Whether you like them for their music, dancing, variety, acting, or everything about them overall, Infinite is a solid Korean group full of strengths. They've been active for quite a number of years now, and they are still going strong, thanks to their loyal fanbase and strong bonds between the members. To me, their music is unique and always enjoyable; their songs follow a different sound than those that are mainstream now, and I really enjoy how different that sound is. Infinite has done a great job being consistent with that sound. Their concerts and performances will always satisfy and it's great how they pride themselves so much on giving a great performance to their fans. They have their own passions and pursue them as well. Infinite's fan service and genuine love for their fans is also very apparent and strong. Every two years since their debut, they've been having their That Summer Concerts and INFINITE Rallies to spend time with their fans, and each year, their appreciation ...more

I have liked many many boy groups ever since the beginning of the second generation and yet until today Infinite is the only unrivaled group in my heart. Coming from a relatively unknown company with few label mates to help bringing them to the public so they had to go through a lot more than most groups to get to where they are. Comparing to other group they may not be the best singers, dancers, or even in looks. But together they don't lack anything. I can tell every voice, every silhouette from the group because they just got so much personality and individuality. I think the first I heard of them was when dongwoo appeared on Mamma Mia for the first time. He looked nothing like a flower boy idol, just a quirky guy with an amazing smile and very sweet towards his mom. He was also the first idol I ever saw farted on T.V. lmao. It was so funny and yet strangely cute. It was from then that I searched them up and began to fall harder and harder. Needless to say, Dongwoo is the one for ...more

Infinite is amazing at singing, looking good, dancing skill. Wow

They have excellent and synchronized dancing... They always perfect it no mistakes... So good and they are very handsome.. All of them with good attitude, character, and quality they are very unique with very simple style but their style has a good charm. Their singing is very very good in other words very excellent.. And even having a good sense of humor.. A hard working boys... I really love them.. Very happy that they are formed :) If they perform on stage they became as one..

Their music is unique because it kinda sounds like an '80s song/has an '80s feel, yet it combines today's modern feels in it too. I really can't choose between the 7 of them. I honestly love them all! ~ - XxStayTheSamexX

They have such unique music, you can always tell when it is their song. They have that unique 80s feel to their music that you don't find in any other group. Reported to practice 10hrs a day normally and 18hrs a day when preparing for a comeback, Infinite never disappoints! They are not only known for being inhumanly in-sync with one another, but have spot on vocals that only get better with each comeback. They are some of the best performers to see live. They're not just as good live as they are in the studio, they're actually better. Also, they are so great wit their audience. It's rare to see performers give as much attention to fans as Infinite does, especially Woohyun.
They are also incredibly lovable as people. Watch ANY variety show with them, they are always loved by whoever they come in contact with because they are just great with people! They aren't fake, and they tolerate fans knowing embarrassing things about them to prove this. They are hilarious, lively, friendly, ...more

I think I feel the same thing as you have right now. I"m a huge fan of this kpop group name infinite.. Infinite means everlasting. I just hope infinite T.V.. Didn't end after all. I always laugh when I saw them act naturally. When they sing a few lyrics of song that can make me say, MORE PLEASE! However, sadly, there being replace by B.A.P... In kpop T.V.! :( but I will still be your crazy fan infinite! Fighting!

When I first heard I song by INFINITE, I was addicted! I've never heard anything like them before in all the kpop I've been listening to and I LOVE their genre of music! Then I got to know them and all of the members are so lovable! There's not one member who hasn't been my bias at a certain time!

I do not know Korean music before, and do not know any idol. When I first heard the Infinite song and Woohyun's voice, I immediately decided that this was good music and beautiful sound. Until now I've never listened to other boygroup music, I think it's not necessary for me. Because I've been listening to the best boygroup music ever, yes they're Infinite. I spend time searching and listening to their songs, I'm getting addicted. I'm not making it up, their songs are actually songs and have a regular rhythm and are enjoyed with certainty. I'm not a person who can compare this and that, I enjoy it and I love it, and I've found the best kpop music is in Infinite. Their vocals and dances are unquestionable, and I'm not wrong choosing idols. Their personality is very realistic, complete, and sincere. I'm proud to be Inspirit, because I'm proud of Infinite. They really work hard, love each other and support, and most importantly they are seven nice men who love peace. As Infinite, that's ...more

They are so talented in everything they do. Whenever they perform, they will always give you the best out of them. They are not just a group of handsome face guys who enter this business for fun or money, but they dream it, nail it, and live it. They put all their hearts to what they do and they can reach their fans for that pure heart.
Kim SungKyu must sing in heaven before he was born here on earth.
Nam WooHyun can hit all high notes with his powerful voice while melting his fans' heart.
Hoya, you can' t take your eyes of him when he dances.
Jang DongWoo is an awesome rapper and dancer with such a bright and high energy personality.
L, he looks cute, but thoughtful and has a unique voice that I love. And it suits their music style.
Lee SungYeol, he's a funny guy who brighten up the stage and people around him, and that makes their music and performance full of fun.
Lee Sungjong, he looks like a beautiful guy, but he makes the stage on fire when he dances and ...more

