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21 A Pink

I love this group
Their so cute pretty and amazing..
I think they will become popular soon..

Apink contains all the essential elements needed to become a remarkable, world renowned girl group.
The songs themselves are catchy, the vocal harmonies are tight, the dance routines are clean, and the fashion sense is playful.
Each girl is physically attractive; having an individuality and personal charm that adds a key component to the dynamic diversity and overall success of this musical project. And their management was smart, introducing and promoting them through their own reality T.V. series called, "Apink News".
Their endearing-innocence, good-natured looks, and fun-loving sounds makes Apink my choice as ones to watch in the world of K-Pop and global success!
USA 2013

They are getting more and more famous. All their songs are cool they all have prefect voice and dance a lot same as singing at lot. I bet in a few year everyone in the world would know A pink they also have pretty members which makes the songs more attractive

I really love this group. I feel that they aren't getting the much attention they deserve. Pink pandas will always remain loyal. - BeeElovesKaeP

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22 Miss A Miss A Miss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

Miss A is greater than after school...
i really really like suzy of miss A and min I like them...
they deserve the top 10 not the top 30 arasseo11!
miss a is a new group so hope to see you guys notice that they're better than other girl group

Their the best... Suzy of miss a is so amazing... I really like their song touch!

Here in the Philippines as a 13 year old girl really likes miss A.. Specially SUZY! I really love you miss a SUZY! Saranghae! Since one of the channel here aired the koreanovele"DREAM HIGH" I AM LOOKING FORWARD SO MUCH TO THIS GROUP!

I love miss A and more likely am a fan of Suzy fighting.

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23 4minute 4minute 4Minute is a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment with music singles and albums released primarily in South Korea and Japan.

4minute is the best Kpop girl group in the world in my opinion and in anybody's opinion if they took the time to get know all of the most amazing members.

My favorite although not a lot of people's favorite is Gayoon she is stunning beautiful amazing charismatic deep thoughtful and one of the best underrated singers I've ever heard. Literally she is one of the most beautiful people on this earth and people really need to realize that. She's good at everything dancing singing and just being herself which I think a lot of Korean celebrities have to work on is being natural no matter what.

Hyuna is cute and adorable and yes sexy but I won't talk about her very much because she already receives so much attention and that's awesome because that means more attention for 4minute which they deserve, but she is one of the most awesome dancers on this planet and just the sweetest person

Jiyoon is lovely and cute and just a really open person that has a great voice, she like ...more

I think that 4 minute group is the best group ever.. There all beautiful and their voice is stunning I wish they come back again in the Philippines.
I wish you luck keep up the good work

I love 4Minute so so much... Please make them win for once... This is - in my opion - the sexiest and also the cutest girl group in Korea. The more you watch 4Minute, the more you love them. Their personality is very good too. I'm sure that 4Minute will be very happy if you vote for them.

4NIas. Let's make this happen for real

4minute is one of my favourite groups, I can't understand why it's so low in this ranking! vote vote! They are really talented

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24 Sistar

Sistar is the Sexiest Girl group. Specially Bora. Top 3 Sexiest body in Korea.

They are so cute and TALENTED all together! Hope they won't split up or somethin'! I love them So much! The shouldn't be underrated... SISTAARR is the BEST! HHWWAAIITTIINNGG!

When they sing they look cute
When they dance they look cool

I love sistar, I chose to love you is one of my favorites - Oreos

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25 B1A4

I think b1a4 should go on top 10 they are amazing

B1A4 is amazing! Sandeul, Jinyoung, CNU, Baro and GongChan are both super adorable and talented! They should be in top 10 list of amazing KPOP bands

My pretty boys... They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable... An cute.
They are the best... Their BANAs love them
Let's Fly!

B1A4 should be on the top list. I am not a Kpop fan before but when I tend to listen to B1A4 songs, I kept on listening everyday and I really love them. B1A4 composed their own songs and that's one of their edge. They also have unique and natural personalities even on and off cam. Baro has exceptional rap and dance talent, Jinyoung as song writer, singer, composer, Gongchan with sweet amazing voice, Sandeul with powerful voice, CNU with great singing talent and dance moves. All of them are amazing. Lets Fly B1A4! We love so you much to the moon and back! Hope to see you soon. Fighting!

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26 Boyfriend

This group I think is one of the best.. Well because they have catch the masses attention so fast and they already have so many international fans their group created a big impact in the kpop music industry already..
Not to mention they are only a rookie group!


