Big Bang


In my opinion and people must agreed with me, BIGBANG IS THE FIRST GROUP THAT CAN DO SOLO, DUO OR EVEN GROUP WITH SUCCESSFUL, BIGBANG have 3 great singers, first we have TAEYANG that have a r&b soul voice, then we have DAESUNG, that have high note voice with great korean soul culture, lastly we have SEUNGRI, he voice was normal but even its normal, we can heard very clearly what he say. And BIGBANG voices that we very clearly fast recognize very well. Then we have 2 GREAT DUO RAPPER. First we have G DRAGON. This guy so damn smart. He rapper is strong with fly rap with swag. Then we have T.O. P that very great with beat heavy rap. SOME GROUP HAVE THEIR ADVANTAGES LIKE DANCE OR SING BUT BB HAVE THIS 2 ADVANTAGES WITH GREATEST AWESOME PERFORMANCES. THEY GOT SWAG. Don't you BELIEVE, WATCH BIG SHOW. AND THE REASON WHY KOREA INTERESTING BECAUSE 2 OF THEIR REASON WAS big show n g dragon. Then BB ACTUALLY GREAT NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR SING, BUT THEIR CAN ACT, DOING MC, PRODUCES SOME OF ...more

I didn't start liking Big Bang until I noticed how talented they are. At first, I've been listening to SM Entertainment people... They only care about the looks... Not the talent. For an example, SNSD, they're super pretty, but that's all plastic surgery. And none of them have special talents... Maybe except Hyoyeon for dancing. But like Yoona, she's not good at anything. She's not a natural dancer, her voice isn't that strong, and she is a terrible actress. If you look at Big Bang, they is nothing but pure talent. And all of the Big Bang members are attractive as well! All of them can sing, dance, act, and be hilarious! That's what true artists/idols are! Now I know this is suppose to be about Big Bang, but I'm going to go further. YG ENTERTAINMENT IS THE BEST! I know SM Entertainment is number 1, but can someone please tell me how? SNSD'S song "I Got A Boy" is the most retarded song... And truthfully, I thought I was going to go blind while watching the music video. Also, ...more

Big Bang is the BEST kpop band! Unlike other kpop band, they are original, never go for plastic surgery! And they are popular because of their voice and ability but not because of their looks or their muscular body! No doubt. BIGBANG for the win!

BIGBANG is the only group who got me head over heels with their songs. They're just unique and different in a way. I don't know how to describe it but.. BIGBANG is the one who made me happy all of a sudden and their music is meaningful and deep though I don't know what most of it means but I could feel their feelings in the songs which is very amazing. Like other groups, I might like a few of their songs but after a while I might get bored but for BIGBANG, I listen to their songs day and night for an entire year and I NEVER got sick of them. They are full of surprises and every time during their stage performance, comebacks or concert, you'll definitely be wanting to watch them because you never know what they're gonna do. Their talent is just one of a kind like Daesung and Seungri, their voice are so beautiful I cried listening to them sing. Taeyang just suits whatever he sings and his moves are awesome! GD and TOP, the hottest duo in town. Their raps never fail to amaze me! I am a ...more

Why bigbang are the best kpop band?
There music is revolutionary, they just don't use the same rhythm for all the songs just look at the various songs they made : bad boy, lollipop, lies, tell me goodbye, remember, haru haru, blue, tonight they all have different vibe and feeling.
They don't sell their bodies like some other idols they sell music, music that has been lost through time.
They express their true feelings by their music by letting others feel it.

Bigbang is the BEST KPop group there is, for you information. Everyone who voted for any band other than BIGBANG has obviously not heard BIGBANG's music yet. BIGBANG has the most unique and interesting songs, separating themselves from a massive pool of similar, boring KPop. (*Cough Cough* has anyone noticed that most groups other than BIGBANG has a lot of similar sounding songs? This group has the most variety of songs and is AWESOME! )

Big Bang, these 2 simple words that defined so much! They totally created a new meaning for kpop and are unstoppable Never have they let their fans down, and never will they

Big bang the number 1 in all the world
I hope big bang win
Big Bang is the BEST kpop band
I want you vote to big bang good day for all&

Bigbang is the Best! They each have many different talents and abilities compared to other k-pop groups. They get better and better every time they get a new album. Even though I don't understand what they say in their music video's.. I will still support them no matter what! I believe Bigbang is the best k-pop group.

Fresh, talented, sexy, strong and sensitive dancers, inspired... What else?
Go Go BigBang.. Paris is following you... Fighting! Kisses from Paris.

