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41 Girl's Day

Girl's Day totally rules the world! They have popular songs, like 'Twinkle Twinkle', 'Hug Me Once' and 'Oh My God! ' which are great to listen to anywhere, anytime! =D

So cute lovely sing very well
My most k-pop singer

Really under-rated group. Should deserve more popularity!

Must be something

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42 Davichi

Haeri and Minkyung have one of the strongest voices in kpop
Davichi doesn't deserve to be so long, they can top many other groups! They deserve 20 and under, not 40+ it's jsut so sad to seem them so low!

Haeri and Minkyung have one of the strongest voices in kpop
Davichi doesn't deserve to be so long, they can top many other groups! They deserve 20 and under, not 40+ it's jsut so sad to seem them so low!

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43 uBEAT

They are inspiration to all kpop fans

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44 Secret

I love SECRET! Four great, sexy, beautiful and talented ladies combined together! The visual-variety princess Sunhwa, The lovable melismatic vocalist Jieun, The fierce and sexy swagilicious Zinger, and the ultimate charming sexy bagel girl Hyosung! Their eclectic stage performances, vocals and charms would hypnotize you! From the easy going charming songs like Shy BOy and Starlight Moonlight to songs with oozing self-confidence and sex appeal like Madonna and Poison. Secret is the ready to go group with their unmatched versatility while taking a concept to the extreme levels, whether it's aegyo or sexiness.

Secret is another great K-pop girl group whose songs are really catchy as well! Their hit songs like 'Starlight Moonlight', 'Shy Boy', 'Madonna' and 'Magic' are great to listen to anywhere, anytime! They even once came third in a K-pop ranking! Secret fighting! ILY!

Secret is more talented then girl generation

I Love SECRET.. They are cool... I hope they will be popular again

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45 Red Velvet

Red Velvet should be number 1. Its just 2ne1 and SNSD that get a lot of attention, they are good, but red velvet is better because their songs are relatable and catchy, and better vocals.

Red Velvet is the best!

Wendy our main vocal will dominate someday the music charts with her soulful singing.

Seulgi will be known for her dancing skills and singing skills all round Kpop.

Irene will star in the latest dramas. Her face will blow you away.

Joy will be leading the next generation's maknaes. She's very talented!

Red Velvet is the best! Clearly very talented!

Red Velvet is composed of some of the most talented singers in all of Kpop. They deserve so much more attention. - NightWillows


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46 Twice

What the heck they should be top 10 and besides their new song cheer up is the beat of all.

Twice is famous in the Philippines

Very globalist idol team! Very popular.

Should be 1st

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47 Speed

They are really good in every aspect. They are handsome, cute, really good at dancing, have a really nice voice. They are just.. DAEBAK!

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48 Leessang

Although I am not sure if they are counted as a K-pop group, they are truly talented and I always love their songs. Especially with Gary's rap that is so charming and Gil's husky voice that melts me... I vote for them

You're the answer for guy like me is the best song ever!

So great! I love gary! He is amazing!

Gary such a good rapper and I love their songs!

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49 Fin K.L V 1 Comment
50 5Dolls
51 Black Pink

The group named black pink amazed me every time I can hear their new songs.. Like-playing with fire? Oh yes.. I was always amazed. Oh my God..

They're young yet really talented. I can't help falling in love with them deeper and deeper each day.

I really love this group because they are simply amazing

They are the best girl group...they have all the qualities of 2ne1 and more...i agree they are called as 2nd 2ne1.

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52 Shinhwa

I think they are one really unique group of men. They are all so different but hold together now for 15 Years. They are a great example of friendship. In this band you don't have a bias because all are great in their own way.

They are Legends! Hands down the pioneer and the best

Shinhwa is the best. They're cute, handsome, good
Looking and funny. Oppa I love you

The only first generation K-Pop boy band to still be running, Shinhwa has been able to continue group activies without losing any members for 17 years! They were the first to show everyone even idols could be silly on variety shows(Seriously all of the members are just a bunch of handsome dorks lol). Known for their perfect group dancing they have had success alongside their juniors such as Shinee and Super Junior. They have made dozens of songs over the years such as T.O.P, Brand New, Perfect Man, This Love and more recently Sniper which earned them many awards this year. The first K-Pop band to set up their own label (Shinhwa Company) with leader Eric as CEO and co-CEO bandmate Lee Minwoo, Shinhwa plans on continuing their activites even when they're 50 and older. We can't leave out their fanclub as well, Shinhwa Changjo which is known for their love-hate relationship with their idols. As quoted by member Jun-Jin "Shinhwa is a dream I do not want to wake up from".

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Their song whoz that girl is amazing. Their performance & voice is very good & amazing. Fighting. Please more song will sing.

I love Solji's voice. It really gives me energy! That is why I became a EXID fan!

Amazing, and were so popular so just debuting

LE. Favorite kpop rapper

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54 Super Junior M

Mandarin subgroup of super junior are awesome!

Suju is 1 but how was it? Please be in top-ten guys! Hwaiting guys! I'm always ELF of Super Junior & Super Junior-M!

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55 Orange Caramel

Great Disco songs. Great Beats. Nothing else compares in K-pop. Only T-ara can come close to the quality of Orange Caramel. I believe that Orange Caramel has a lot to offer for the future of Korean Music!

Orange Caramel are so cute and cool! They have nice voices and some good beats. Their also incredibly unique, doing what other more mainstream kpop bands dare not to do.

In orange caramel I like nana so much! I like how they dance so good and I wish I can dance like them especially nana

Aw heck yeah! "Magical Girl" and Lipstick are the BEST.

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56 Lunafly

They do superb covers! Yun voice is very soothing and nice especially his falsetto. Sam kinda have a husky voice plus his British accent which is a unique voice in kpop. Teo is a very funny person, likes to joke around but has became a serious artiste after he cut his hair short. He definitely improve his singing skills gradually. Lunafly is talented and amazing.

They are a group who needs to be recognized more. They do awesome covers and they undeniably have great talents..

English covers as well as their own music that's amazing

57 Gfriend

They have a much more melodic, classic K-pop feel to them, in contrast to a lot of other modern K-pop acts which are basically just turning into the same stale hip-hop / R&B we churn out in the U.S. Also, they are one of the few girl groups in K-pop now that aren't completely based on sex appeal.

I'll buy a couple singles from other groups if I like the song, but this is a genuine K-pop group I'll actually get behind and support. - aaronbonneau

This group appeals in it's own ways, from having magnetizing innocence, to insane choreography and likeable songs

GFriend is the best. They have good vocals and choreography. BUDDIES we can do this. Let us reach number 1

Gfriend is talented. Yuju is good at everything, she sings so well and can become one of the best voices in Korea. The other members are of course good.
This group has insane dance choreographies, which are actually no that easy. Their music is also melodic, gentle and genuine. I like the way they are innocent-like and don't try to show off too much.
They are among the best artists in Korea since 2015 and deserve top 30.

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58 Infinite H

The only two triple threat in Infinite. My lovely Dance Machine Hoya and my lovely man with the greatest laugh "kyakyakyakya" Dongwoo. Their vocal, rap, & dance will amaze you.

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59 Mamamoo

They are so soulful and powerful and they have wonderful vocals. Their voice is powerful, too.

My friend blasted one of their songs while we were waiting to go onstage at a concert, and I really liked it!

Really strong vocals

Amazing group, - Chatsa2

60 Pure

Just listen to their new song "I Still Love You" and that's all what I will say

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