Boyfriend's so special.. They always work hard to have a day now.
Although they isn't the best, but they have real talent. Please vote for our little boys. Top 10? OK, it's simple!
Try to take them on top 10 and more. Fighting!

Personal me I think that BOYFRIEND is the best boy band in the entire universe and that they always make me happy so much every single day of my life, and that they try and work so hard which is so fantastic, and because of them I want to become a fantastic singer and dancer they changed my life a lot one day when I grow up I'm am going to South Korea to go see them, and they make me so happy and their so inspirational every single day of the world they make me so happy and I will LOVE them so much in my heart every day of the world when it shines on and shines on forever together in the world.


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27 BtoB

Btob is like a great and awesome band. The only thing that differs them from other bands is that the personality of their leader is like a being a carefree person not a serious one. They also have cute members who take on some roles in the band like on for visual and one for aegyo. They also have like the cutest maknae ever! Even though he's big like a giant compared to anyone in the band.

BTOB is the most favorite kpop group I've ever seen.. They inspired me to dance.. Also their song is the only korean songs I memorize and their dance step... Even though I'm a Filipino and I cannot understand their song it really sounds good to me.. I really love their songs and dance step such as the 2nd confession, insane, irresistable lips, wow etc... Especially they are all handsome and cute no doubt... Please support BTOB. Cause I'm BORN TO BEAT, :) LOVE them all.


I want this group because we are both born to beat! When I first saw their music video entitled "WOW", I did not stop playing the music video all day and all night because of it's addicting and pleasing beats!

BtoB is like my ray of sunshine when it's cold and raining outside. They are the best and the most adorable human beings I've ever seen. I can't stand not laughing when watching their videos. I hope they will be recognized more, I mean my babies deserve so much more! More people needs to see their exceptional talent :( LET'S GO MELODIES! SARANGHAE BTOB <3


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28 GOT7

Very talented and they just killed the dance floor! Good Luck!

I love them :) they are amazing at dancing and their songs are catchy. They should be way higher up in the list.

They are new if they are a old band maybe they will be the 1st


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29 Girls' Generation-TTS Girls' Generation-TTS Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of more.

I love you girls's generation. You guys r the best! FANY, I love you most... Awkward...

They are like the best, and they're all so pretty. I wish I could be apart of their band! You guys are so lucky!

Girls generation song are the best like beep beep

TaeTiSeo is really good... They are a perfect Sub-Unit. I love them all... Proud SONE :) TAENY FOREVER! TAETISEO FOREVER! SNSD FIGHTING!

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Vixx is such a great group. Their members are so diverse and unique in character and talent. Also their music is amazing I hope that they get a lot of love and popularity in the near future because they TRUELY are an AMAZING group. Vixx FIGHTING!

Vixx is one of the realest groups I have seen I love the fact that they don't act like the cute idols that we are so used to and their personalities are so real and I love them so much they work so hard and their music is amazing. Not only that but they are all so charming and have such beautiful voice they really are the best rookie group I have heard. Vixx FIGHTING! JELLYFISH FIGHTING!

Vixx is my absolute favorite band of all time. Vixx is also the best rookie group I have ever heard. Their music is amazing and they are full of personality. They are only a little over 1 year old now and their songs are almost on top already. I can wait to see more of their amazing albums and solos. Vixx Fighting! Jellyfish Fighting!

Charming,Captivating,have great Stage presence.They are perfect.

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31 JYJ

Together they were the best and still will be. If they were together still they would have been standing together at the top above all the others. They have it all, all the talents needed to be number 1 (apart from the fact that they split up)

Proud of you JYJ oppa, you are the first group band that hold solo concert in spain, german, peru and chile. Loving you as always

Love their song, their modesty, they honesty and they talent. Felt proud to know this kind of group that respects and loves their fans wholeheartedly.

Kim Jae Joong is the most handsome man in the world

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32 Kara

Love Nicole Jung. Simply the best. Just watch their compilation of the best videos. Absolutely great.


I really really like Hip Movements of KARA. ) I love Nicole & Gyuri so much. KARA fighting~! I hope you'll make more great songs and dances soon.

I love KARA all of their songs are good.. But I most like Mister,Jumping,Wanna and Step but when Youngji goes in I love Mamma Mia

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33 Exo-M

I love exo m especially lay and luhan.. Exo m an exo k is the best ever..

