice meaning or a strong meaning to dare to chase your dreams they do it through real music.

BAP is the BEST! NOT only are they EXTREMELY TALENTED, they are also very HUMBLE and hardworking... Plus they are also very handsome... ITS BAP! Hands down!

B.A. P are the best they should be number 1 not sixteen all I know is B.A. P is the best

They are the Best and they have originality unlike Exo, because EXO copied their concept... And their comeback has taken so long and their songs are their teasers song last 2012... So I think they did'nt make some new songs...

B.A.P are just so random...I get excited every time they come back because I just don't know what to expect next!

B.A.P are such an amazing group and deserve to be much higher on this list than many of the other groups... They've got talented rappers Bang Yongguk and Zelo, powerhouse vocalist Daehyun, smooth r&b vocalist Youngjae, dancing king and rising vocalist Jongup, and ulzzang Himchan. They're super sweet guys and they're seriously so caring and humble towards their fans. They also do everything themselves- Yongguk writes ALL their songs and the maknae line helps choreograph much of their dancing. They've held the largest world tour of the year (they're a group that actually knows the definition of "world") and have topped the Billboard World Charts at #1 FOUR TIMES and yet still no one notices them. Their music is unique and they're super versatile artists; while they're known for their darker sound they can pull off a cutesy concept equally well without it looking or feeling fake. I hate how underrated B.A.P are and they deserve much better after their lawsuit and year long hiatus when so ...more

Seriously one of the best rookie groups this year. I'm absolutely sure they'll kick it high in their carreer. All the members are great at their thing but also at different things. I also find it very interesting that they're unlike the main stream.

B.A. P is the best. Their song is amazing. They have nice dance, they're very talent, very strong,... This group is the best of kpop

Bap is my kpop favourite groups. Their song & dance always make me fell excited. They are the best

They are stronger new group in Korea.They are best then EXO!

B.A.P is the most humble, down to earth and hardworking Idols I have ever seen. THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

B.A. P is Best Absolute Perfect. Their songs are amazing...B.A. P is the best...


Make way to the kings of kpop. They are coming to rock this world