BTS (Bangtan Boys)


BTS is the best! They have such inspirational music and their dance choreography is the complex and beautiful. Their music lighted my world up even if I'm American and I understand no Korean, through the beat and the sounds I feel what they feel and that is what makes them outstanding. Not only that but they also are the true example of 'started from the bottom now we here'. Coming from a boy well known company they still managed to gain fame and popularity because of their exceptional talent. Anyone is bound to fall in love with these goofy group of men who slay my exsitance. Kings. Legends. Perfect. World Wide Handsome. Are just a few words that are used to describe them. They are unique in that they produce their own music. They care so much about their fans and they never fail to say 'thank you' and show their appreciation for their fans. They are the first Korean Boy Band to be invited to the BillBoard Awards (American Music Award Show). Winning the top social award proving that ...more

Although they are not from one of the Big 3, BTS has been getting a lot of attention internationally and making many people change their mind about their dislike for kpop. In addition they have been breaking records, such as highest charting kpop act on the billboard 200 chart reaching #200 with their album Wings, continuously with their recent comeback. Along with beating records BTS help write their own music sharing their struggles with ARMY and leaving their blood, sweat, and tears in everything they do.

At this point, there doesn't seem to be any other groups (including Shinee) that can come close to matching the synced choreography of BTS. Even more so, the songs are not just solid but actually borderline impressive in their production and delivery. They're a relatively new band but by far one of the best.

The new rising Kpop group able to pull off different concepts, can even compete against big groups such as Big Bang and EXO and are the cutest weirdos ever! You should definitely check them out of you haven't! They debuted with 'No more dream' and has newly released 'I need you'. They are very well synchronized, have unique and powerful dance moves and vocals and they write their own songs! Also, members are young and hot 8)

What hell is BTS doing down here? It is the best group in the whole kpop world...Is there any other group who can match there beat and lyrics? It was the band who got me into kpop and I just love them!

I love this rookies because they are so handsome!

BTS is a hardworking boy band that is actually willing to be doing all these things. They already sold thousands of albums after releasing wings a few days ago. They create a large impact on people and never stop motivating us and ARMY never stop motivating them.

Bangtan was one of the first Kpop groups I ever saw, and I regret NOTHING! I am forever A.R.M.Y and their songs are simply amazing. Their dance moves are unbelievably dope, and not to mention they are beautiful as heck! I'd die for any of them, these boys are the most talented human beings I have ever seen and when you look past the fact they are idols, you can see they are extremely funny and relatable, just like any of us, and I wish they were higher in the rankings! They deserve the world, and I will love them forever.

Their catchy songs and incredible dance moves are some of the best I've seen in the industry. Not to mention their live performances are flawless and they are very active with social media and "Bangtan Bombs" which help them connect with their fans. They should be ranked higher than 24

BTS are hugely successful and very underrated because they are not from one of the big three companies in Korea. Here's an amazing fact though- When rankings came out for the top ten most profitable agencies in Korea, BigHit ranked 2nd, despite their only active artist being BTS. They have a huge fan base and have grown so much over the years, yet they stay true to themselves. They won Artist of the Year at the MAMAs in 2016, beating out bands like Monsta X and EXO and let's not forget the ground-breaking Billboard win. They won 75% of the vote, beating out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes! Their music has evolved a lot and I feel they are more themselves now, and they writing is more true to who they are. It was hard for all of them but the pushed through. Their dancing is always crazy in sync with much harder routines than most, if not all other K-Pop groups, their vocals are strong and each member is very unique yet they come together to create an amazing ...more

In my opinion, they are by far the best kpop group and I've listened to all these other groups on the list. The meaningful lyrics they write and the amount of input they have in producing and writing their songs. They put the most energy into their performances and I've never seen any other group dance like they do. I have so much love for this group and they deserve all the recognition they are getting at the moment. They really stand out in this genre and they are extremely brave for singing and rapping about controversial topics. Coming from a small company and climbing to the top like they have proves that they rely on no one and stay true to their music.