Kris, luhan, xiumin, chen, tao, ley are the members of exo m are good

I Love Exo M, Especially Lu han
The Thing that I like about exo m cause I'm a Chinese and I also Love to hear Chinese song, by the way They are so Cute

Add oil Exo M

Should be straight up with Exo K

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34 SS501

Kim Hyun Joong is amazing. He is adorable, has awesome hair, a great voice and is a sexy actor.

they are the best! I LOVE there songs! one of their songs were played in boys before flowers, which is a korean drama, which is THE BEST!

They are one of the best Korean boy band, all the members have a great chemistry and sense of humor. Waiting for their comeback.

They are amazing, all of them, kyu is so cute, Young saeng has a incredible voice, Jung Min is so handsome, Hyung jun is adorable and a good person and Hyun Joong is so funny

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35 After School

After school deserves to be at least in the TOP 20!
I mean look at how hard they practiced their pole dancing; their latest song 'First Love'. They earn a bunch of bruises on their skins. Look at how much they sacrifice for their fans.
And they have a bunch of talents too.

Kahi - Their ex-leader (and also my rolemodel) has the most talents in the group. She can dance and also known as the queen of dancing (even Hyoyeon can't beat her), she can sings really well, she can rap really well too and she's the choreographer of the group. She's really nice in reality if you get to know her more.

Jungah - The umma of the group, she has one of the best vocals in the group. She's really pretty too and I assure that she didn't do any plastic surgery for her face. To be honest. She's the new leader now.

Jooyeon - The Ulzzang of the group. She's known for her pretty face and she's one of the 5 Beauties along with Goo Hyesun and some other girls. Jooyeon is really dorky in ...more

After School is the most unique and talented group in Kpop history. There are many things that After School is well known for that makes them so special and/or unique. For example:
- their dancing prowess (they still haven't loss any of their dance battles yet and they've taken on much popular groups such as SHINee, SNSD, 4minute and T-ara )
- After School is well recognized to have the ability to learn new talents such as drumming, tap dancing, pole dancing and have shown they're capable of learning many new talents for put on a great show.
- their ability to look extremely sexy while being classy at the same time.
- Their height.
- Their big age gaps (and usually their oldest members are among their hottest)
- Their unique and challenging stage performances
- ALL after School members can rap
- After School can adapt to many different style of singing from sexy hip hop songs like Ah to ballads like "When I fall", "Someone is you" and "With u"
- They've been ...more

After School really attracted me with their dancing skills when I first saw them. My favourite member was Kahi (so sad she left) but even with the graduation of so many members, the group is holding on well on their own. Why? Because each member has their own talents. Guess it isn't shown much because their company may not be the best at promoting them, but they have potential and they haven't reached their 'awesomeness' limit yet. They are all attractive, they are professional (if you compare them with a lot of groups) and they dance so well, each and every one of them. AFTER SCHOOL HWAITING! Even their recent pole dancing - which group has or will ever try it? Ok maybe some but what about their drums and tap dancing? AMAZED ALL THE TIME.

Bang is their best song.

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36 ZE:A

I got hooked on right when I heard The day we Broke up. I love this group! Why haven't I heard of them before? Now they are in my top five #2! All of them are so awesome and funny it's hard not to laugh when they talk and joke around with one another. ZE:A's forever! I don't know what to do when they go to the army (T. T) Fighting!

I love ZE:A! Please support them, this group is awesome, there song are really good :)) and the members are really cute. FIGHTING ZE:A! #LOVE#ZE:A#

Ze:a is the best!

I love ZE:A... Give em love guys... They deserve more.

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37 T-ara N4

They Are The Best Unit. They Didn't Copy Any Concept From Any Other Girl Group Units Like Cute Looks... Keep It Up.. Love You.. T-ARA, QBS, N4 Fighting!

I love you guys even your unit is new! By the way goodluck on your american singles!

They have got the best dace styles

N4 is a part of t-ara.. So 100% they will be the best sub-unit in k-pop

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38 Exo-K

EXO are best! 11

I love exo k because my dearly beloved bias baekhyun is their with kai

EXO.. Like growl please

I loveee Exo-K especially Sehun and Baekhyun!

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39 JJ Project

They are super AMAZING!
It's because they're very close with each other.. XDD

Wah...this is so good...I love JJ Project..Go JJ Project FIGHTING!

Jj project is really great. these guys are cannot describe by words

Jj project is really great. these guys sexy
I love JJ Project..Go JJ Project

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40 Girl's Day

Girl's Day totally rules the world! They have popular songs, like 'Twinkle Twinkle', 'Hug Me Once' and 'Oh My God! ' which are great to listen to anywhere, anytime! =D

So cute lovely sing very well
My most k-pop singer

Really under-rated group. Should deserve more popularity!

Must be something

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