Infinite was the group that brought me to kpop and my love for music. I introduced infinite to my friends and they also went crazy and obsessed. Our oppas are the most talented group of boys I know. Sunggyu and his singing is amazing the more you listen to their voice the more addicted you would get (love the jokes about his eyes as well). Woohyun is just waahhh, the king of fan service he loves inspirits, his voice is so widely ranged and recognizable, his aegyo is also the cutest. I used to hate rap but once I became a inspirit Dongwoo and Hoya's rapping made me love it, as well as rapping these two also sing really smoothly and are the best dancers in the group. L is just L he is the weirdest most attractive boy I know I love his two changing personalities Myungsoo and L, love his uniqueness. Sungyeol is very attractive most people wont notice because he doesn't appear much and his singing is so soft and beautiful. Sungjong is just so pretty he is literately a girl, face wise and ...more

Infinite is AMAZING. They are basically dance gods. I also love how they have t ability to be able to compose a song about love and make it into such a catchy beat that you can dance to and enjoy. Every time I watch something about them, they always put a smile on my face. No matter what, Infinite is forever my favourite band. INSPIRIT FOREVER~♥

Say no more! They are definitely one of a kind! I'll say they are kind of at the indie/alternative side of kpop compare to the other more popular groups. Damn, their sharp choreography, no one can top that! Every member has a decent vocal, yes the rappers can sing! They deserve much more love than they have! I bet they will be number 1 if they were to debut under a "bigger" label, but probably that's not a group that I'll stan for because it's not gonna be infinite anymore. Anyways great job woolliment! Hated how you treated them when they were trainees, but I guessed it paid off for them

Infinite really has their distinct sound that sets them aside from all the other korean groups. They're amazing! They're always in sync in choreography and each of them has their own unique characteristics that they can be proud of! PROUD INSPIRIT!

They are all handsome and extremely cute. Their music brings color to my grey colored world and they also make my day better, when I am sad, upset and even when I am already happy. They just make my world beautiful, it is like I can't resist their charms and cuteness.

I feel like they're so underrated and are so talented at what they do! They didn't come from rich families at all, Sunggyu used to live in a rooftop house when he was little :( even though his family struggled he still pursued his love for music and was apart of a rock band in high school, not only is he talented but he has passion and love put into his music. Mad respect for Infinite

I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. Even through I haven't been with them since the beginning, I am pound to be an INSPRIT. Every member has their own charms and real personalities and I love them all. They never disappointed me and they Willa lays be number 1 in my heart. INFINITE FIGHTING!

I really appreciate their effort. They work hard. I honestly think they deserve to hit number 1 place. Actually they worth more than that also. I never saw such talented idols. Especially they a good family, I love it more. Keep it up INFINITE. I pray all by my heart for your endless success. My prayers are always with you. Keep your family concept for ever.

Each and every member of INFINITE is so special and unique- they're like the colors or a rainbow! All their songs and dance are excellent and they really care for their fans. They also work extremely hard, and I think as a whole, they are simply beautiful.

A new generation of K-pop.
Amazing at singing, looking good, DANCING and acting
I thought that Shinee was the best dancing k-pop group but oh no, after seeing hoya perform... WoW no words..

In my opinion infinite deserves this place or even higher because of their hard work to get here. They are all very great to their fans and they are the best INFINITELY. I will always be an inspirit and will love them especially L my bias and lover!

Infinite takes a HUGE part on being one of the best things that ever happened in my life. I can literally write a long essay to tell you why I love them, why I love each member and why should you love them too lol. I had been an inspirit since BTD era and dedicate my life to be inspirit forever

They're the most dynamic group I can think of. From ridiculous practice schedule to strict leadership and the unbreakable friendship of these boys, everything comes together as a wonderful group with fantastic music, super in-sync dancing and tear-jerking memories for life.

Their music is so attractive! They are so talented! They're brighter than all other K-pop bands. They have great attitude towards the fans. Because they started from a bad condition I could feel that they want to try the hardest they can. And Infinite is consistently being kind to their elders and even to juniors. I always speechless and surprised with their performance. You are incredible INFINITE.

I love infinite very much. Lets say I'm addicted to them. Their songs are entirely different from one bands. They have a unique style in dancing,singing. Their feelings are the back bone to the song. They are natural. I really love them.coming to the members they r gems. Hardworking people. So they should be noticed more than they usually do. L is really hot and good looking. His eyes gosh! He melts away anyone with that looks. I really addicted to him and then comes woohyun his expressions they r so lively he is good looking too. And coming to sungyeol, he should be given more lines and preference cause he is also a member of the group. Anyways they r extremely good and hardworking. Their songs involves reality and the feel created by their singing is just awesome. Fighting infinite. I'll pray for your success you all. Love you myung so. Hope u wil be my husband