I stan groups that make their own music and more involved with their musicality. It makes me relate more to the songs. Also everyone know that BTS are humble kings and don't have a single scandal despite their overwhelming success. This shows how passionate they are and how focused and serious they are with respect to their music. They are also very respectable with their Sunbaenims. Coming from an incredibly small company and rising to stand alongside, let alone beat even Kpop legends coming from the Big 3 is a remarkable achievement shows how smart and talented them and their company is. BTS will go down as the best Kpop group if it's generation worldwide

I absolutely adore BTS! They're such individual, adorable dorks, and their songs are FIRE! I mean, Silver Spoon is amazing. But their lyrics are what really get me, they're so inspiring and they actually changed my aspect on many topics, and they are just amazing.

They are true to their feelings in every song they produce, also they write 99% of their music. They are very talented and are to occupy the future throne of kpop kings, I believe it. As they say, they are the fun boyz, and it's hard to not fall in love with them once you meet these guys.

Bts because they are amazing, they care about their fans, they are kind-hearted, and a good group of dancing, singing and everything. I think bts is the most popular group in today's kpop. I wish bts continue to touch people's heart and be a good rule model! BTS Fighting!

BTS IS one of my favorite group they are so charming and a whole package group. There choreography are AWESOME there voices are pretty cool like there faces, I think I saw angels they are so CUTE my god

Every member is so talented and unique, I love that their style of music evolves and changes and each album is different and amazing in its own way. BTS songs are a pleasure to listen to, and quite a few of them also have meaningful messages and lyrics. Vocals, rapping, dancing, and visuals on point, I think they deserve all the awards and attention they are getting and I'm happy for their success.

They are a new boy band but they are damn too good. For three years they have become so popular that every kpop fan knows them now and maybe every non-kpop fan who is even a bit familiar with kpop. I have heard of kpop a lot before BTS debuted, but they were the main and first reason I got into kpop.

The first MV I ever listened to? Boy in love. And this is cheesy, I know, but I fell in love with their music instantly. And I've been an ARMY ever since, because they never disappoint. Great music--perfect balance between hip hop, pop, R&B, and sometimes even ballad-like styles; every single song is a masterpiece. The music videos and dances leave little room for criticism, yet they still manage to find ways to improve every day. Unlike many other artists, they are excellent live and don't rely on editing to make themselves sound good. They even write their songs themselves. Not to mention, their sense of style and fashion is on point. Plus, they're very nice to their fans and keep connected through Twitter, the V-app, YouTube, and so much more. Their personalities are absolutely adorable and they're simply overflowing with raw talent.

I love BTS the music they make makes me feel light and happy even when everything is going wrong. Not just the music but also the group itself the love and camaraderie that they feel for each other is something amazing and I feel that people look up to them and hope that one day they will find that same friendship. There music is amazing and so are the group

They are doing a great job, and for a kpop group who comes for a small entertainment, they did great things. Even if they didn't have a lot of money for MVs, they just WORK. They are composing ALL their songs which is extra! You won't find an another kpop group like them, because they're very different from the others. If BTS didn't exist I'll probably not listen to kpop that much (even if I love BigBang too). But I've never been fan of a group like that in my entire life. Like BEACH they won the BILLBOARD! Who done that in the kpop history? And they're so funny too...

It is their music and their attitude towards it that makes me swoon over them. They'll definitely shine sooner. Their handsome and cute faces make girls like them but it is really the way they handle fame that makes us girls fall in love with them. I hope they stay humble and that they continue inspire people like me who looks at music as her life. I love You Bulletproof Guys. There's no doubt to that. :D

I don't love BTS just because of their looks I love them because of their songs and their dance moves. I've been their fan since they debut and I know How precious they treat their fan, Me as a ARMY I've received a lot of their love and thankfulness from them I feel very precious because BTS is the only Kpop band to appreciate every single fans they have. Even they have a very hectic schedule they never forget to talk to their fans. They're very active in Vlive even though it's very late at night they will try their best to communicate with their fans. I'm not saying BTS is the best fandom but that's what was I was saying- from a dearest fan of BANGTAN, Allaiza Ferrer

BTS has it all, the voices, singers, looks, great dancing, and addictive songs. Not only that but I believe that the groups size is very manageable. Their choreography is fabulous and they all have a different voice which is hard to find in most kpop groups. Fighting!

BTS is the best boys-band that I've ever seen. Amazing songs, amazing dances, they're just... amazing. I discovered them one week ago, and I can tell you that I can't spend a day without listening to their beautiful voices in their beautiful songs. I can't even remember what I listened to before I knew these boys. They are incredible! I love them