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I Really love Sulli! :) She's So Pretty! She is The Best of All! She's So Simple but She Is So very Beautiful and Cute! :) The Best Singer, Dancer, Also a Actress! :)) For me, She's so Perfect! I Wish in Real Life Minho Will Her husband! :)) Perfect Couple!

I really love Sulli! And she's so amazing as Goo Jae Hee in To The Beautiful You! F (x) fighting!

Oh come on their dance and music style is really unique, why so overshadowed by snsd? Plus luna's amazing vocal. Hope sulli try harder on the dance and singing so she's not useless. I hate her cute expression while dance when f (x) should have fierce expressions that fit their dance instead and nothing special with her voice, just smooth. Is there a kpop dancer that can does types of dance like victoria?

F (x) is definitely up their in the top 5 because they are just so good at molding their look into something new and pulling it off incredibly. And their music it's just so catchy I find my self saying "electric" and "rum pum pum pum" all the time. Their songs are just really infectious and that's why they are the best group their music isn't like all the other boring girl groups -_- other girl groups always seem to have the same sound. And for the members yeah they all have great personalites and individually they are amazing but when you put them together they are amazing, they shine as a whole and invidually. I just think that f (x) should get more effort put into them they can totally handle harder coreography. But I have nothing to say about their music :) which should be the most important part. But yeah F (X) is amazing and should be known. Everyone could use a little F (x) once in a while

All of the members are beautiful, because all of them were in the top 15 most beautiful kpop member in other surveys, with sulli as the prettiest among the members, then followed by krystal, then victoria, amber and luna. Three members are in the top ten; sulli, krystal and victoria. Each one of them is unique, and can actually pursue an individual career since each one of them is popular with their respective talent and charisma.

F (x) is a really unique and awesome kpop group. I just love everything about them and I wish they could show their talent like Luna and really show off her voice and victoria and her dancing and amber her rapping. And lets not forget Krystal and her voice and dancing skills and Sulli can improve because she has gotten better I wish se can stop this cutesy thing when she is dancing and singing and really confuses what f (x) is. They are different and amazing when they are together on stage they show a different sort of fierce. In my heart they are the best F (X) FIGHING

F (x) is not on the list of top ten? You have got to be kidding they are really amazing! It's not just they have pretty faces but their music isn't that bad too. Maybe they're not the best but surely they're one of the best. F (x) fighting!

Whenever negativities will come across my life. F(x) will alway be a plus ^^
My girls all way! FIGHTING!

My top 10 groups of all time. I never get tire of Hot Summer. Excellent lyrics and choreography. Makes me want to learn Korean so I can understand all of their songs and if I ever had an opportunity to talk to them just to say thank you for the influence they have on my life and the future of my 2 year old daughter.

F (x) is the best! They are unique because they don't have uniforms, in which a lot of k-pop bands do. Their singing is fabulous and they are a terrific team. Their clothes on stage screams who they are and in other bands, they have uniforms which means they are hiding their true self. F (X) SHOULD BE #1!

I love them as a group, very dynamic and in sync, I love them individually, very talented and trendsetters. They have a good command of the stage, humble, supportive of each other and the best in greeting. I'm never tired hearing and seeing their performances.

I love Sulli! The Best in the Group for me. I want her to marry Minho (Shinee) Choi Minsul Forever! Perfect Couple! Jungmal! :))

Most unique group in all of Kpop! I love that they're always experimental, which of course isn't going to make them the most popular, but will make them the most different and allows them to create their own sound and originality.

They have a unique group, they know how to attract fans and keep them engaged in their music. Hope they create more music that can do the same. Live on F (x)

I love f(X), I like their styles and songs. I am a certified fan of f(X). I love you girls. Keep up the good work!

I like f(x) I love sulli and krystal they are awesome they are so flexible sulli I want hyun-woo as her life partner they are perfect couple in TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU I have never missed any episode of it

THIS IS THE MOST UNIQUE GROUP. We got amber the tomboy, which sets this group apart from other kpop groups. Look at amazing f (x) and you can see they are like a family. F (x) has unique personalities as well.

F(x) is a unique girl group who are really talented and beautiful. They're not your usual kpop girl group. They always try out new concepts and never fail to amaze us. And their songs are just "WOW! "

They are good dancers, performers and singers but some don't recognize but them unlike SNSD for me they are one of the best kpop group we had!

F (x) has a really unique concept and appearance. They appear so different from any other groups and can pull off songs so beautifully even thought most of their songs are so foreign.

I so much like f (x) especially f (x) sulli she is so pretty and a good actress and singer. Sulli and Minho forever minsul. I love f (x) forever

I love f (x), they introduced me to kpop! They are so good and even though they only get one comeback per year, they make it so strong that it can be unforgettable!

They Really are A M A Z I N G. I'm proud of you my KRYSTAL

For me f (x) can do really much better but they didn't noticed it and they has really a good songs and dance steps they are good dancers and singers.

F (x) is the only k-pop girl group that I like the most. all are beautiful, talented and lovable...