BIGBANG, the best!
for VIP BB is more than 'artists'.
They are everything for VIP.
cute talent handsome smart amazing
LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM are things that I'll do until I die

BIGBANG is the BEST... Forever and ever. I LOVE YOU ALL...T.O.P. , GD, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung. HOPE you can go here in the PHILIPPINES..

No one will ever replace you in my HEART

Big bang members has these unique qualities plus they all can sing and dance well and they're live performances are superb, plus they got to MTVema! I really believe, Big bang is the best )

BIGBANG simply is the best all over the world They're not like the typical boy group that we've been seeing. They're simply unique

BIGBANG... You are ah-ma-zing! VIP's are probably the most loyal fans I've seen out of all of the bands out there, and there's absolutely no reason to think not since BIGBANG is absolutely one of the best bands I've ever heard! Each member has their own unique strengths, for example TOP and his deep voice that's perfect for rapping, Taeyang and his smooth singing voice, G-Dragon and his liveliness + charisma, Seungri and his adorable-ness, and Daesung and his really nice voice! Put all of them in a band, and you get magic! A plus is that their songs are never the same. Sometimes, the songs are very energetic and have a lot of rap and bass, but other times, their songs are more soulful, sad and emotional. BIGBANG and VIP's hwaiting!

Full of emotion, passion and talent, these guys are amazing. They have changed the style of music and I love it. They're good looking and are extremely talented.

Big Bang is just perfection. They always come up with new and fresh ideas on stage which allows the VIPs to really enjoy themselves. Their songs have meanings and most people can relate to them.
They were criticized in the past about their looks and their voices on stage. But Big Bang proved them dead wrong. Listen to Daesung's singing voice, it improved SO much! And they went through a lot of scandals, big or small. But they were still united, and produced even better songs in their 2012 comeback. They showed that they were stronger than before as singers.
They entertain us fans as much as they can, talk to us as much as they can.
They have unique personalities that I don't see in other KPOP groups.
Big Bang is just the best in everything they do... It's just Big Bang, literally... :) (After saying all these, I'm so proud to be a VIP

I find their music quite entertaining.

First of all, the leader has the coolness and the hair of course. He is amazing, I know he is probably upset that Girls Generation or Super Junior are better than them. But don't worry, I am now a Big Bang fan. I had never find Kpop music fascinating until I heard your amazing songs.

Second is TOP, he has the rap and since he is the oldest, he's probably a lot more responsible than we give him credit for. Some people says that he is the sexy one and some says Suengri. They are both average and none of them is the best nor the worst.

Next is TaeYang, well he is the dancer of the band. All kind of moves, even moves that are cooking related and on top shows he and DaeSung are the funniest. If you have watch the video where GD shows his house to his fans on YouTube, you'll probably find out that he is in charge of the laundry. Prehasp he is more of a good boy than we though.

Speaking of DaeSung, I know not much people ...more

BIGANG Are like the best k-band ever they are so talented! And every member complete the band each one is special! And it was proven by wining the MTVEMA so

Each member has their own charm and unique characteristic. They are the kings of kpop! BIGBANG FIGHTING!

Big Bang in my opinion is the best kpop boy band. They all are stars in their own way and they just stick out from other groups. They make good music and has international feeling. I'm also a fan of other groups like BTS or EXO; these guys have talent and their own way of making music that made them really popular lately but their not in the Big Bang level. Sure Big Bang started out first but it's been 10 years since they deputed (it's 2016 right now and they debuted in 2006) not a lot of groups can stay together for that long. I don't like Exo Because they keep losing members and if they didn't have their dancing; they wouldn't have gained that much popularity since there known for their amazing dancing. BTS is good overall but Big Bang is a little higher. Sorry I didn't mention any other groups like TVXQ, Super Junior, or SHINEE, I just don't enjoy their music as I do for the three groups I mentioned earlier. I don't know if this is the end for Big Bang since the members are gonna ...more

BIG BANG FOREVER! They are the best in the world! There is nobody who hates them! NOBODY! EVERYONE LOVES THEM! WOOHOO!

Big Bang is the best! I love how they have their crazy little own style unlike super junior who are just a regular Korean boy band.


Not like the other bands. Big bang have somethings different, some thing very specific. If in the other band. Members are just like the other I can't never recognize who with who, they are just boys and girls who are pretty and can sing that all. BUT big bang is more than that. Each member is different from other. They have their own style our talent. Anh the special that when the difference from 5 members come together it make a magic combination it's so fantastic so wonderful that the only thing I can't say is " THAT BIGBANG "