You kiss are very talented, they have been working hard for sveral years yet nobody has recognised them for that! Besides, their singers have really amazing potentials! And even the rappers have great voices!
They're very underrated in korea because koreans don't want to give them a chance but to proove them wrong, they can see the huge amount of fans they have overseas! And with all my respect to all other bands, I think you kiss is THE MOST band that deserves every award or recognition especially after 5 or 6 years from their debut in 2008, they haven't won anything unlike other bands who have debuted in the same year! That sounds pretty wrong and awkward, not only to me but also to all other fans out there!
And even if they haven't had the chance to be happy and satisfied like other groups, they still work very hard, show the best of themselves, give the kissmes all their love, give us really magnificent songs to listen to and show us that the show is still going on and will ...more

For me U-kiss is the best, number one because, I know all of kpop groups are very hard-working, and talented, this group also had these kind of qualifications as being a kpop idols but two things I've seen to them that any kpop groups doesn't have this kind of personality.number one. They like one big family, they treat each other like brothers from one mother. And number two, the very important: they had very strong faith and fear to God our savior.

Thumb this up if you believe U-KISS deserve a better title than 9th place:)

My opinion:Every music video they always WOW me by their dances and hair style. Their songs are really catchy and fun to sing along with. And if you watch their shows you can tell they really love to have fun and hang out:)
I love all the members personalities, they stay true to themselves... I love you U-KISS! -From the United States

Ukiss have a multitalented guy named kim jae seop aka AJ of ukiss, I love him. He's a rapper, vocalist, music composer, lyric writer, dancer, and he has a brilliant brain, he's so smart got the acceptance in Columbia university, the 4th of the best university in the world, and AJ had his first debut when he's 14 years old, oh AJ saranghaeyo!

You KISS has been around for quite some time, but were overshadowed by their more more famous, popular counterparts-SHINEE, 2PM, etc...But they are a hidden gem among their other glittery music rivals. Their songs have improved greatly over the years, and they only get better. While their early MVs showed that they were still new, they had the charisma and the personalities that won over the hearts of many KissMes all over the world. Their upbeat pop tunes show off their slick dance skills, booming beats and charisma, but their ballads are to die for, showing off Soohyun and Hoon's vocal abilities. The group's rappers also make it a point to lend their singing voices, making it a beautiful team effort. They impressed me with their songs, which also have great meaning, and I will forever look back on that day when I first stumbled into the world of Kpop with their Japanese single Tick Tack. Forever a KissMe!

U-Kiss are hard-working, probably one of the most hardworking groups in all of K-Pop. Not only can they sing, dance, rap and act, but they can also speak various languages. That is why they are called, "Ubiquitous Korean International Super Stars". Their blood, sweat and tears go into every album they release. They are big internationally, but not as big in Korea, unfortunately. I'm a Kiss-me because I love their personalities and respect their talent and hard work.

My heart goes out to U-Kiss. This started somewhere in "Neverland. " From my first song, they were extraordinarily talented. Each member gave his all. They've done this hard work all along, and now is the time for K-Pop fans to recognize how hard they have worked, especially in 2012 and opening in 2013. They gave us "Stop Girl, " an emotional song with a (once again) complex dance which moved to the emotion of the song. They also gave us "Distance, " gorgeous, passionate, capable of moving us to tears. And this month came an amazing song called "Alone, " once again showing the best of their talents: musically, lyrically, and all. They've done such incredible work. They have been there for us; now we must be there for them. KissMes love you. ^^ Saranghae U-KISS! Fighting! ~NiGHTS into Wonders

U-Kiss because they try their best and always show fan service and are never disappointing us KissMes! They apologize even when they are NOT the one's at fault and even though they haven't won much awards, they still try and it's the thought that counts, right KissMe's? FIGHTING U-KISS!

My favorite vocals, my favorite personalities, my favorite people, and my favorite group. I love you-KISS. Most of my favorite songs are actually by U-KISS. When I first saw U-KISS, I was captivated and knew that I would love them. I was right. U-KISS is talented and inspiring. I wish them the best forever.

They are so talented and so underrated! They make songs of quality and contrary to many others groups (on the top 10) they CAN sing, they are not robots concentrated on their dance only... on each of them live they sing, they never make any playbacks. They sing, they dance this is for me the pure definition of a boy band (furthermore they are very funny and adorable and they made epic musics) I recommend this group : U-KISS

Seriously the most hardworking group I've ever seen. Always promoting, and overlooked by Korean fans. They seriously deserve moore recognition and fame. They've released some really good stuff over the years and their songs have improved dramatically from their previous stages.

They treat their fans as friends and help some fans, including me to get through hardships by their song, "Someday". They have good personality and are very talented. Thus, they should get recognized for their strong vocals. They are also the most hardworking kpop group I've ever seen!

UKISS is by far the best kpop group because they r all really talented! But a lot of the time they r overshadowed by other groups and its really sad ;(i don't get it though! They r all so cute and charming and when they r on variety shows they r hilarious! They r my favorite group because they r do original and stick through the hardships

I give my vote to U-KISS because this group of guys work so hard, his choreography is complex and yet they make them perfect. They practice a lot and I also like that they are very humble and simple.

U-Kiss is one of the best kpop groups! They don't have much publicity but trust me, they are amazing! All the members have such unique and funny personalities. Their music is pure love

To be honest SHINee was my first love but when I get to know U-Kiss I totally forgot about SHINee. I can't find the proper words to describe U-Kiss. I just love them so much, their music, their videos, their personalities, all great. U-Kiss will be forever my number one. SHINee can be my second :) Love them both!

UKISS is the best and I think they deserve all the awards because they are amazing. Not only are they amazing performers but they are also extremely close with their KISSme fan-base around the world and I think that's really cool. They are extremely talented and I hope that I am lucky enough to meet them one day!

U-KISS was the reason I got back into K-pop. They were the first to capture my heart as a boy group. Even though members that I loved have left the group, I am very proud of U-KISS still. Even though I may not be as loyal as I've been in the past to them (like listening to their music always) U-KISS still holds my K-pop heart. I love that U-KISS has a variety of members from different backgrounds like knowing English, Chinese, etc. I love you-KISS ♥

U-kiss introduced me to kpop. Thanks to them. I really love them because I can feel they sing with their heart. Every time I listen to their songs, even though I cannot even understand its lyrics, it's like I know how they feel while they are singing it. Go u-kiss!

As for me, you kiss is the best band ever. You can't find any band as good as them.
-What I mean is that they really are talented. They have strong vocals.
I don't really understand why they are in no. 12 but, "GO U-KISS, try your best and become the best boy band"
"fighting! "

My comment is the best I love UKISS and kiseop oppa also kevin is so cute he is kawaii ohh and the makane Dongho kawaii but taemin from shinee is cuter ohh hoon is weird with kevin but ya

The members of U-Kiss are open and sincere. They have much interaction with their fans, and they appreciate their supporters. U-Kiss are truly dedicated idols.

I've liked some group but not as deep as I like UKISS now. Because they not only provides good songs but also how to struggle and hard work they do. Yes, other group also do that but no one can really touch my heart and thought like UKISS.
And how much they love us, their fans, KISSME.
They're giving me inspiration to how living my life, like soohyun say "there's no success without suffering"
Thanks UKISS =)

U-KISS is the reason why I start to listen to KPop.
Every member is important to me not just because I like there vocals and songs, but also because I like their personality. They truly love and support each other and also their fans.
They are always so energetic and do their best to make their fans happy. Because of U-KISS I also want to do my best -everywhere and every time.

U-Kiss have amazing vocals.
The fact that they haven't won first place is
Getting on my nerves. They deserve first place.
I don't know what Korea doesn't see in them that we international fans do.
U-Kiss is the BEST! - shekibanaseri